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Industrial Floor Scrubber Machines

Commercial and industrial facilities can get quite filthy, particularly the floors were daily activities and operations are carried out. To restore these floor surfaces to a like-new finish, thus maintaining your business environment to reflect well in the eyes of your customers, Daimer Industries® offers an astoundingly powerful line of XTreme Power® industrial floor scrubbers.

Unique Electric Floor Scrubber Technologies

To achieve the highest degree of clean on a variety of floor surfaces, Daimer®'s rotary tile floor scrubbers come bundled with highly-specialized, technologically advanced, motorized spinner systems. Unlike other spinner floor cleaners on the market, Daimer®'s electric floor scrubbers' motorized spinner head uses an electric motor to spin the blade. This results in no loss in pressure, while other floor scrubbers, which use water pressure to spin the blade, may experience a loss in pressure of up to 500 psi. That means the full 1500 psi water pressure is exerted onto the surface with Daimer®'s floor scrubber machines, achieving maximum cleaning power.

For maximum versatility, a main feature floor scrubber customers are seeking, Daimer® offers both 9" and 19" motorized spinner hard surface cleaners. The 9" machine is ideal for cleaning smaller areas and indoor applications, including tile & grout cleaning, stone and marble cleaning, removing and/or stripping wax buildup found on vinyl flooring or VCT, scrubbing rubber floors, and tackling a range of both uneven and even hard surfaces.

The 19" system, on the other hand, is designed for cleaning larger indoor surface areas or tackling outdoor applications. Some surfaces easily cleaned with the 19" floor scrubbers by Daimer® include: ceramic tile, tile and grout, limestone, marble, stone, travertine, quarry, concrete, Mexican tile, brick, cement, driveways, pavers, parking lots, sidewalks, walkways, and many other uneven and even hard surfaces.

Multiple Tile Floor Scrubber Technologies

Again meeting the versatile needs of our customers, Daimer® takes its tile floor scrubbers a step further by offering multiple systems in a single unit. In fact, Daimer®'s 13000 and 14000 series tile floor scrubber machines can be used as portable hard surface floor scrubber machines, commercial carpet cleaners (with the optional carpet wand), commercial upholstery cleaning machines (with the optional upholstery wand), commercial pressure washers (with the optional pressure wand), and commercial wall cleaning systems (with the 9" spinner placed in the users' hands or with the optional 12" 4-jet squeegee wand).

Other Floor Cleaning Technologies Offered by Daimer

Daimer® is not only known for versatility, we are known for our expansive product offerings. To tackle everything from chewing gum removal to high-pressure grease removal, wet sandblasting to killing bacteria, Daimer® has the ideal cleaning machine for your specific applications.

For example, let's look at the cleaning requirements of a restaurant. To maintain proper hygiene for the safety of diners and employees, kitchens must be steam cleaned to eliminate bacteria. Floors, counter tops, refrigerators, freezers, storage areas, and other surfaces must be cleaned regularly. To do so efficiently, effectively, and while leaving no bacteria behind - Daimer® offers a line of specialized KleenJet® floor steam cleaners with ATIS® technology. ATIS®, or Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization™, technology eliminates more than ninety-nine percent of harmful bacteria, including E. Coli and mold.

To find the best, most technologically advanced, and most productive steam cleaners, pressure washers, carpet cleaners, and hard surface cleaning machines on the market, look no further than Daimer®.

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