Gas Powered and Propane Heated Fired

1 Gas Powered and Propane Heated Fired
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Super Max 12500 GE SCW
(product #125836807)
Commercial / Industrial Grade
Super Max 12500 GE SCW gas powered propane heated car pressure washer

Super Max 12500 GE SCW
(product #125836807)
Commercial / Industrial Grade

The Super Max™ 12500 GE SCW is a superior quality, gas powered and propane heated machine that can be used as a trailer mounted pressure washer for wider reach.

The Super Max™ 12500 GE SCW is commercial grade steam car washing equipment, which uses gasoline for powering up and propane for heating.

  • 1) The Super Max™ 12500 GE SCW, owing to its pressure levels of 3000 PSI and flow rates of 5 GPM, helps maintain heavy vehicles, such as trucks and buses.
  • Steam temperatures of up to 330ºF can quickly dissolve tough deposits, such as mud, tree sap, and bug splatters.
  • The heavy duty 18.0 HP gasoline engine and advanced technologies and features make this machine a favorite of the those in the automobile detailing business.

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Propane Fired and Gas Powered Pressure Washers

Daimer® offers a line of gas powered pressure washers that use propane heating systems. These machines achieve pressure levels up to 3500 PSI at flow rates as high as 5 GPM. They feature a durable, high-powered gasoline engine. These propane heated pressure cleaner systems are able to attain high steam temperatures and are very useful in removing the heavy layers of grease and grime from hard surfaces. When it comes to maintaining heavy vehicles like ships and trucks, these machines offer optimum performance.

Dissolve grease within seconds

It takes just a few seconds for the wet steam emitted by hot water pressure washers to dissolve grease stuck on vehicles. These machines can even melt old, hardened grease. As a result, hot water pressure washers are used extensively for commercial automobile detailing applications. These can also be used for maintaining settings as diverse as gas stations, bus stops, and food service kitchens. The latter involves certain precautions, since gas powered pressure washers generate fumes. However, Daimer®'s pressure washer machines, even when powered by gas, can be used for cleaning indoor areas. All you need to do is keep the machine outdoors where fumes will not cause any problems and use the long hose to clean the vehicles in indoor facilities.

Longer duration of operation

An advanced pressure washing machine is extensively used for commercial applications and heavy-duty industrial cleaning. They make ideal auto detailing equipment, due to their ability to clean heavy vehicles almost nonstop through the workday. This type of auto detailing equipment features high pressures, which makes it ideal for cleaning trucks, buses, and other large vehicles like camping trailers and RVs. The large, nine gallon gasoline tank and the option for trailer mounting ensure that the machines can be used in most commercial areas. It can be transported over long distances, which is another bonus for contractors offering commercial cleaning services.

Different temperatures settings

Some of these hot water pressure washers attain temperatures of up to 330°F. These machines can be used for hot water cleaning as well as for washing surfaces with cold water. This option enables contractors to save fuel costs by switching to cold water when they are cleaning surfaces that are not greasy or very dirty. Such machines actually support three temperature levels: steam, hot water, and cold water.

Some of the propane heated pressure cleaner systems featuring gasoline engines also have wet sandblasting systems. Wet sandblasting is a mechanism that enables contractors to remove rust, paint, and similar substances from metal surfaces using a high pressure spray of sand and water. The sand, due to its frictional force, strips the rust from the metallic surface. When using the wet sandblasting system, the operator should make sure that the temperature is set to cold water.

Daimer®'s inventory has been designed keeping in mind the needs of the contractor who is expected to thoroughly clean large commercial areas, industrial locations, car parks, gas stations, bus stations, stairways, roads, sidewalks, and various other surfaces. With the right equipment, the task becomes faster and easier.

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