Truck/Trailer Mounted Pressure Washers

Truck/Trailer Mounted Pressure Washers
9 Truck/Trailer Mounted Pressure Washers
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Truck/Trailer Mounted Pressure Washers

Truck Mounted Pressure Washers

Trailer Mountable Configurations for Unmatched Mobility

Pressure cleaners from Daimer® are the obvious choice, when it comes to industrial maintenance applications that involve cleaning vast indoor and outdoor areas. To effectively cover large areas without compromising on the productivity levels or cleaning results, Daimer® brings you skid configuration pressure washers. The unit is designed to be optionally mounted on trucks or trailers for the greatest stability and safety versus a wheel-based machine while transporting the system.

Skid Configuration for Trailer Mounting

The highly mobile truck mounted power washers in the Super Max™ series feature rugged construction and powerful cleaning technologies that have always been the highlight of power cleaners offered by Daimer®. It is amazingly easy for us to buy trailer mounted pressure washers. Simply specify a trailer mounted configuration when ordering your machine, and we will produce the power cleaner on a skid with a platform and no wheels.

Truck Mounted Pressure Washers for Efficient and Versatile Cleaning

When it comes to choosing a truck mounted power washer, users have lots of different versions and features to choose from. applications that do not require heat, cleaning professionals can choose cold water trailer mounted pressure washer machines or else use heated models that generate moderate temperatures at lower pressure levels and flow rates. In fact, you can even use the cold water mode on the Super Max™ 12860 generate water at pressure levels of 3000 PSI to ensure exceptional cleaning results.

Now if you need to clean extremely oily, greasy, or grimy surfaces, you must be empowered with skid configuration pressure washers capable of ejecting hot water or steam at extremely high temperatures. For the best of versatility and the benefits of multiple power washers in one, go for tri-mode truck mounted power washers.

Tri-mode versions of trailer mounted pressure washers such as the Super Max™ 12000 series are capable of ejecting wet steam, cold water, or hot water, depending on the application at hand. By generating steam at temperatures as high as 330ºF, cleaning professionals in commercial and industrial environments accomplish unbelievably superior cleaning results within short time periods.

Fuel-powered Trailer Mounted Power Washers for Added Mobility

Reliable supply of electricity may not be always available for skid configuration pressure washers - especially for outdoor cleaning applications. Daimer® understands such requirements of customers and, therefore, presents fuel-powered trailer mounted pressure washer systems designed to offer reliable cleaning power and more mobility for outdoor cleaning operations.

Daimer®’s extensive range of fuel-powered truck mounted power washer machines features different fuel options. While some versions run on gasoline, others are powered by propane. These options enable users to choose the right fuel option based on availability and affordability.

Trailer mounted pressure washer systems from Daimer® feature varying pressure levels, ranging from 1500 PSI to 3000 PSI. For effective elimination of tough deposits from different surfaces, these power cleaning systems are empowered with flow rates between 3 GPM and 5 GPM.

High temperatures, pressure levels, and flow rates combine to make these truck mounted power washer machines the perfect choice for almost all types of challenging cleaning tasks in commercial and industrial settings, including concrete maintenance, degreasing, cleaning industrial machinery, and even washing down construction equipment. No matter how tough your cleaning job, Daimer® has the right power washing system for your needs.

Trailer Mounted Pressure Washers by Daimer

Mountable configurations are also designed for mounting on trailers. Trailer mounted pressure washers allow operators to handle even the most remote jobs with extreme power and pressure. For even greater mobility, consider one of Daimer®'s gasoline or propane powered, trailer mounted pressure washers. These machines allow users to make the most of their outdoor applications where an electrical supply is not always available. Clearly Daimer® is the solution for any commercial or industrial user seeking mobility and functionality.

What about performance?

Daimer®'s trailer mounted pressure washers range in pressure levels from 1500 psi to 5000 psi, and flow rates range from 3 GPM to 5 GPM. Grease, grime, dirt, and other substances are no match for the immense power behind Daimer®'s trailer mounted pressure washers. The abilities of these machines range from light jobs, like cleaning outdoor furniture and patios, to quickly and effectively degreasing and cleaning industrial equipment, shop floors, concrete, walkways, pavement, brick, driveways, machinery, and more. Trailer mounted pressure washers with higher pressure levels are even capable of stripping layers of paint!

For the most powerful trailer mounted pressure washers for any commercial or industrial mobile application, consider Daimer® as your source.

Daimer Pressure Washers
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