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The experts on evaluating and rating cleaning machines or other types of products for that matter are the people who actually use the products themselves. Many have purchased steam cleaner technology for the first time while others had used other brands that were unable to meet their needs.

We at Daimer guarantee the feedback and cleaning equipment reviews listed below are unsolicited and the true input from our customers! They were absolutely not coached, but merely presented their opinions based upon experience and actual use. View our impressive partial customer list now: www.daimer.com/clients/

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KleenJet ® Pro Plus 200S - Commercial Steam Cleaner

Well, I've had a chance to use the steamer now quite a bit and I must say it's quite a machine! First of all, I really like the solid compact body of the unit, the smooth rolling casters, and the ease of tool use and connections. Mainly though I'm impressed with the power and capacity. I got the unit mainly for use in my laundromat.

The high-pressure nozzle blasts years of soap and water buildup from crevices in the washing machines and around the lids and doors. Places I used to try to get at with a toothbrush and bucket just get blasted now. The heat cleans the stainless steel fronts as good as 2-step cleaner and polishing, plus I like that it sanitizes surfaces at the same time.

Lint builds up everywhere in a laundromat. Now, wherever I can't reach with the vacuum, I blast out with the high-pressure nozzle. It does a beautiful good job on floors and windows too. Plus, the steam lasts longer than I do. The only time I ever run it out is when I have it on really high pressure. Even then I'm getting several hours out of it. It scrubs gunk and grime from the floor, aluminum window frames, behind machines, etc., but tough jobs do a number on the brushes.

I can tell that replacements will be needed eventually and I am glad your little detail brushes are so inexpensive versus other brands I considered before I bought from you.

Thanks for providing me a such tremendous tool for my business!

Tiffanie S.
Milwaukee, WI

I received my Daimer PRO PLUS 200S Vapor steam system the other day. To say the least--I am thrilled with it. First of all, let me thank you for superb customer service. When I called, the representative was very patient with me and took the time to explain the unit I desired and how to use it properly.

I appreciated his professional and honest approach. I was delighted to received an email confirmation shortly after the phone call. This was followed a day later by a phone call to let me know that the unit had shipped. Another email came with the tracking number.

I have not experienced such incredible and professional customer service in a long time. Kudos to the whole staff at Daimer.

My steam cleaner arrived in a very timely fashion. It was packed perfectly--not a part was out of place and everything was included that was promised. All in perfect condition. Where do I start telling you how satisfied I am with my Pro Plus? I have used vapor steam systems for a number of years ranging in price from $50 to over $1,000. The Daimer Pro Plus exceeds the quality of anything else I have used by far.

Its build is pure quality from the stainless steel housing to the double insulated wands. The accessories attach in an extremely simple fashion to the wand. I have arthritis in my hands, and find attaching all of the parts to be no trouble at all. The accessories that came with my Pro Plus are outstanding. You could not ask for more--all kinds of brushes, a squeegee, scraper, micro fiber cloths, and more.

The Pro Plus puts out a really nice powerful spray of steam. The temperature of the water is really hot at the tip of the wand. Because of this, I can clean things that nothing else could even touch. I have used my Pro Plus on windows, the footplate by our entry doors, around the faucets on our sinks, tile floors and grout and many other places. We had some tile in our family room area with black marks we thought were errors in the tile because nothing would take them out.

I even tried undiluted ammonia with a scrub brush to no avail. A few swipes with my Pro Plus with the nylon brush and the marks were GONE!! I am so impressed. We have a Sheltie dog who loves to press his nose against the glass window on one of our entry doors. His nose marks left a residue which almost required sandblasting to remove.

The Pro Plus blew away these marks with no trouble or effort of any kind. The buildup just melted.Well, I could go on and on. This is a wonderful unit. I would recommend it to everyone. As a matter of fact, I intend to. I will be sure to let all of my neighbors and friends know about your wonderful company and the Pro Plus vapor steam cleaner.

Carol V.
Clermont, FL

Hello, my name is Simon D. I own a detail and a paintless dent removal shop in Detroit, Michigan. I bought the Pro Plus 200S vapor steam cleaner about a year ago, and this machine has made me more money than anything else I own. When I use it in front of a customer, I amaze them with the things that this machine can do. We use it from start to finish on detailing the interior the exterior the engine compartment, wheels, glass, tires, and door jams. I have saved money on chemicals because I use the machine to clean the ventilation system for the a/c. It takes all the funny smells out. It dose a great job on glass and the seat belt comes back like new.

Simon D.
Detroit, MI

I bought a 200S steam cleaner for my cleaning business and I am very happy with it. I use it to clean kitchens and bathrooms for my restaurant and small business customers.

The machine blows away dirt and I love all the attachments that come with it. It works so well that I even save money on cleaning chemicals.

I shopped for several months and looked at many other products that were plastic or had weak warrantees.

Kevin F.
Cary, N.C.

KleenJet ® Pro Plus 300CS - Commercial Steam Cleaner

As per our conversation on April 14th, I must write you to tell you how impressed my crew and I were to see this machine work flawlessly through the day. We were able to work a seven hour period cleaning a commercial stove in Malibu. My client had been waiting for me to receive the equipment which is the 300 CS steam cleaner with the continuous fill feature built in.

Right out of the box, we were working as the owner stood and watched in amazement. The accessories were professional looking functioning and feeling and the fact that I could work for that long to complete the job in one day could not have worked out better. I might also add that the machine paid for itself in 1 job.

We will be ordering a second machine from you and your company in the coming days. I am also trying to implement a plan to have one of these machines on board all 5 of our portable MRI and Cancer Scanning Medical trailers. These are ultra clean environments and must be cleaned daily. So with no chemicals and buckets, this will be a great addition to our units.

I also might add that having never owned one of these machines, one of the biggest selling points was the replaceable heating element.

Thank you so much again for a superb product.

Best regards,

Jerry S.
Portable MRI and Cancer Scanning
Oak View, CA

I bought a KleenJet 300 CS from Daimer Industries two years ago after a lot of careful research into different brands when I knew I wanted a steam cleaner. I've used it for a lot of different things, mostly cleaning up pet accidents, but it's the latest use I've discovered that makes me want to shas all the tile adhesive. I started dry scraping and I ended up with shoulder pain, so then I found a water-based spray called Krud Kutter that you spray on and let sit for 20-30 minutes and it's supposed to dissolve the adhesive and you can scrape up the goop. But that was only taking off thin layers at a time. Then I read about somebody using a heat gun and scraper. I thought, hmm, I have my steam cleaner - I wonder, if I turn it to the highest heat setting if it could somewhat approximate the temperature of a heat gun. I put the brass brush on the end of the nozzle and started working. I thought it might make a small dent in the job, but it cut right through the adhesive. It's amazing.

I will be able to get the job done in one weekend now, after having looked at this awful floor for the past month while trying to figure out how I was going to get the adhesive up without using caustic chemicals. And the best part about the KleenJet over using a heat gun and scraper is that I can do it all with one hand because of the brass brush. By the way, I was able to turn the heat back in order to get more pressure and it still works great.

I'm also grateful every time I use the machine that I opted to pay a little more for the continuous fill model because I almost always use it for bigger type jobs. And, as much as I've loved my machine for the past two years, this adhesive removal discovery really makes me so happy to have had it on hand for such a huge job.

Marcia H.
Seattle, WA

My Daimer KleenJet 300CS is without a doubt the absolute best of the four steamers I've owned. Because I have experience using other lower-priced steam cleaners, and because of my enthusiasm for your steam cleaner, I felt compelled to offer my feedback to you. I think the KleenJet is thoughtfully and well designed. I've had a 300CS for a few weeks; my only regret about the KleenJet is that I did not know about it before I purchased those other ... steamers I've owned.

I love the LIFETIME boiler warranty, especially since the lower-priced steamers in the past did not last very long. The long 10' hose makes the nozzle very maneuverable; other steamers with short hoses are cumbersome to use. The sliding latch, on the hose, is much easier to operate than the spring loaded button on other steam cleaners. The electric Steam Control Switch is very sensitive to touch, easier to operate and much less fatiguing than the spring loaded trigger on other steamers.

The swivel acleaner along with a company that stands behind its product! Well done Daimer!

Ed T.
San Francisco, California

Just a note to tell you how much I love our steamer. We live in a 10,000+ square foot home and have daily house cleaning. My housekeepers use it on the marble floors, in the bathroom showers, and for the windows; we have 85 windows. We love the PRO PLUS steam cleaner because we don't have to use harmful cleaning products that would ruin the finish on the marble floors and in the bathrooms.

Since we have 2 dogs, 7 cats, and a bird, it is important that the house is disinfected, and the steamer is perfect for this chore too. Daimer has been so helpful answering questions, and has been quick to send any new supplied I need. I'm extremely happy with my Daimer steam cleaner and with the company.

Thanks for all the special attention!

Jill C.
Miami, FL

Love all the features! This is such a great machine. I use it for cleaning tile and grout on walls and hallways at the condo that I manage. I even use it for defrosting the communal freezer and getting ice off of windows.

I also like the fact that refilling is so quick and easy. I was looking for a machine with a refill chamber and this was it.

Also, thanks for all the extra towels.

Ronnie G.
Bangor, ME

I started my tile cleaning company 1½ year ago. I went through a lot of tile cleaning machines before I found the right one. I am glad I chose Daimer for my business. I use the Daimer 5000 CV industrial steam cleaner for heavy duty commercial cleaning and 300CS steam cleaner for smaller jobs like upper level cleaning of residential houses. I have no regrets on choosing these machines. The machines are easy to setup, easy to use and very reliable. I will highly recommend it to others in the business.

Rey D.
Only by Steam Tile Cleaning Co.
Vancouver, BC Canada

KleenJet ® Ultra 1500C - Commercial Steam Cleaner

After extensive research, I purchased a Kleenjet Ultra 1500C commercial steam cleaner from Daimer Industries. Our main application is to clean tile & grout for residential customers. It was necessary to purchase a quality continuous flow vapor unit with a high temp & psi. We surprised ourselves that in the first five weeks we made all of our purchase dollars back. Another important factor was that the machine looked ìprofessionalî and not like a portable unit.

If you go to a job with a little hand- held unit then customers might think they could purchase one themselves, save their money, and to repair it.

So that machine presently sits in my attic - probably soon in the garbage. I am writing this letter so that others will not make that same mistake. Do your research, buy a quality vapor machine, do quality service, and, of course, make money. My next step is to use this machine for other applications - there appear to be many.

Don S.
Dallas, TX

What a very professional looking steam cleaner! The stainless steel is very nice. The picture on your website didn't even do it justice. The reason I like the unit is because of the awesome cleaning power is has. I clean and dye grout and quite often the grout comes clean without the use of any cleaning agents. Also when I dye grout, it must first be cleaned and the Kleenjet makes cleaning a breeze and the grout dries much faster than conventional cleaning methods, which allows me to dye the grout faster since it must be completely dry.

I cleaned an oven for a friend who couldn't get it clean with "elbow grease" and it looks like the day they bought it. I also like the long cord and the heavy-duty upgraded extension wand which allows me to work without breaking out extension cords. It is a compact machine that fits very nicely into my car so I can run my business from the car. No big truck mounted machines or expensive work vehicles needed.

Thanks Again,

David R. Houston, TX

I just wanted to drop you a few lines about my satisfaction with your product. I purchased the 1500 model. It is absolutely fabulous. I have used it on multiple surfaces i.e. tile, grout .granite, marble, face of kitchen cabinets and even carpet. By following your instructions I have had superb results on all of these cleaning jobs. My timing has been cut down tremendously plus the advantage of little chemicals and usually none at all needed.

Thanks Again,

Aaron A.
Los Angeles, CA

KleenJet ® Mega 500V - Steam Vacuum Cleaner

KleenJet ® Mega 1000CV - Steam Vacuum Cleaner

I must say that when I got the equipment (the MEGA 500 vapor + vacuum), I thought I would have trouble using it. I read through the user manual and just started using the steam cleaner. I cleaned and sanitized everything in our house (carpets, mattresses, bedspreads, tile and grout, drapes, baths, sinks, showers, upholstery, counters, appliances, walls, mirrors, etc.) and was STUNNED by how clean I could make everything the machine touched! The power I had in my hands to clean anything without chemicals was really something! I'm a 'cleaning HERO' in our home now (my wife and daughter are very impressed)!

I bought the equipment to add services to my existing carpet and duct cleaning business (house cleaning, mattress sanitizing, grout cleaning). The vapor unit and vacuum are both beautiful, shiny, stainless steel. It has the look and feel of real quality. The attachments are all heavy duty. I used it today for the first time, to professionally clean a home and made over $200. The lady was so happy with my cleaning effectiveness that she gave me a $20 tip! I could say nice things about this equipment all day but I think I'll finish by saying - I'm glad I didn't buy the wrong machine!


Philip B.
Brimsby, ONT Canada

Thank you so much for the great sales support! My husband and me were concerned that buying a commercial steam cleaner would be too complicated and too expensive. But after we bought a cheap unit that broke (and it's replacement broke as well), we decided to give you guys a call. We were surprised how affordable this machine was. And we love the stainless steel construction and life-time boiler warrantee.

I've been using it on everything! Ovens, bathrooms, tile floors. I even used it on the dashboard and leather seating in our cars.

I even recommended this machine to a friend. (We all live in a gated community and have houses with large tiled floors.)

Lillian H.

This is my second Daimer purchase. I am enjoying my new Mega 500V steam vacuum cleaner. The steamer is lightweight and is easy to maneuver--and it's cute-like R2D2 a friend of mine quipped. The extra long hose of the steamer made cleaning the outside of my windows quick and easy. Besides the length, this model has a really nice connection mechanism for the hose connections. It is much easier to slide the bright yellow buttons to connect the attachments than the spring connection in the older model. It is also nice that the latches are labeled, so at a glance I can tell if the attachment is locked, or open. It is really a beautiful unit.

Stainless -much easier to clean than this model's predecessor, which had a plastic housing and some pretty hard to get at crevices. I use mine every day. Both for personal use-Allergies, molds, dog pee under the tack strips, getting all that dust out of the baseboard heaters, my mattresses, and in my business to clean out my industrial serger. A serger sews and cuts raw edges at the same time. Mine runs at about 3000 stitches/minute. It is also self oiling. So, the lint that gets stuck all over it is also full of oil. I can blow all of it out-in about 5 minutes.

After reading about your bed bug steamers on the Internet, I decided to buy a 500VP for my extermination business. I have a lot of residential and small business customers. This machine has saved me a lot of time. The vacuum speeds my cleanup and my clients are impressed with the fact that it has special anti-bacterial technology. I also like that variable pressure feature.

Brooklyn, N.Y.

"Being a "late-night TV Junkie" and witnessing the power of steam cleaning during the info-mercials, I started Googling to see what was out there when I ran across Daimer Industries and their very explicit website. Having a son with many allergies and having personally gotten sick in the past from cleaning with a very strong tile cleaner, I could tell steam cleaning would be a fabulous way to go.

After lots of research, I decided to purchase your Kleenjet Mega 1000CV. I can only tell you that it has been one of the best investments I have ever made! My kitchen simply doesn't feel clean any more unless it has a good dose of steam every couple of weeks, and I have used my steamer relentlessly for taking down wallpaper, cleaning grout, cleaning my refrigerator (the best!), in my kitchen and bathrooms, and even my barbecue grill.

Once I get it going, seems like I just can't stop, and the best thing is I don't have to because the steam just keeps on coming for as long as I keep on going!

Now, just to let you know, after telling my 86-year-old mother how awesome steam cleaning was, she went and ordered a xxxx Steam Cleaner from an info-mercial. I was taking down her wallpaper and the steam concentrator (the piece which you attach all your pieces to) cracked as I was using it.

In two weeks I placed approximately 30 calls to the xxxx steam cleaner people to find out how to purchase the part that broke, only to leave two messages which were never answered, and all the rest of the calls were all BUSY SIGNALS. The HSN employee told me he had problems himself, as well as from other customers, and so he gave me some other numbers to try, which were also always busy. I even received a fax number which I sent a fax to, only to have that unanswered as well.

Then HSN gave me their email address which I immediately sent an email to. Guess what? Two weeks later, no response! I am totally disgusted that this company that is making so much money money with their info-mercials will get away with this, and my 86-year-old mother is out $200.00 as there is no way I can even talk to anyone to order the part I need. It makes me sick. You, on the other hand, have answered any question I ever had on the same day, even on the weekends. So thank you again. I guess you really get what you pay for!"

Linda C.
Troy, Michigan

I just bought one of your new upgraded 1000CV machines for my floor cleaning business. After seeing the job it did on tile floors, I have offered to clean customers' bathrooms. I even pitched -- and won -- a job cleaning a local gym, which has a large locker room. I also appreciated that you guys don't try and gouge me on the cost of extra detail brushes. (I bought 30 brushes and I noticed some of your competitors charge 5 times more for extra brushes.)

David R.
Reno, NV

To Whom It May Concern,

My boss is so happy I bought this machine.(your new ad campaign should be: no one ever got fired for buying Daimer®!)

We need a steam cleaner for cleaning the locker rooms in our chain of health clubs. The machine is so small we can move it from club to club with my hatchback. The wet vac is great for cleaning shower areas and the high temperatures are great on lockers and the hard rubber flooring.

My boss even wanted me to buy a second one for our properties in California.

Keep up the good work,

Ronald G.
Reno, NV

I clean tile and grout professionally, and I just want to let you know I'm very happy with the machines I bought from Daimer. My Mega 1000CV and Ultra 5000CV steam cleaners clean grout and makes it look like new again. My customers are very pleased with the results and also very impressed by the professional appearance of the machines. I would recommend Daimer to anybody and I look forward to doing business with you soon as my business is growing and will be buying more equipment from you soon.

Anthony O.
Garfield, NJ

After spending 3 entire days over two weekends on hands and knees cleaning 2000 sq.ft. of tile/grout in our home here in AZ., my wife and I decided we needed a better way so started looking on the Internet and found Daimer's site. I ordered the Mega 1000cv steam cleaning system from your firm and have been completely satisfied as to performance and quality. The machine cleaned the grout better than the old method in a lot less time and less mess.

We didn't have to use any chemicals on the grout, JUST THE STEAM! All the attachment that we have used are of high quality and work great. After receiving the machine I tried it out in a small area in kitchen and showed my wife. She tried it for herself. After seeing how it cleaned so fast she pretty much took over the job of tile cleaning. She let me be the relief cleaner for the rest of the house.

I have cleaned my outdoor grill with it, but I did use grill cleaning spray ahead of time but the steam made job easier and quicker than previous cleanings. Thanks again for a great product and for the service I have received. Its been a pleasure doing business with a professional company.

Thanks again,

Tucson, AZ

KleenJet® Supreme 3000CV Steam Vacuum Cleaners

I have been in the grout cleaning business for years and nothing cleans grout like my Daimer 3000CV! I absolutely love the power (3000 watts) of the steam vacuum cleaner with the 2 power cords. I had used another brand that cost me $1700.00 before I switched to Daimer. The other steam cleaner system was a smaller unit with no vacuum, and I must say the vacuum saves me hours over using a towel attached to a floor brush like I did with the other brand.

I also love the steam extraction grout tool that has eliminated wiping the grout lines with a towel. Plus, all those towels I had to change when cleaning the tile with that other over-priced steam cleaner, which didn't present the best image in front of customers. I had to bring as many as 3 dozen towels and now that has stopped. The Daimer system allows me to clean up to 300 square feet per hour versus as low as 100 square feet with the other model, and I am making more profits than I did with the steam cleaner I used before.

Thanks Daimer for actually increasing my income. I would highly recommend this steam vac to any tile and grout cleaning contractor who doesn't want to fool around with a toy like I did! I was so happy with my 3000CV I bought an Ultra 1500C.


Cole W.
Grout cleaning company

Great machine! Not only does it have all the features I need for my employees, but it includes lots of extras. That's a real plus in this economy. We've been using it for all types of hard floors -- hardwood, tile, linoleum. Recently, I've been telling customers that it removes allergens, which has added new business. (One pet store clients asked me to clean his home because his wife has allergies.)

I also like that machine is easy to use, so I don't need to spend a lot of time teaching new employees to operate it.

Arturo S.
Oceanside, CA

KleenJet® Supreme 3000CVP Steam Vacuum Cleaners

I have been using two KleenJet® Supreme 3000CVP steam cleaners for my pest control business. They're reliable, fast, kill bed bugs dead as a doornail. Being able to tell my clients that these [ATIS®] systems also kill germs, has helped me win jobs.


Peter G.
Bangor, ME

KleenJet® Ultra 5000CV - Steam Vacuum Cleaners

I clean tile and grout professionally, and I just want to let you know I'm very happy with the machines I bought from Daimer. My Mega 1000CV and Ultra 5000CV steam cleaners clean grout and makes it look like new again. My customers are very pleased with the results and also very impressed by the professional appearance of the machines. I would recommend Daimer to anybody and I look forward to doing business with you soon as my business is growing and will be buying more equipment from you soon.

Anthony O.
Garfield, NJ

I started my tile cleaning company 1½ year ago. I went through a lot of tile cleaning machines before I found the right one. I am glad I chose Daimer for my business. I use the Daimer 5000 CV industrial steam cleaner for heavy duty commercial cleaning and 300CS steam cleaner for smaller jobs like upper level cleaning of residential houses. I have no regrets on choosing these machines. The machines are easy to setup, easy to use and very reliable. I will highly recommend it to others in the business.

Rey D.
Only by Steam Tile Cleaning Co.
Vancouver, BC Canada

Dry Steam Chewing Gum Removal Equipment & Machines

y own chewing gum removal business and purchasing two Mega 1000 Steam Cleaner chewing gum removal machines, I have made much more income than I could have imagined, and far more than when I worked as an employee for any company in the past. My business has grown faster than I could have realized.

Once I show any potential customer how quickly and efficiently the gum is removed from any surface, they are amazed. I've recently received sustantial chewing gum removal contracts from school districts to clean the chewing gum from concrete sidewalks, brick, walkways, and other areas. I'm also cleaning chewing gum for property management companies, large shopping centers, and many other customers.

Since California is very environmentally conscious, your chewing gum removing systems are perfect for my needs because they're EPA compliant. The Daimer machines clean better than other chewing gum removal equipment I've seen for more than 2 times the price, and the other machines don't have the vacuum extraction system you have in your gum removal equipment. I love your machines because they're so reliable, easy to use, and remove gum in seconds!

Thank you for all of your help and I hope to be able to purchase more machines as my business grows.


Tony Croshier
Owner, The Gum Guy

Regarding your 1000CVGP:

This is a great machine and it comes with the works! I've been using mine to remove gum and also for floors and tile cleaning. The wet/dry vac is also a pleasure because it saves time on wiping. Also, I can tell my customers that it has a HEPA filter for removing allergens and an antibacterial technology. It is also the most powerful machine I looked at for the money.

At first, I saw an ad on the Internet from a company in another country. Though I had a bad experience buying from a foreign company before -- the service was always a problem -- I decided to give them a shot. But when I called them, they wanted to charge a lot more for a machine that didn't have water filtering or HEPA or antibacterial technology. The company also insisted that the machine could clean carpets better than a carpet cleaner. (Sorry, but I had to laugh when they said that.) So, then I checked your site and called your toll-free number. And here I am writing to you.

Keep turning out great products. Go America!

Henry T.
Harrisburg, PA

KleenJet® Supreme 3000CVGP - Gum Removal

Dear Daimer,

I purchased a 3000CVGP last September and I've been very happy with it. Also, I wanted to commend you on your knowledgeable sales staff. I need a powerful unit for both removing gum and disinfecting jobs at my nursing home clients. Your sale associate steered me to this machine and I've been very satisfied with the capacity, steam power, temperature and the way it takes up gum. I use it on sidewalks, playgrounds and inside a local school.

Recently, I added a couple of health club customers all because of the ATIS® sanitizing system.

John V.
Jersey City, NJ

KleenJet® Ultra 5000CVGP - Gum Removal

I am writing to tell you that the Supreme 5000CVGP I bought in 2008 has been working very well. I love the steam power and the vacuum cleaner for helping me clean gum outside as well as tile cleaning.

Before buying your steamer, I owned a cheap steam cleaner I bought in Toronto, but I had so many problems with it I just wanted to buy one with much more power. Daimer's reputation seemed very good and I'm glad I made the decision to buy!


Stephen R.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dear Daimer,

I was struggling for an idea for a new business and I just happened to notice lots of black spots on sidewalks in front of local businesses. After learning that the spots were chewing gum, I searched the Web for gum removal systems and found your Web site.

I also searched for competition and didn't find much. But I still had trouble deciding between 3 of your gum remover machines before I called your salesperson who recommend I go for the Ultra 5000CVGP antibacterial machine.

I also use the machine to clean kitchens and floors with the system in restaurants and other places that care about bacteria.

Thank you for a great machine that has been making me a good living for the past 2 1/2 years.

Pierre D.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I own a growing cleaning contracting business with 10 employees. We needed a several cleaning services that could handle any job one of our cleaning associates encountered at a client. So, we bought a 5000CVGP. So, far the machine has handle every job we've thrown at it: cleaning tile and grout, hard flooring, walls, removing gum from sidewalks, killing germs at a pet hospital.

I don't normally write these kinds of letter, but I believe in complimenting people when they get something right. With this machine, you got it right.

James R.
Haralson, GA

Wet Steam Chewing Gum Removal Machines & Equipment

Super Max™ 7000 - Wet Steam Gum Removal

To Whom It May Concern,

I am thrilled with my Super Max 7000. I needed a machine to handle a bunch of cleaning jobs, including gum removal on the walks in front of my retail clients. Several of the stores are next to each other, so with the right machine, I can just knock off lo, NY

Super Max™ 9000 - Wet Steam Gum Removal

This is a highly unusual letter -- I wanted to thank your sales person for telling me not to buy a product. Let me explain. For two years, I've owned your Super Max 9000 and have been very happy with it. When I called your company to inquire about a gum removal system for a municipal playground I clean, your salesman said I could use the 9000 -- I didn't need to buy another machine. He said that for outdoor applications like playgrounds, the 9000 would remove gum wads. Boy was he right! The wet steam blows away gum like there's no tomorrow.

I won't mention his name for fear of getting him in trouble. But if he reads this message, I hope he'll know how much I appreciate his knowledge.

J.T. Amerindo
Boonerdale, AK

Pressure Washers, Commercial Pressure Washers, Industrial Pressure Washers

Super Max™ 7000

I just wanted to thank you for all the help you gave to me when deciding to purchase the Super Max 7000 steam pressure washer. In our business we deal with the toughest baked-on grease and charcoal on the hood tops of kitchen restaurants and the ductwork and fans. The Super Max has cut our work down considerably. Our restaurant clientèle is divinely happy as we now can run cold water through the Super Max and not use up all their hot water supply. We are VERY happy because with the Super Max we never run out of hot water and let's face it, the heat is what melts the grease.

We now have cut down clean-up time in the kitchen as with the Super Max we use much less water so there is CONSIDERABLY less on the kitchen floor to wet vac up. In fact, the water condensation from the Super Max is a mere fraction of the water flow from the power washer we used to use. In fact, cleaning the ductwork and the roof fans is much easier with the streamer than the power washer. We also have been asked to clean kitchen-ceiling tiles, which is an added bonus for us as it generates more cash, and the steamer is gentle enough to use on the tiles. We also have mounted the steamer in our van and we just run the hose into the kitchens or on to the roof. We have even named our steamer the Wizard and it has become our best employee.

I also want to thank Daimer for being there to answer any questions that we have had since the purchase of the steamer. You have been great! Purchasing the Super Max 7000 is the best business decision we have made!

We look forward to doing business with you in the future, as our business continues to grow we may be in the market to purchase another steamer and run an additional crew. Again thank you for all your help.

Joanne C.
Hood and Duct Cleaning Company
Hull, MA

Carpet Cleaners & Carpet Steam Cleaners

XTreme Power® XPH-5800T

I absolutely love my Daimer 5800T portable carpet steam cleaner . It has surpassed my expectations in it's cleaning capabilities and suction. My clients are amazed at the fast drying time and looks of their newly cleaned carpets and upholstery. I would recommend this product to anyone working in limited spaces. It has helped me build my business and reputation very quickly.

Mike Q.
Mike's RV Steamer and Upholstery Cleaner
Livingston, TX

XTreme Power® XPH-5900IU

I wanted to write to tell you how satisfied I am with your sales support and service. I became the property manager for a large condo complex last year. Many of the common areas were -- to say the least -- not as clean as I would have liked.

Instead of replacing the furniture and rugs (we're on a tight budget), I contacted several online vendors of carpet cleaners. Your sales consultant steered me to the right machine for my situation. He recommended the XTreme Power XPH-5900IU and said it was fast and easy to use. I bought two for my cleaning staff. Our furniture and rugs now look as good as new. We also bought a carpet wand to handle our carpets. What a great investment!


Rebecca C.
Vero Beach, FL

Floor Cleaning - Floor Cleaning Machine, Hard Surface, Floor Cleaning Equipment

XTreme Power® HSC Floor/Hard Surface Cleaner

I am very excited about my XTreme Power hard surface cleaning system with the motorized spinning equipment. It's working out far better than I could have ever imagined. Currently, I am using the system to clean within WalMart stores; they are very demanding and the application requires powerful cleaning and simultaneous extraction.

We had expanded from pure pest control into cleaning and I can't believe the our investment in Daimer cleaning equipment will generate over $100,000 in revenue this year alone! We use the system over seven hours a day, and I am very pleased to say the system just keeps on working. We need reliability as we absolutely can't afford downtime and your equipment certainly is rugged. Time is money.

I am amazed at the power and performance of the system I purchased from you. I am extremely happy and most importantly my customers are too. Thank you for your help, patience, and assistance in helping us get going. I knew nothing about pressure washing when I called you. I had been referred to you by one of your customers who has been using your steam cleaners. I was basically just placing my trust in your company based upon your reputation.

I am completely satisfied with your all around service and quality. I will be calling you soon to make another purchase as I need an even larger pressure washer now. Business is going really well!

Thank You.

Best regards,

Kevin S.
Rose Extermination
Saint Louis, MO

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