1000 - 1500 PSI Models

1000 - 1500 PSI Models
6 1000 - 1500 PSI Models
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1000 - 1500 PSI Models

Vapor-Flo® 1500 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Among commercial and industrial pressure washer operators, there is a growing need for electric powered, electric heated systems. Not only do all-electric machines provide user-friendly operation, they also provide an exhaust-free, noise-reducing solution for interior factory and facility pressure washing applications. Let's take a look at what sets Daimer®'s new line of Vapor-Flo® all electric pressure cleaning machines apart.

Convenience and Safety

The range of 1000 - 1500 psi electric pressure washer machines offer the same array of convenience and safety benefits as all systems in the Vapor-Flo® series. With moderate pressure-wash power for most commercial and industrial applications, these machines use electricity for powering the motor and the heating device. They do not require gasoline, propane, kerosene, or any other fuel to either heat or power the unit. This makes Vapor-Flo® equipment lightweight and easy to maintain. After all, a single source affords users with much greater convenience over multiple sources for power and heat.

There is no need to clean out engines clogged with hydrocarbon residue and no fear of combustible fumes building up in indoor areas, as Vapor-Flo® models emit no exhaust. Operation of all electric systems is also quieter than gas, propane, or diesel powered machines, ideal for indoor use in noise sensitive environments.


Mobility is another factor to consider when choosing a 1500 psi electric pressure washer or higher. Particularly in commercial and industrial settings where operators must cover a large area, mobility is key. Machines such as the Vapor-Flo® 7300 can be transported over long distances because they are mounted on wheels.

However, not everyone requires a mobile machine. Factories experiencing repeat applications within a given area may benefit from a stationary unit with extended pressure hoses. Stationary 1500 psi electric pressure washer machines, such as Vapor-Flo® 8250, Vapor-Flo® 8350, and Vapor-Flo® 7350, are perfect for stationary use indoors.

Vapor-Flo® machines cannot operate too far from an electric plug point, which can restrict mobility. But the advantages of these machines outweigh the disadvantages. Unless you expect to be operating somewhere far from your commercial/industrial facility, Vapor-Flo® electric pressure washers are a great bet.

Heat and Corrosion Resistance

Home use machines do not have the power or durability needed to withstand high temperature, pressure levels, and long operating durations. The 1500 psi electric pressure washer systems in the Vapor-Flo® line, on the other hand, can operate well under these conditions. The stainless steel parts not only tolerate heat better than aluminum, but they also last longer under high pressure. The stainless steel housing resists corrosion, while the powder-coated steel is also corrosion-resistant and prevents brittleness. 1500 psi electric pressure washer machines' double-layered hoses can withstand high pressure and temperature levels in even the most demanding environments.

Power Enhancement

The electric pressure washers in the Vapor-Flo® series can be used with Daimer's Eco-Green® product lineup. In fact, injecting Eco-Green® green chemicals in the spray of Vapor-Flo® pressure washers is the best way to increase cleaning power.

Eco-Green® chemicals are plant-derived and therefore biodegradable and non-toxic. Besides being easy to store and use (you can replace your regular detergent with these products without additional equipment), "green" chemicals facilitate easy cleanup after pressure washing. They will not pollute storm drains and reservoirs. Eco-Green® Micro-Blasting® molecules react chemically with dirt to break it down into less cohesive fragments while the extreme force of the water spray generated by the 1500 psi electric pressure washer helps remove dirt from the surface.

Customers purchase Daimer®'s machines expecting that these pressure washers are easy to use and will enhance productivity. And, with continuous use functionality, high hot water temperatures, moderate pressure levels, minimal heating time, a robust trigger wand with quick disconnect, siphon-type detergent application, compact direct drive pumps, heated and non-heated cleaning options, and custom hose length options, you will not be disappointed with the power, versatility, or usability of these machines.

Made in USA 50 Hz 1500 PSI Electric Pressure Cleaners
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