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Electric Heated

Electric Powered, Electric Heated Hot Water/Steam Pressure Washers

Daimer ® offers over 400 models of the most technologically advanced, rugged, and powerful pressure washers in the industry. The reason for the extensive depth of our product line is to provide each and every one of our customers with a pressure washing machine that suits their needs. This includes varying power methods, temperature options, pressure levels, flow rates, mobile/stationary configurations, and more. With all of these models in mind, one thing is certain; if you are looking for a high quality machine that will outlast the others on the market, Daimer ® is your source.

All of Daimer®'s machines, including the electric pressure washers, are built from the highest quality components and parts. From the pump and motor to the heavy-duty, stainless steel heating coils to the powder-coated, high-gloss, chemical/chip resistant stainless steel housing, Daimer ® is focused on ensuring the utmost durability throughout the long life of each of hot water pressure washers.

The Vapor-Flo ® 8800 is one of Daimer® all electric pressure washers. This means the machine is both powered and heated by electricity, thus offering the additional convenience afforded by using the same power and heating method. The use of electricity ensures that these hot water pressure washers produce no exhaust, making them completely safe for any indoor application. Additionally, electric pressure washers work vigorously at lower sound levels than comparable gasoline or propane powered models.

The benefits of less noise and no exhaust production do not limit the extreme power offered by these electric pressure washers. At a pressure level of 1800 psi, the Vapor-Flo ® 8800 provides users with supreme cleaning power while remaining efficient with a low flow rate of .5 GPM. This low flow rate leads to a much lower consumption of water, which proves ideal for indoor applications where drainage or water consumption is a concern.

To enhance the cleaning power afforded by these electric pressure washers, they use hot water at temperatures up to 190ºF. The use of heat in pressure washing greatly enhances both the power and the speed of the process by dissolving substances more readily than cold water units. As such, these hot water pressure washers achieve quick, effective, and efficient results.

Additional features add to the benefits experienced by users of these electric pressure washers. The wheeled configuration allows for ease of movement, ideal for applications where portability is essential. Additionally, models like the Vapor-Flo ® 8800 hot water pressure washers can connect directly to a hose/water line, allowing operators to work continuously throughout any industrial or commercial application.

Durability, mobility, and power are just a few of the many benefits featured with Daimer®'s electric powered, electric heated hot water pressure washers. For the most rugged pressure washing machines capable of achieving the best results, consider Daimer ®.

Daimer Pressure Washers
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