Pressure Washers Metal Surface Pre-Treatment

Pressure Washers Metal Surface Pre-Treatment
15 Pressure Washers Metal Surface Pre-Treatment
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Pressure Washers Metal Surface Pre-Treatment

Metal Surface Pre-Treatment Pressure Cleaning Systems

Acid Phosphatizing Pressure Cleaner: Cleaning As Well As Imparting Corrosion and Resistance to Metal Surfaces

Acid phosphatizing is one of the most effective ways to prevent corrosion of metal. Regular pressure cleaner systems clean surfaces, such as metal, concrete, brick, and stone. However, manufacturers are often concerned about the potential for their products to corrode. In order to add durability to their products and to various other metal surfaces, many manufacturers use a pressure clean machine equipped with acid phosphatizing kits to make metal surfaces resistant to corrosion.

These machines also feature high pressure levels that are very important, if you need to forcefully remove grime off different surfaces. Daimer®'s pressure wash systems feature pressure levels as high as 3000 psi. A high pressure washer can remove grease and other kinds of tough grime from metal surfaces, and can be used for cleaning other types of hard surfaces as well.

While conventional metal surface cleaning might remove grime from the surface, acid phosphatizing makes metal surfaces corrosion proof. Corrosion causes a lot of damage in industries as varied as shipping, manufacturing, and construction. Therefore, contractors look for ways to keep metal surfaces corrosion-free, while also removing grime from them.

Metal surface cleaning machines offer the perfect solution. These pressure cleaners are able to remove grime and grease from surfaces, and enable pre-treatment of metal surfaces to make them more corrosion resistant. Daimer®'s AF series, part of the Super Max™ line of pressure cleaner systems, are metal surface cleaner machines with the ability to clean and acid phosphatize metal surfaces.

One of the concerns of people purchasing this type of high pressure washer is the potential impact of chemicals on the cleaning machine itself. Daimer® has addressed this issue by offering metal surface cleaning machines that have durable stainless steel parts, which are resistant to corrosion. In addition to that, the downstream injection ensures that corrosive chemicals do not come into prolonged contact with the pressure cleaning machine.

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