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Oil/Diesel Heated

Gas Powered, Oil/Diesel Heated Hot Water/Steam Pressure Washers by Daimer

Sometimes electric powered pressure washers just don't cut it. Yes, they produce no exhaust and are the quietest units available, but they also offer less power than gasoline powered units and strictly limit mobility. It is a simple fact that these electric pressure washing machines cannot accomplish the challenging tasks commercial and industrial users face in remote locations. As such, these operators will benefit greatly from the use of Daimer®'s gas pressure washers. These machines can handle the largest pressure washing jobs with ease; due to the rugged 18 HP gasoline engine providing a pressure level of 3000 psi and flow rate of 5 GPM.

The greatest benefit provided by the use of gas pressure washers lies within their highly useful mobility. Using gasoline as the power method ensures users they no longer have to worry about finding a constant source of electricity when they are working on exterior pressure washing applications. Additionally, these operators no longer have to worry about tripping over cords or being constantly bound to an outlet. Agricultural, marine, and other industries will gain immense advantages in their exterior cleaning capabilities due to the highly mobile nature of these gas pressure washers.

However, the immense benefits associated with gas pressure washers are not solely tied to the robust motor or the enhanced mobility. Variable temperature options allow users to use a suitable temperature to meet their various applications. These heated diesel pressure washers allow users to operate their machine independently as either cold water, hot water, or steam pressure washers; dependent, of course, on the application at hand.

Cold water diesel pressure washers can handle lighter applications in commercial and residential settings. Despite the use of high pressure, this option lacks cleaning power associated with hot water or steam temperatures.

As hot water diesel pressure washers, these machines can reach high temperatures up to 210ºF. This high temperature aids in the dissolving of grease, grime, dirt, food residues, oil, and other substances to speed up the cleaning and degreasing process.

Not one of these two options is nearly as powerful as the use of steam, a capability available in each and every one of Daimer®'s combination gas powered diesel pressure washers. With steam temperatures reaching 330ºF, these diesel pressure washers can achieve the fastest and most effective cleaning and degreasing of all sorts of industrial equipment and machinery, flooring, concrete, cement, asphalt, stone, sidewalks, driveways, parking structures and lots, pavers, and more.

For the best results, we suggest using Eco-Green ® pressure washer detergents and soaps with these diesel pressure washers. Eco-Green ® green chemicals are 100% readily biodegradable and safe for every environment. As such, operators of pressure washing machines outdoors never have to worry about runoff from their job harming the environment, plants, animals, or people.

The most powerful and effective pressure washing for virtually any exterior application can be accomplished through the use of Daimer®'s gas pressure washers and Eco-Green ® green chemicals. To read more about Eco-Green ® pressure washing green chemicals.

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