New Steam Cleaners Remove Chewing Gum and Clean Tile and Grout
July 13, 2009

Chewing gum removal machines work year-round to
save time and earn money for cleaning professionals.

Press Release Source: Daimer Industries, Inc.

WOBURN, MA - July 13, 2009 - With the arrival of warm weather and school vacations, many cleaning professionals generate extra income using Daimer Industries' steam cleaners with chewing gum removal to eliminate gum in outdoor surfaces, like playgrounds and sidewalks. The products can remove up to 500 pieces of gum per hour.

This is on top of the revenue -- more than $1 per square foot -- cleaning professionals can earn year-round using these machines for tile and grout cleaning. The machines are also effective indoors for chewing gum removal, as well as hard surface cleaning and disinfecting walls, floors and even some soft surfaces like upholstery.

Daimer offers chewing gum removal features for six of its commercial-grade steam cleaners: the CV and CVP models of the KleenJet® Mega 1000, Supreme 3000, and Ultra 5000. Customers can buy chewing gum removal bundled with the machines in CVG and CVGP models or as add-on kits for their existing Mega 1000, Supreme 3000, or Ultra 5000 CV or CVP equipment. All six of these steam cleaners include vacuums.

The pressure levels and steam temperatures range from as much as 89 psi and 320 ºF, respectively, for the KleenJet® 1000 to 120 psi and 329 ºF for the KleenJet® 5000.

Gum Removal and Steam Cleaning

Like all steam cleaners, these products are ideal for tile and grout cleaning, and surfaces such as vinyl/VCT floors and sealed hardwood. These steam cleaners feature special chewing gum removal components, including a steam vac squeegee with a stainless steel brush and a bottle of specially-formulated gum dissolving chemical concentrate. The chewing gum removal kits are effective for a variety of hard surface cleaning including: concrete, cement, sidewalks, parking lots, pavers, walkways, and some indoor floors.

Though steam pressure washers can also perform chewing gum removal, the machines expel large amounts of water and are not practical for many applications, particularly indoors.

All three machines offer commercial grade components and features, such as detergent tanks, extraction chambers and continuous refill tanks for non-stop cleaning. The CVGP models include Daimer's unique sanitizing technology called ATIS® Anti-Bacterial Steam Cleaner Technology, which kills disease-cause bacteria and mold. The Mega 1000 CVGP and Ultra 5000 CVGP include HEPA filtration to remove allergens.

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