Electric Powered and Butane Heated

Electric Powered and Butane Heated
11 Electric Powered and Butane Heated
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Electric Powered and Butane Heated

Electric Powered, Butane Heated Pressure Washers Offer Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic Power Cleaning

Daimer® offers a line of powerful electric powered butane heated pressure washers. These hot steam electric pressure washer systems are ideal for use indoors as well as outdoors. The advantage of these electric powered pressure washers is the combination of high pressure, high temperature, and the versatility that enables them to function indoors and outdoors.

While many cold and hot water pressure washers cannot be used indoors because they generate more dangerous fumes, you will not face this same problem with Daimer®’s electric powered butane heated pressure washers. These electric pressure washers are not only safe for indoor use, but they also come with a variety of features that make them efficient cleaning machines.

The advantage of mobility

Mobility offers advantages when you are cleaning large areas. Outdoor areas require machines that can be carried around on trailers. Using these electric powered pressure washers, you can remove grease, fungi, algae, mortar, and other types of dirt from sidewalks, porches, and similar surfaces. They have high pressure levels, which makes it easier to remove dirt. Daimer®’s electric pressure washers are often trailer mountable, making it easier to transport them.

Use three temperature settings

The same machine can be used for steam, hot water, or cold water-based cleaning. The Super Max™ 12200B has one of the highest pressure levels among Daimer®’s electric powered butane heated pressure washers. This machine can use hot water, up to 210°F, for cleaning tasks that do not require very high temperatures. This includes moderate degreasing, mold removal, and melting frost. For removing heavier deposits of grease and for removing ice from sidewalks, you need steam temperatures as high as 330°F. Naturally, owning a machine that can perform both the functions helps raise productivity. You can also use cold water for cleaning tasks that require no heat, such as washing roads, driveways, and yards.

Corrosion resistant parts add to machine life

Corrosion resistance is one of the key requirements of any machine used for pressure washing, as pressure washers are exposed to chemicals, grease, minerals, and other corrosive substances. Daimer®’s electricity-powered pressure washers, including electricity-powered butane heated pressure washer equipment, come with high-quality parts to reduce wear and tear. The NEMA engine is certified and is of high quality. The 12200B ‘s 50lb butane tank holds large volumes of heating fuel. The heating coil is heavy-duty schedule 80, with the ability to heat water in just 30 seconds.

The hose is capable of withstanding high pressure. Daimer®’s electric powered butane heated pressure washer machines may have hoses as long as 50 feet. They can be lengthened, if needed. The machine’s housing is corrosion resistant, made of steel that resists chipping.

Daimer®’s butane heated electric powered machines have many commercial uses, and they are among the finest hot water pressure washers in Daimer®’s inventory. The absence of fumes makes hot steam electric pressure washer systems ideal for most pressure wash applications.

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