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Propane Heated

Propane Powered Propane Heated Pressure Washers by Daimer

Many hot water pressure washers on the market feature different methods for powering the machine and heating it. This aspect requires greater maintenance on behalf of the operator, as they must sustain two energy sources to operate their equipment. To make any pressure washing task more efficient, Daimer ® introduces propane powered and propane heated pressure washers, using propane to both power the machine and heat the water. Rather than worrying about finding an electrical source or tripping over cords, operators can focus on the task at hand.

To make this pressure washing task easier, all of Daimer®'s combination propane heated pressure washers afford users with triple functionality, bringing three machines into one robust unit, the Super Max ® 12500 PE. As a cold water pressure washer, this unit is capable of handling lighter residential tasks and commercial cleaning jobs. However, cold water is highly inefficient for heavy-duty commercial and industrial cleaning and degreasing. Its lack of power is a direct result of the lack of heat.

The greatest cleaning power lies within the hot water and steam pressure washing modes. As hot water pressure washers, these models are capable of reaching high temperatures of 210ºF. The higher the temperature, the more effective the propane heated pressure washers are at dissolving substances, thus more quickly cleaning and degreasing. While hot water pressure washers exhibit a great deal of power when it comes to these tasks, steam takes pressure washing to the next level.

The use of steam in propane heated pressure washers allows users to quickly and effectively dissolve substances to speed up the pressure washing process. Alternatively, steam disinfects and sanitizes while cleaning at ultra-high pressures. In fact, the ultra-high steam temperatures of these propane heated pressure washers can reach up to 330ºF, one of the highest temperature pressure washing machines in the industry.

However, power is not solely derived from an increase in temperature; it is a result of temperature, pressure and flow rates. Powered by a heavy-duty 20 HP propane engine, the Super Max ® 12500 PE delivers a whopping 3000 psi of pressure at a flow rate of 5 GPM. High pressure such as this affords users the ability to blast away grease, dirt, oil, grime, soil, and other pesky substances from a variety of surfaces, including commercial equipment, food manufacturing machinery, industrial equipment, shop floors, industrial flooring, concrete, sidewalks, cement, driveways, pavers, parking lots, and a host of other interior and exterior surfaces.

Cleaning power is not the only thing Daimer®'s combination hot water pressure washers have going for them. For years Daimer®'s customers have experienced the high quality of Daimer®'s cleaning equipment. This reliability and durability is seen in every piece of cleaning equipment Daimer ® sells, including its propane heated pressure washers. But don't take our word for it; view our extensive customer list here. When it comes to finding power, mobility, and reliability; consider Daimer ®.

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