Diesel Powered and Propane Fired

2 Diesel Powered and Propane Fired
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KleenJet Supreme 3000CV
(product #125829136)
Commercial Grade
KleenJet Supreme 3000CV
Price: $3,996.00

KleenJet Supreme 3000CV
(product #125829136)
Commercial Grade

New Upgraded Model - Now with Non-Stop Steam™
.... Powerful Commercial Steam Vacuum Machine.
Includes Patent-Pending, Certified Anti-Bacterial,
EPA-Compliant Technology


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  • One of the world's most powerful 110-120 volt commercial steam cleaning vacuum machines. Daimer's Ultra 5000CV is the most powerful.
  • Temperatures up to 364°F and pressure levels up to 115 psi
  • 11 liter total capacity: 4 liter water chamber, 5 liter heavy-gauge stainless steel boiler, and 2 liter detergent chamber
  • Special notable features: Non-Stop Steam™: emits high pressure vapor flow all day; Advanced Self-Regulating Continuous Refill Technology™: water can be added at any time without shutting down the machine; Totally Sealed Water Capture™ (TSWC™) to retain allergens; Boiler Scale Reduction™ (BSR™): a special vibrating mechanism prevents mineral and scale buildup; Replaceable Heating Elements
  • Combined HEPA-based steam cleaner, steam vacuum cleaner, and wet/dry vacuum in one machine
  • Lifetime boiler warranty, and stainless steel boiler housing

Ideal for the Following Applications:

  • Higher-Powered Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Professional Exterior Steam Car Washing - for cleaning of lightly dirty cars
  • Professional Interior Car Detailing
  • Chewing Gum Removal
  • .. and virtually unlimited additional applications

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Super Max 12500 DE SCW
(product #125837262)
Commercial / Industrial Grade
Super Max 12500 DE SCW
Price: $17,848.00

Super Max 12500 DE SCW
(product #125837262)
Commercial / Industrial Grade

The Super Max™12500 DE SCW is the company's only Diesel powered pressure cleaner that uses propane for heating. The equipment is an ideal car detailing machine that offers great cleaning power.

  • The 12500 DE SCW features a pressure level of 3000 PSI at a flow rate of 5 GPM. In addition, the equipment's superior features and technologies offer user convenience and enhanced productivity.
  • Hot water temperatures of the machine range from 180ºF – 210ºF, while it creates steam temperatures as great as 330ºF.
  • The auto detailing machine, with a powerful diesel engine, can also be ordered with optional features, such as wet sandblasting system and multi gun operation.

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Propane Fired and Diesel Powered Machines for Enhanced Efficiency

Diesel-powered machines are a hit among Daimer®'s customers because these pressure washing machines use diesel, an easily available fuel. Auto detailing contractors, who prefer using diesel-powered machines to gasoline or electric engines, will like the various features offered with Daimer®'s propane-fired and diesel-powered machines. These machines have robust design, corrosion-resistant parts, and efficiency enhancing mechanisms.

Fast Heating, Greater Efficiency

Waiting while the machine reaches the appropriate temperature level is not only tedious, but lowers productivity in the world of fast paced business. Cleaning professionals prefer pressure washing machines that enable them to zip through cleaning applications as fast as possible to save time and maintain productivity. Daimer® machines attain high temperatures in just 30 seconds, thanks to its robust heater exchange heating coils.

When it comes to high temperature, Daimer® has several other advantages over other brands of pressure wash systems. The machines attain temperatures of up to 330°F. If you set the temperature to steam mode, you can use wet steam at high pressure to tackle cleaning and degreasing of heavy automobiles.

If you do not require such high temperatures, you can lower the temperature. At temperatures of up to 210°F, you can use these machines for hot water cleaning. You can choose not to heat the water at all, thus saving heating fuel and using water at room temperature for lighter applications.

Greater Freedom of Movement

One of the advantages of using diesel pressure washers is that you are freed from the uncertainties of electricity supply. In many locations, electricity may not be easily available or it may be inconvenient to plug your machine to the nearest electric socket when you require greater mobility.

These machines are ideal for indoor tasks, due to the long hose that enables the use of the wand in indoor areas. This is one of the few diesel pressure washers that can be used indoors, all thanks to its customizable hose length. If you own an auto detailing business, this would be good auto detailing equipment for cleaning large vehicles.

Clean All Day, All Surfaces

Nozzles with different configurations, including 0º (blast), 15º, 25º, 40º, and steam nozzles, enable cleaning of different types of surfaces. In addition to that, Daimer®'s diesel powered, propane heated auto detailing equipment offers the advantage of a large fuel tank, measuring 9 gallons. Their portability makes them suitable mobile auto detailing machines. Apart from maintaining automobiles, they have a lot of other applications too.

The flow rate, at 5 GPM, makes Daimer®'s machines ideal for outdoor applications, where drainage is not likely to be a problem. Daimer® is a trusted name in the cleaning and degreasing equipment supply market, and its products are used by some of the well-recognized organizations, businesses in the world.

In addition to diesel-powered, propane-heated machines, Daimer® offers machines in various other power-heat combinations too. Daimer® also sells a range of car interior cleaners, including car carpet cleaner machines and dry vapor steam cleaners. Car interior cleaners, unlike pressure washers, enable cleaning and sanitizing of car interiors, including fabric upholstery, dashboards, and windows.

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