Powerful Steam Pressure Washers, Commercial Industrial

Powerful Steam Pressure Washers, Commercial Industrial
10 Powerful Steam Pressure Washers, Commercial Industrial
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Powerful Steam Pressure Washers, Commercial Industrial
Powerful Steam Pressure Washers, Commercial Industrial
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Steam Pressure Washers for Commercial Applications

Tile in industrial or commercial environments get a level of dirt and germs that tile in residential environments simply do not get. For example, restaurant kitchen tile, (just like the kitchen utensils used), becomes laden with grease after meals are cooked. Tiles found in public restrooms get all kinds of germs from the dirt from people's shoes or sometimes even worse substances. Outside surfaces in industrial or commercial settings also get dirty. These can include brick, walkways, concrete, cement, walls, floors, drainage pipes, dumpsters, and more. The cleaning equipment that exists to effectively clean these things are professional, commercial industrial steam pressure washers, cleaning machines that work through the power of high-pressure water.

As one might expect the cheaper pressure washers designed for residential use are not appropriate for cleaning in industrial or commercial situations, as they require the most powerful steam pressure washers available. High powered, rugged steam pressure washers are those specially designed for industrial or commercial use. Which brand of steam pressure washer best fits this category? The answer is Daimer's Super Max™ brand of commercial industrial steam pressure washer machines.

What makes Daimer's Super Max™ line the most powerful steam pressure washers? First, Super Max™ steam pressure washers offer an astounding water pressure level. This level, measured in units known as psi, (or pounds per square inch), ranges from 750 to an astounding 8,000 psi. The heating temperature ranges from being non-heated, (or cold), to blistering temperatures up to 330°F. The Super Max™ steam pressure washers offer hotter temperatures and are perfect tools for sanitizing commercial or industrial surfaces that tend to get laden with germs and bacteria. Hotter temperatures are also excellent in getting rid of substances that are otherwise extremely hard to get out like grease, oil, food residue, grime, and much more.

The Super Max™ line even allows for less powerful steam pressure washer use, which could be needed for cleaning kitchen equipment, drains cleaning, food equipment, commercial industrial machinery equipment, conveyor belts and engines. If one is interested in purchasing these powerful steam pressure washers, they will need to buy through Daimer. Some brands are listed on our website. These include: the Super Max™ 6000, Super Max™ 7000, the Super Max™ 9000, the Super Max™ 12820, and the Super Max™ 12840, among many others. Daimer offers over 400 commercial industrial steam pressure washers all together.

In conclusion, the most powerful commercial industrial steam pressure washer equipment is offered through Daimer's Super Max ® machines. The power of these steam pressure washers lies within their psi, flow rate, and heating temperatures. Indeed a business or industry is fooling themselves if they think any other company produces the most powerful pressure steam pressure washers with unrivaled machine reliability.

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