Propane Powered Hot Steam Pressure Washers

Propane Powered Hot Steam Pressure Washers
2 Propane Powered Hot Steam Pressure Washers
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Propane Powered Hot Steam Pressure Washers

Propane Powered Hot Steam Pressure Washers by Daimer

Daimer® is your source for the industry's leading propane powered pressure washers, featuring immense power, versatility, and mobility. Unlike machines powered by electric motors, propane pressure washers can be used for the most demanding outdoor applications where and electrical supply is often not available. This ability proves to be highly beneficial for users who work in exterior environments where electricity may not be present, such as agricultural applications. Other commercial and industrial users will greatly benefit from Daimer's Super Max® propane pressure washers' extreme portability. No longer do these users have to trip over cords or work around them while pressure washing.

In addition to increased productivity in a mobile setting, Daimer®'s propane powered pressure washers are well known for their versatility. In fact, these rugged machines feature triple-use functionality as cold water, hot water, and steam pressure washers. For users with varying applications, these propane pressure washers feature the best of all worlds. The cold water mode is ideal for cleaning dirt, mud, grime, and other substances from a variety of surfaces. Yet, cold water lacks the power provided by the hot water and steam modes, as cleaning power increases greatly for every ten degree increase in temperature. The Super Max ® propane powered pressure washers can reach hot water temperatures up to 220ºF. But for even more power, these propane powered pressure washers can achieve astoundingly high wet steam temperatures up to 330ºF! The power of wet steam allows users to disinfect and sanitize while cleaning and degreasing the most stubborn substances for the most difficult commercial and industrial applications.

Clean. Degrease. Sanitize. Disinfect. Dissolve. All of these commanding actions can be accomplished by using Daimer®'s unique propane powered pressure washers. Virtually any hard surface can be easily cleaned, including concrete, brick, asphalt, driveways, walkways, tile, aluminum, sidewalks, stainless steel, stone, dumpsters and more.

Powered by a hardy, heavy-duty 20 HP propane engine, Daimer®'s propane pressure washers provides users with virtually unmatched force. With mind-blowing pressure levels of 3000 psi, the Super Max ® propane powered pressure washers can handle even the most challenging pressure washing tasks. And at a flow rate of 5 GPM, these pressure washing machines are backed by staggeringly high strength for the most challenging degreasing and pressure washing applications.

In addition to the use of highly beneficial features and immense power in all our machines, our customers return to Daimer ® for the durability and reliability they have come to know well. All of Daimer®'s propane pressure washers are comprised of the highest quality components, from the stainless steel, power-coated, chip/chemical resistant, high-gloss housing to the heavy-duty, schedule 80 heating coils used in every machine.
For the industry's leading line of the most advanced propane pressure washers consider Daimer ®.

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