Gas Powered and Oil/Diesel Fired

Gas Powered and Oil/Diesel Fired
3 Gas Powered and Oil/Diesel Fired
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Oil Fired and Gas Powered Pressure Washers

Daimer®'s gas powered pressure washers are either heated by oil or propane. The company's oil heated pressure washers have many advantages over other brands of oil-heated machines. First, they eliminate noise and have durable engines. Second, these oil-heated and gas-powered pressure washers have high temperature and pressure levels, due to which they are counted among the most powerful gas pressure washers in the industry. These gas pressure wash systems are fitted with alternators that help maintain consistent battery charge throughout the day. An efficient burner and high output engine are the other features of these gas-powered, steam car wash machines.

High Pressure Levels

These systems have high pressure levels of up to 3500 PSI. High pressure levels are suitable for cleaning heavy vehicles. This type of auto detailing equipment easily cleans large vehicles, such as trucks, trailers, and RVs. They are also useful for ones looking to maintain other surfaces, such as concrete, bricks, and stone. They are used for regular cleaning of sidewalks, parking lots, basements, yards, gas stations, and similar areas. They are also used for cleaning under-construction buildings. Such auto detailing equipment is generally used in places where electricity is not easily available.

High Temperatures

They are very useful in removing grease, dirt, grime, burned petrochemicals, and similar substances from trucks and tractors. Another common application of these machines is the maintenance of public infrastructure, such as roads, buildings, stairways, walkways, and so on. These machines feature temperatures up to 330°F.

Long Hoses

Gas-powered pressure washers have mostly been used in outdoor locations, owing to the fumes generated by the engine. However, Daimer®'s gas powered machines have long hoses, which overcome this limitation. Using the long hose, contractors can clean automobiles in outdoor locations as well as indoor areas. The hose length of some of the machines is up to 50ft., with an option of adding to the length.

More Features

Other feature found on many of the gas pressure washers includes the optional multi-gun operation, which is aimed at enhancing productivity, since it enables more than one operator to simultaneously use the pressure washer. Steam car wash machines with higher temperatures have three temperatures settings: steam, hot water, and cold water.

Oil heated pressure washers also include electricity-powered machines. Many contractors use electric car wash equipment for commercial car washing, since these machines are powered by electricity, an easily available power source. Gasoline machines are an ideal alternative, where electricity is absent or gasoline is considered cheaper or more efficient.

Another type of car wash machine includes auto upholstery cleaners, which are ideal for cleaning car interior surfaces, in particular, the fabric upholstery on car seats. Daimer® offers a range of carpet and rug cleaning machines, suitable for cleaning car upholstery, as well as carpets and upholstery in commercial areas, such as retail outlets, malls, hotels restaurants, and so on.

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