Hazardous Areas Pressure Washers

Hazardous Areas Pressure Washers

Explosion Proof Pressure Washers for Meeting the Challenges of Cleaning Hazardous Areas

Explosion proof pressure washers are designed for use in hazardous environments, where safety is a critical element. Cleaning of facilities that deal with hazardous and dangerous chemicals and potentially explosive materials require the use of heavy duty commercial pressure washing equipment that comes with a certification for use in Class 1, Divisions 1 and 2, Group C and D (classified) locations. Make sure you choose technically superior high pressure washer machines that come with robust construction and features designed for user convenience.

Where are Explosion Proof Pressure Washers Used?

Explosion proof pressure washers are the only alternative for cleaning and maintenance of facilities, such as oil rigs, mines, refineries, gas pipelines, and the aviation and chemical industries. Certified explosion proof hot pressure washers emit no exhaust, no flames, and no vapors, and are hence easy to use in such hazardous environment.

High Performance Machines to Deliver Great Cleaning Results

These hazardous locations pressure washing machines produce high pressure hot water to blast away grime, encrusted dirt, and oily films from a variety of hard surfaces. High pressure washer machines from Daimer®, the premier supplier of technologically advanced cleaning machines, come equipped with features that can vastly improve cleaning results. By simply turning off the heating element, these robust industrial pressure washers can also be used as cold pressure washer machines for cleaning applications that do not require the power of heat.

Daimer®’s power-packed hazardous locations pressure washing machines are engineered to deliver safe yet superior cleaning. They are the preferred hazardous duty pressure washer systems for use in extremely challenging work conditions because:

  • They offer extremely high pressure levels and flow rates for handling of challenging industrial cleaning applications efficiently.
  • The advanced hazardous duty pressure washer systems have rugged engines that ensure optimum cleaning in minimum time.
  • They are available in a variety of power combinations, including standard power rating and optional voltages.
  • Mobile configuration of these machines allows operators to tackle the challenges of cleaning larger areas without any hassle.

Stay away from cheap, aluminum coil based machines that simply do not have the capability or the construction to withstand the rigors of industrial heavy-duty cleaning. Make sure you invest in a rugged and durable industrial pressure washer that has components made of the finest quality materials available. They are designed to deliver top grade performance and can last for many years.

Technologies that Guarantee Enhanced Cleaning

Daimer®’s state-of-the-art technologies and user-friendly features allow operators the convenience of powerful and non-stop cleaning. High performance electric pressure wash systems from Daimer® for cleaning of hazardous locations in industrial facilities are a favorite among professional cleaners, as they offer a host of options in terms of pressure levels, flow rates, and temperature levels.

Daimer® also offers cold pressure washer machines with extremely high pressure levels that can reach up to 8000 PSI and flow rates of 5 GPM for a variety of cleaning applications in industrial facilities, including in hazardous industrial locations where cleaning operations pose huge challenges to operators. Daimer® is known for its ability to supply custom cleaning systems that are engineered to provide excellent cleaning results with innovative technologies that are the hallmark of all cleaning systems from Daimer®.

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Hazardous Areas Pressure Washers

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