Propane Powered and Propane Fired

Propane Powered and Propane Fired
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Propane Fired and Propane Powered Pressure Cleaning Systems

Propane powered pressure washers are eco-friendly, since propane is a clean fuel. Daimer®'s propane powered pressure cleaners are propane heated as well, ensuring complete eco-friendliness. These machines are the perfect alternative to electric machines, as they are not constrained by a power cord. The company's pressure washers powered and heated by propane make excellent automobile cleaning systems. This type of steam pressure washing equipment reaches temperatures up to 330°F. High temperatures enable quick dissolution of grease. Therefore, these machines are very effective, when it comes to the removal of grease and other such sticky deposits from vehicle exteriors.

These type of propane heated automotive pressure washer machines are also often used for cleaning restaurant kitchens and in the foodservice industry. Due to their eco-friendly nature, these machines are extensively used for indoor cleaning applications.

Wondering how these hot water pressure washers are immensely useful in cleaning automobiles? First, operators need auto detailing equipment with high pressure levels to clear the grime found on these vehicles. Propane-based pressure wash systems offer high pressure levels and high temperatures.

Removing Greasy Stains Made Easy with Heated Pressure Washers

The high temperatures melt grease. Melted grease is easier to remove, compared to congealed, hard grease. In particular, grease with soot components, such as burned petrochemical residues, can be removed only with the use of a pressure washer. It is recommended that you use the pressure washer at high temperatures to remove grease from vehicle surfaces.

Daimer® machines are used for cleaning grease from trucks, trailers, RVs, boats, and similar surfaces. For removing grease from cars, you need pressure wash systems with pressure levels up to 1500 PSI. Machines with higher pressure are more suitable for larger vehicles, such as trucks. The most important thing that sets these propane heated automotive pressure washer machines apart from other brands is their efficiency. Daimer®'s steam pressure washing equipment features three temperature settings, allowing operators to use steam, hot water, and cold water, according to the cleaning task.

Special Features Offer Enhanced Productivity

These hot water pressure washers improve productivity through their special features. The long hose enables cleaning of distant corners, without moving the machine around too much. Since propane powered pressure washers are eco safe, they can be used indoors. You can easily use this type of auto detailing equipment in fixed-location car wash businesses.

You can also use propane-heated, automotive pressure washer machines for mobile car washing. These machines can be carried to long distances on trailers, enabling contractors to clean trucks at different locations.

Their high pressure levels make the propane-powered, auto detailing machines suitable for use in other commercial applications, such as cleaning infrastructure and buildings, yards, public restrooms, and degreasing in industrial locations.

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