Avoid Steam Cleaner Brush Rip-Offs

steam cleaner nylon brushsteam cleaner stainless brushsteam cleaner brass brush

Steam cleaner detail brushes
resembling those above are by
far the most popular ones used
by steam cleaner buyers.

Daimer charges only $2.50 versus
up to $20.00 per brush from others!

Consider the cost of replacement brushes before you buy a steam cleaner.

Would you believe only 100 small detail brushes can cost up to $2000 -- the cost of a new steam cleaner -- from other steam cleaner suppliers and only $250 from Daimer?

Always research brush costs on other companies' websites before you buy to avoid nasty surprises later when you need more brushes. Read about other critical factors before buying steam cleaners.

Many people researching vapor steam cleaners fail to consider the prices of brushes in their decision-making process. All too often, a decision is made to acquire a steam cleaner, but the big, important questions were never asked, namely ...

What are the most popular brushes I will need to buy after I receive and use my steam cleaner machine?
What are their prices?

Some steam cleaner vendors sell each small detail brush at up to an unbelievable $20.00 per brush versus only $2.50 per brush from Daimer.

The fact remains the brushes are brushes and different vendors' products may differ cosmetically, but the bristles and quality are practically the same. Why should steam cleaner brushes cost so much more from other steam cleaner companies? Because replacement parts generate large profits.

On the other hand, Daimer sells brushes just above cost similar to our pricing model for our entire line of products. We are by far the largest provider of steam cleaners in the industry and use a strategy of lower margins resulting in a extraordinarily high volume of unit sales. Also, we charge less because our costs are less than other brands partially due to our high sales volume. The same holds true for our brushes.

Our Goal: Low Cost of Ownership

Considering our lifetime boiler warranty, advanced features, lower brush costs and much more, Daimer offers the lowest costs of ownership in the industry.

We want our customers to use their Daimer vapor steam cleaners successfully and productively whether at home or office, commercially or within industrial settings. Steam cleaner brushes absolutely will and do wear down when cleaning grout, BBQ grills, and many other applications for which you will use your steam cleaner! You will need more, but you do not need to "break the bank" (as you will with other companies) when you need to buy more from Daimer.

Make the smart decision and choose Daimer not only because you will enjoy the high quality, unmatched, and patented steam cleaner technologies for which we are famous, but also feel comforted knowing we will take care of you after your purchase. We want only the best for our customers so they can operate and enjoy their steam cleaners well into the future.

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