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Electric Powered and Oil/Diesel Fired

1 Electric Powered and Oil/Diesel Fired
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Super Max 15900 SCW
(product #125834993)
Commercial / Industrial Grade
Super Max 15900 SCW
Price: $10,112.00

Super Max 15900 SCW
(product #125834993)
Commercial / Industrial Grade

The Super Max™ 15900SCW is a high powered, reliable steam car washing machine, which is electricity powered and heated with natural gas, propane, or oil.

  • The auto detailing power cleaner offers a high pressure level of 3000 PSI and flow rate of 5 GPM. Creating steam temperatures as great as 330ºF, the Super Max™ 15900SCW makes an ideal commercial automobile cleaning system.
  • The technologically advanced equipment gets its power from a heavy duty 10.0 HP – NEMA engine.
  • The standard power configuration of the machine is 220V-240V, three phase, 60 Hz. Customers can order for optional power ratings as well.

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Oil Heated Pressure Washers Offer Car Detailing Professionals Many Advantages Over Conventional Cleaning Systems

As the undisputed leader in supplying a variety of top-quality cleaning machines, Daimer® enjoys an enviable position in the industry. Their industry-specific cleaning machines with technologically-advanced features are the envy of competitors. The industry leaders have some of the most advanced cleaning machines targeted for the auto detailing industry. Popular among them are oil heated pressure washers.

Various Power and Heating Combinations

The Super Max™ cleaning systems are available in various power and heating options, which allow customers better flexibility in choosing the perfect pressure washers for their specific automobile cleaning needs. Electric pressure washers are ideal for auto detailing applications where cleaning operators prefer using oil for heating. Many of these oil heated pressure washers have an optimum pressure level of 1000 PSI and a flow rate of 2 GPM.


When it comes to auto detailing, business owners prefer using sophisticated cleaning systems that incorporate the latest technology and have user-friendly features. Daimer® auto detailing machines are the first choice for many reasons. They come with the guarantee of superior performance and high durability, giving car detailing owners the best value for their money. Oil heated machines from Daimer® offer excellent portability, a crucial feature necessary for the car detailing industry.

Auto detailing professionals can get the best cleaning results with advanced auto detailing equipment. These machines can effectively blast away all types of dirt and deposits without causing any damage to the car surface or paint. Daimer® car wash machines are designed to perform independently as cold, hot, or steam car wash systems. Operators simply have to choose the right temperature setting option on these bus cleaning pressure washers to match the cleaning application.

There are models that offer pressure levels of up to 3000 PSI and high flow rates of 4.9 GPM. These systems generate steam temperatures of up to 330°F and support hot water temperatures of up to 210°F.

The trailer mountable feature gives the machines the mobility required to cover larger areas.

Daimer® electric pressure washers offer excellent cleaning results in applications where operators prefer oil or diesel for heating. They offer better cleaning results than cold water pressure washers, due to the enhanced cleaning power provided by the heater exchange coils.

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