110-120V, 60Hz$6,175.00

The XTreme Power® XPC-12000 is a technically superior, walk behind box carpet extractor. The non heated machine is a popularly-purchased machine used in commercial facilities, which attract more traffic and need a powerful cleaning unit for superior maintenance.

  • The superior carpet cleaning unit offers a pressure level of 220 PSI and supports inlet temperature of up to 140°F.
  • The model uses very little amount of water, due to the presence of low flow technology. The feature reduces the drying time to approximately one hour.
  • An optional 12 inch carpet wand, upholstery tool, and up to 50' hoses  are available with the unit for uses as a conventional carpet cleaning system.
  • Daimer®’s eco friendly carpet wash solution is offered with every order for free.

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System Displayed With Optional Carpet Wand & Hoses ...
For Use As A Powerful Portable Carpet Extractor

carpet extractor, carpet cleaning machiines, carpet shampooer

The XTreme Power® XPC-12000 is a powerful walk behind, box carpet extractor, and industrial carpet cleaner that is ideal for maintaining the beauty and cleanliness of commercial and industrial carpet. This easy to use walk behind carpet extractor features a 20" cleaning path and a 50' power cord allowing for the rapid cleaning of large surface areas. The XTreme Power® XPC-12000 features an air flow of 110 cfm, a water column lift of 160", a 220 psi pump, and 15 gallon solution and recovery tanks.

An optional, patented XTreme-Xtraction™ industrial carpet extractor wand can be attached to the unit for the quick cleaning of corners or other hard to reach areas inaccessible with the box extractor itself. Intended for daily or frequent use, the XTreme Power® XPC-12000 is the ideal industrial carpet cleaner for hotels, resorts, casinos, government, office buildings, or any commercial or industrial facility that needs to maintain large areas of carpet and keep it looking its very best.

Product Specifications

Warranty System1 year (limited)Warranty Housing5 year limited warranty
Pump Pressure220 psi
Tempsupports up to 140ºF inlet temp.
Flow Technologyspecial low flow for faster drying
Solution Tank Size15 gallons
Recovery Tank Size15 gallons
Heating ElementsN/A
Heating TimeN/A
Drying Timeapproximately 1 hour
Water Lift (max)160 inch
Air Flow (max)110 cfm
Vacuum Motor2 powerful two stage motors
Wand IncludedN/A - Built in 20" stainless steel cleaning head with brush
Upholstery Wandoptional
Optional Wands10" or 12" wand
Solution Hoseoptional 25' combination solution/vac hose
Vacuum Hoseoptional 25' combination solution/vac hose
Alternative PumpsN/A
Power Cords1
Required Circuit(s) Amps20
Dimensions30" L x 21" W x 38" H
Weight130 lbs
Auto FillNo
Auto DumpNo

Parts List

carpet cleaner, carpet cleaners

Included: 2 FREE GALLONS of Eco-Green® Carpet Care & Upholstery Cleaner!

Optional Equipment

Optional 10" Single Jet Wand with Grip Handle (12" wand also available)
Optional 25' Combination Solution/Vac Hose
Optional 4" Upholstery Tool  

Maintaining The Beauty of Larger Carpeted Areas

Industrial carpet cleaners should be able to tackle industrial-strength cleaning tasks with ease. Large commercial areas and industrial complexes have extremely demanding cleaning needs, as the area that needs to be cleaned is very large. An effective industrial carpet cleaner should offer powerful cleaning that can sustain itself over large stretches of carpeting. Ordinary carpet cleaners are no match for especially large areas of carpet, especially those in hotels, resorts, industrial complexes and multiplex theaters. The best carpet cleaner for such jobs is a carpet extractor, such as the XTreme Power® XPC-12000 from Daimer®. This particular industrial carpet cleaner is well-suited to the rigors of cleaning large stretches of carpet on a very frequent basis.

Big Cleaning for "Big" Carpets

When it comes to the cleaning of large spans of carpets, the bigger the carpet cleaner, the better the cleaning! The XTreme Power® XPC-12000 line of industrial carpet cleaners is an outstanding walk behind box model, allowing users to cover more area while cleaning. Conventional carpet cleaners usually have much smaller heads, which means that they consume a lot of time when it comes to cleaning large areas of carpets. In contrast, the XTreme Power® XPC-12000 carpet extractor can effectively clean large areas with relative ease. These units have an airflow of 110 CFM and a water lift of 160". These carpet extractors also offer pressure levels of 220 psi.

Apart from providing high-level cleaning power, these carpet extractors also offer faster drying times. With its special low-flow technology, this line of carpet extractor allows carpets to dry in as little as one hour. When it comes to "big" carpets, it's essential to have a machine that can provide big cleaning! The XTreme Power® XPC-12000 line of carpet extractors provides big cleaning power to help maintain the beauty of big carpets.

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