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Steam Cleaner Accessories
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Enhance Cleaning Power of Steam Cleaners with the Best Steam Cleaner Accessories

Steam cleaners are powerful cleaning systems that can be used to clean almost any type of surface without the addition of harmful chemicals and harsh detergents that can affect the health of the operators and those in the vicinity. The cleaning power of steam cleaners can be considerably enhanced using steam cleaner accessories. Top brands offer optional heads, wands, and attachments that allow operators to widen their scope of operations and adapt their machines to work on a variety of cleaning applications involving diverse surfaces.

Use of Top Steam Cleaning Accessories Deliver Better Results

The types of steam cleaning accessories available for enhancing cleaning results include detailing brushes, mobile carts that offer operators easy portability and are ideal for use when there is a large surface area to be covered, and specially designed towels that can easily remove residual dirt and grime from surfaces. The microfiber towels supplied with top steam cleaner brands are excellent steam floor cleaner accessories and are primarily used on smooth floors like tile, linoleum, sealed hardwood, and laminate flooring.

Detailing brushes are used for cleaning areas that you cannot reach. Nylon brushes are commonly used for grout cleaning, but they are safe for use on most surfaces and can enhance the cleaning powers of steam cleaners significantly. Brass detailing brushes are ideal for removing tough dirt and grime deposits from scratch resistant surfaces.

Stainless steel detail brushes are among the most popular steam cleaner accessories and are used for commercial grout cleaning, but are also recommended for all-round cleaning tasks involving tough cleaning situations. Operators prefer using stainless steel detail brushes on tough grime, stains, graffiti, and to remove chewing gum from hard surfaces.

Superior Steam Cleaning Accessories from the Industry Leader

Daimer®, the global leader in supply of the best quality steam cleaners, is also known for its superior quality and user-friendly steam cleaning accessories. Daimer®’s accessories come with features that are specific to the cleaning application. Their stainless steel detail brushes are available in sets of 10, 20, and 50, and can be used with any of their steam cleaners or steam vacuum cleaners. They are excellent for use as vapor steam cleaner accessories and are used in applications like grout cleaning, grease removal, and for removing carbon buildup in the food service industry.

You can buy steam cleaner accessories like brass detail brushes from Daimer® for tasks that require abrasive action and are used for removal of stubborn substances from metal surfaces. The Nylon detail brushes are used for applications, such as grout cleaning and other cleaning tasks that require use of vapor cleaner technology. Microfiber towels shipped with Daimer® steam cleaners are used for simultaneous cleaning and wiping tasks.

Get the most out of your steam cleaners with Daimer's steam cleaners accessories and parts.

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