110-120V, 60Hz13$3,657.00

The KleenJet® GUM-EXTERMINATOR ® Mega 1000CVG is a powerful steam vacuum cleaner that comes with Daimer®’s unique chewing gum removal kit. The system offers enhanced cleaning power with steam temperatures reaching 356°F. The system is the most powerful steamer vac with a single 110 volt power cord.


  • The unit comes with a lifetime warranty, 4 liter stainless steel boiler for enhanced performance and durability. It also features a 3 liter water chamber.
  • The Mega 1000CVG offers a pressure level as much as 105 PSI.
  • Features, such as advanced continuous refill, are included in the system.


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Daimer - Your Direct Source for the Industry's Most

Advanced Steam Vacuum Cleaner Gum Removal Systems

with Exclusive Technologies ... at UNBEATABLE Pricing! 

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steam cleaner, steam cleaners

Compare to other brands without our technologies and features at outrageously high prices up to $6000 or more!
No one else in the industry offers a system that can come close to the pricing and features of our KleenJet ® Mega 1000CVG!

  • Huge Savings: Chances are you have seen our highly popular KleenJet ® Mega 1000CVG (Daimer's flagship commercial steam vacuum cleaner) on the web in the U.S., Canada, and elsewhere at much higher prices. Save substantial money and Buy Direct from Daimer Now by taking advantage of our incomparable worldwide DAIMER-DIRECT sales promotions.
  • FREE TECHNOLOGIES during our promotion. No other system includes more features. Read now .... Save $500 on one important feature and $350 on another!
  • Every system's label includes a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) number. Daimer is the world's only steam vacuum provider with an EPA number.
  • Daimer's Pricing Strategy: Our machines are priced for lower profit margins to create a very high product turnover.

Extraordinary GUM-EXTERMINATOR ® Features

  • Fantastic Pressure and Temperature: The KleenJet® GUM-EXTERMINATOR ® Mega 1000CVG is Daimer's flagship Mega 1000CV combined with special chewing gum cleaning tools and biodegradable liquid. With outstanding steam temperatures up to 356°F and pressure levels up to 105 psi, the 1000CVG is a very impressive and powerful chewing gum removal steam vacuum cleaner with Advanced Self-Regulating Continuous-Refill technology.
    Learn about the Daimer® Difference.
  • Highest Pressure Level: Importantly, no higher pressure level beyond 105 psi is technologically possible for any 100% electric, boiler-based, vapor steam cleaner technology on the market with one power cord.
  • Advanced Self-Regulating Continuous-Refill technology for adding water while the system is running. Work all day since there is no need to spend time shutting off depressurizing the machine, adding water, and reheating!
  • Read about Daimer's patented Continuous Refill technology and how it can maximize productivity.

  • Extraction is Vital for Successful Vapor Gum Removal: The GUM-EXTERMINATOR ® Mega 1000CVG vacuum feature allows for the simultaneous steaming/dissolving (combined with our chemical and fingertip chemical injection feature) and extracting of the gum residue. Vapor steaming without extracting makes for much less efficient and effective gum removal.
  • The 1000CVG comes bundled with more parts than any other system on the market: Bundled with over 45 standard parts, the machine provides the versatility tackle numerous applications such as tile and grout cleaning, tile cleaning, floor cleaning, wall cleaning, etc.
  • Correct Power Connections: The 1000C is the most revolutionary, powerful steam vacuum cleaner in the industry with a single 110v-120v power cord, appropriate for the United States, Canada, the rest of North America, and countries that use 110v-120v for standard power outlets. Daimer's Supreme 3000CVG and Ultra 5000CVG machines are the most powerful models on the market with two, 110v-120v power cords. Long extension cords can be added as necessary. Since 220v-240v outlets are hard to find within North America, this power level is inappropriate, except for our foreign customers who use 220v-240v, 50Hz.. See International Steam Cleaners for those in countries using 50Hz power.
  • Powerful Vapor Steam Vacuum: The system includes a high-powered extractor with 2200mm water column lift.
  • Multi-Functionality:
    a. The machine can be used as a vapor steam cleaner, steam vacuum cleaner, or wet/dry vacuum.
    b. It can be also be used for tile and grout cleaning as well as a host of other applications. Our professional cleaning service customers make up to $200/hour providing tile and grout cleaning services.
    c. Read more about the applications for the Mega 1000CVG.
    d. Learn how to start a gum removal business in 7 easy steps!
  • More Durable Brushes: Includes a special gum removal steam vacuum squeegee with brush attachment (including 6 longer life, heavy-duty stainless brushes versus competitors' soft brass brushes).
  • Industry's Most Concentrated, Powerful, and Lowest-Priced Chemical Concentrate:
    a. Daimer makes a special, proprietary, biodegradable gum removal formula unavailable elsewhere. We include 2 gallons with each machine.
    b. Our unique formula dilutes to about twice that of any other brand. Each gallon makes up to an impressive 11 gallons of powerful, ready-to-use liquid!
    c. Only $44 per gallon of concentrate: We offer up to hundreds of dollars of savings versus others by offering the chemical at a small margin above our cost to provide maximum savings.
  • Dramatic Savings Over Other Brands: Read how to SAVE A FORTUNE on steam cleaner detail brushes. Daimer charges only $2.50 versus up to $20.00 per brush from other vendors.
  • Save up to $700 or More vs. Competitors: Read how Daimer's patented replaceable heating elements can save you hundreds of dollars over other steam cleaner brands.
  • Vapor Steam Is Not for Everyone: Read when vapor steam is not suggested.
  • Professional Cleaning Contractors: Expand your business by using Daimer's chewing gum removal equipment for highly profitable cleaning tile and grout.

Free Technologies During Our Promotion

steam cleaner, steam cleaners

  • FREE $500 VALUE with each machine during our promotion: The industry's first and only steam vacuum cleaners with Certified Anti-Bacterial Technology.
    IMPORTANT: Read about Daimer's ATIS® Exclusive Patent-Pending Certified Anti-Bacterial Technology for MRSA, Listeria, and much more!
  • FREE $350 VALUE with each machine during our promotion: Exclusive High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filter Technology with each machine to 3 microns for capturing allergens and other particulates for extra protection against allergens, COPD, asthma, and symptoms from other ailments.
    Daimer offers the world's first and only commercial steam cleaner vacuums that include HEPA filters.
    Review Daimer's 2-Stage Filtration Technology.


  • Hepa Fiter with filtering to 5 microns
  • Detergent or Water Ejection allows for detergent or water to be ejected via simple fingertip/handle controls for enhanced cleaning power.
  • Water Capture Technology
  • Wet Vacuum Cleaner to extract moisture and substances while cleaning to help eliminate the need for towels required by conventional steam cleaners that include no extraction capability.
  • Dry Vacuum Cleaner to extract dirt, pollen, dust mites, bed bugs, pet hair, and other allergens from carpet, hard floors, mattresses, and more surfaces and deposits them into water for easy disposal
  • Air Purification for a cleaner, fresher indoor air environment
  • System includes more parts and accessories than any other brand

Extra Special Limited-Time Promotion ... FREE - $500 Value for

Daimer's EXCLUSIVE ATIS® Patent-Pending Technology


ATIS Anti-Bacterial Technology

  • For a limited time, buy a Mega 1000CVG at our special low pricing, and get a FREE upgrade to our 1000CVGP model with patent-pending, Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization (ATIS®) technology. Click on the graphic above and notice the pricing for the 1000CVG is the same as the 1000CVGP!
  • ATIS® has a proven, certified kill rate of 99.99% of harmful bacteria such as MRSA, Listeria, Salmonella, E.Coli, S. aureus, mold such as Aspergillus niger, etc. Read about this important ATIS technology now.

When Vapor Steam is Inappropriate

Vapor sSteam Cleaners

Important Information Before Considering Other Brands

  • Read about how Daimer's direct-sales approach results in the lowest prices to you. Compare and review other important issues you should consider when evaluating steam cleaners.
  • Read about the KleenJet ® Mega 1000CVP - ATIS ®, Daimer's Certified anti-bacterial steam vacuum cleaner featuring patent pending ATIS ® (Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization ®) technology.
  • Read about the KleenJet ® Mega 1000CVGP - ATIS ®, Daimer's chewing gum removal machine combined with Certified ANTI-BACTERIAL commercial steam vacuum cleaner technology.


Product Specifications

System Warranty 1 year on parts/labor, 3 years on partsBoiler WarrantyLifetime
Pressureup to 105 psi
Steam Temperatureup to 356ºF
Continuous RefillYes
Boiler Volume4 liters
Water Chamber Capacity3 liters
Boiler MaterialStainless Steel
Presurized TankN/A
Pressure CapN/A
ATIS ® TechnologyN/A
Detergent Chamber Size3 liters
Heating Elementremovable rod
Heating Time (cold)Approx. 15 min.
Heating Time (hot)Approx. 10 min.
Operating Timecontinuous use
Extraction Chamber Size5 liters
Vacuum Suction2200mm water column lift
HEPA FilterYes
Water FiltrationYes
Steam Hose Length10'
Steam Vac Hose Length10'
Optional Steam HoseN/A
Optional Steam Vac HoseN/A
Cover MaterialStainless Steel
Base MaterialStainless Steel
Power1600 watts
Weight56 lbs
Dimensions28"L x 19"W x 36"H
Main Features
  • 1600 Watt 
  • 4L Boiler
  • 5L Reservoir
  • Vacuum
  • 356ºF
  • 105psi
  • Gum Removal Kit

Parts List

Daimer's advanced, patented features unavailable through any other vendor



gum removal, chewing gum removal
chewing gum removal, gum removal

Free Nylon Brushes Video

GUM-EXTERMINATOR ® Gum Removal Parts / Quantity

Gum Removal Steam Vac Squeegee Tool with Brush Attachment
Large 1 3/4" Stainless Steel Brush to Attach/Screw onto the Tool
Set of 2 Gallons of Concentrated Gum-Exterminator® Liquid to Make up to 22 gallons






steam vacuum cleaner, steam vac



steam cleaner, steam cleaners


Free Bonus for Ordering Online:

10 Extra Extra Plushy Microfiber Towels Valued at Over $30.00

Additional Standard Parts / Quantity

10' Detachable Steam Hose with Heavy Duty Connections
Extra Heavy Duty Extension Rods - $75.00 Value During Promotion!
Large Triangular Brush with Towel Clips
Large Rectangular Floor Brush with Towel Clips
Steam Squeegee for Mirrors and Windows
Single Hole Steam Lance for Brush Attachment
Nylon Detail Brush
Brass Detail Brush
Stainless Detail Brush
Steam Scraper
Round Detail Brush
Steam Plunger to Sanitize Bathroom Sink Drains
Steel Wool Pad to place Over Some Brushes to Target Grease Buildup
Large Steam/Vac Floor Tool
Small Triangular Brush for Corners etc...
Steam/Vac Grout Cleaning Tool
Steam/Vac Squeegee & Brush Strip Floor Tool Insert
Steam/Vac Squeegee & Squeegee Floor Tool Insert
Steam/Vac Floor Tool Carpet Insert
Steam/Vac Squeegee for Windows and Glass
Cloth for Steam/Vac Squeegee
Single Hole Steam/Vac Lance
Upholstery Nozzle
Extra Heavy-Duty Steam/Extraction Extension Rod
10' Detachable Steam/Vac Hose
Plush Microfiber Towels







chewing gum removal equipment, gum removal machines

Dear Daimer Industries,

Since starting my own chewing gum removal business and purchasing two Mega 1000 Steam Cleaner chewing gum removal machines, I have made much more income than I could have imagined, and far more than when I worked as an employee for any company in the past. My business has grown faster than I could have realized.

Once I show any potential customer how quickly and efficiently the gum is removed from any surface, they are amazed. I've recently received substantial chewing gum removal contracts from school districts to clean the chewing gum from concrete sidewalks, brick, walkways, and other areas. I'm also cleaning chewing gum for property management companies, large shopping centers, and many other customers.

Since California is very environmentally conscious, your chewing gum removing systems are perfect for my needs because they're EPA compliant. The Daimer machines clean better than other chewing gum removal equipment I've seen for more than 2 times the price, and the other machines don't have the vacuum extraction system you have in your gum removal equipment. I love your machines because they're so reliable, easy to use, and remove gum in seconds!

Thank you for all of your help and I hope to be able to purchase more machines as my business grows.


Tony Croshier
Owner, The Gum Guy



Regarding your 1000CVGP:

This is a great machine and it comes with the works! I've been using mine to remove gum and also for floors and tile cleaning. The wet/dry vac is also a pleasure because it saves time on wiping. Also, I can tell my customers that it has a HEPA filter for removing allergens and an antibacterial technology. It is also the most powerful machine I looked at for the money.

At first, I saw an ad on the Internet from a company in another country. Though I had a bad experience buying from a foreign company before -- the service was always a problem -- I decided to give them a shot. But when I called them, they wanted to charge a lot more for a machine that didn't have water filtering or HEPA or antibacterial technology. The company also insisted that the machine could clean carpets better than a carpet cleaner. (Sorry, but I had to laugh when they said that.) So, then I checked your site and called your toll-free number. And here I am writing to you.

Keep turning out great products. Go America!

Henry T.
Harrisburg, PA



I am a cleaning contractor and I've been very happy with my 1000CVGP steam cleaner. The machine came with a lot of attachments that allow me to handle almost kind of hard surface. The gum removal attachments are great. The machine is also compact and easy to move around in my van.
Recently, I landed a $15,000 grout cleaning job. The machine continues to offer a great return on investment!

Chicago, IL



"Being a "late-night TV Junkie" and witnessing the power of steam cleaning during the info-mercials, I started Googling to see what was out there when I ran across Daimer Industries and their very explicit website. Having a son with many allergies and having personally gotten sick in the past from cleaning with a very strong tile cleaner, I could tell steam cleaning would be a fabulous way to go.

After lots of research, I decided to purchase your Kleenjet Mega 1000CV. I can only tell you that it has been one of the best investments I have ever made! My kitchen simply doesn't feel clean any more unless it has a good dose of steam every couple of weeks, and I have used my steamer relentlessly for taking down wallpaper, cleaning grout, cleaning my refrigerator (the best!), in my kitchen and bathrooms, and even my barbecue grill.

Once I get it going, seems like I just can't stop, and the best thing is I don't have to because the steam just keeps on coming for as long as I keep on going!

Now, just to let you know, after telling my 86-year-old mother how awesome steam cleaning was, she went and ordered a xxxx Steam Cleaner from an info-mercial. I was taking down her wallpaper and the steam concentrator (the piece which you attach all your pieces to) cracked as I was using it.

In two weeks I placed approximately 30 calls to the xxxx steam cleaner people to find out how to purchase the part that broke, only to leave two messages which were never answered, and all the rest of the calls were all BUSY SIGNALS. The HSN employee told me he had problems himself, as well as from other customers, and so he gave me some other numbers to try, which were also always busy. I even received a fax number which I sent a fax to, only to have that unanswered as well.

Then HSN gave me their email address which I immediately sent an email to. Guess what? Two weeks later, no response! I am totally disgusted that this company that is making so much money money with their info-mercials will get away with this, and my 86-year-old mother is out $200.00 as there is no way I can even talk to anyone to order the part I need. It makes me sick. You, on the other hand, have answered any question I ever had on the same day, even on the weekends. So thank you again. I guess you really get what you pay for!"

Linda C.
Troy, Michigan



I just bought one of your new upgraded 1000CV machines for my floor cleaning business. After seeing the job it did on tile floors, I have offered to clean customers' bathrooms. I even pitched -- and won -- a job cleaning a local gym, which has a large locker room. I also appreciated that you guys don't try and gouge me on the cost of extra detail brushes. (I bought 30 brushes and I noticed some of your competitors charge 5 times more for extra brushes.)

David R.
Reno, NV



To Whom It May Concern,

My boss is so happy I bought this machine.(your new ad campaign should be: no one ever got fired for buying Daimer®!)

We need a steam cleaner for cleaning the locker rooms in our chain of health clubs. The machine is so small we can move it from club to club with my hatchback. The wet vac is great for cleaning shower areas and the high temperatures are great on lockers and the hard rubber flooring.

My boss even wanted me to buy a second one for our properties in California.

Keep up the good work,

Ronald G.
Reno, NV


I clean tile and grout professionally, and I just want to let you know I'm very happy with the machines I bought from Daimer. My Mega 1000CV and Ultra 5000CV steam cleaners clean grout and makes it look like new again. My customers are very pleased with the results and also very impressed by the professional appearance of the machines. I would recommend Daimer to anybody and I look forward to doing business with you soon as my business is growing and will be buying more equipment from you soon.

Anthony O.
Garfield, NJ


After spending 3 entire days over two weekends on hands and knees cleaning 2000 sq.ft. of tile/grout in our home here in AZ., my wife and I decided we needed a better way so started looking on the Internet and found Daimer's site. I ordered the Mega 1000cv steam cleaning system from your firm and have been completely satisfied as to performance and quality. The machine cleaned the grout better than the old method in a lot less time and less mess.

We didn't have to use any chemicals on the grout, JUST THE STEAM! All the attachment that we have used are of high quality and work great. After receiving the machine I tried it out in a small area in kitchen and showed my wife. She tried it for herself. After seeing how it cleaned so fast she pretty much took over the job of tile cleaning. She let me be the relief cleaner for the rest of the house.

I have cleaned my outdoor grill with it, but I did use grill cleaning spray ahead of time but the steam made job easier and quicker than previous cleanings. Thanks again for a great product and for the service I have received. Its been a pleasure doing business with a professional company.

Thanks again,

Tucson, AZ

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