Super-HOT ™ 100% Steam Pressure Washer Equipment

Super-HOT ™ 100% Steam Pressure Washer Equipment
1 Super-HOT ™ 100% Steam Pressure Washer Equipment
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Super-HOT ™ 100% Steam Pressure Washer Equipment

Introducing New Steam Pressure Washer Equipment

A steam pressure washer is a piece of powerful cleaning equipment, if you want to handle some of the most challenging cleaning jobs efficiently. Some of the new pressure washers on the market give excellent results for various types of industrial cleaning jobs.

Commercial Pressure Washing Equipment with Advanced Features

There is advanced commercial pressure washer equipment, which delivers quick results in all types of cleaning tasks. The best available wet steam pressure washer machines from top suppliers can be used both indoors and outdoors. Some of the most powerful wet steam pressure washers on the market feature a pressure output of up to 1000 psi and a flow rate of up to 2.5 gpm.

New Pressure Washers Perform Better

Despite the blistering temperature output, steam pressure washers from leading brands are considered the safest cleaning machines. The high temperature of steam from these hot water pressure washer machines allows comprehensive cleaning of a variety of surfaces. Many new pressure washer machines generate high temperatures of up to 330°F and do a much better job than hot water pressure washers available previously.

Steam pressure washer machines are durable and deliver consistent performance because they do not have poor quality and fragile aluminum coils, which cannot withstand the rigors of tough cleaning tasks. The new pressure washers come with stainless steel heating coils of the heaviest gauge for long lasting and unswerving performance.

Steam Pressure Washers for Advanced Cleaning

Steam pressure washer machines with the latest cleaning technology are in demand for industrial and commercial cleaning challenges. Many of this pressure washing equipment converts cold water into hot water or wet steam in as little as 30 seconds. Other advanced features of such powerful pressure washer machines include an exclusive temperature control dial. New pressure washer machines are also popular as they feature an auto shut off technology. The steam pressure washer shuts down within 30 seconds of idling. The pressure washing equipment restarts automatically when the gun trigger is activated.

Powerful steam pressure washer equipment can deal with any type of cleaning job effectively. These machines can eject steam at a pressure level as low as 750 psi, and can be connected to a hose for uninterrupted cleaning action. Cleaning solutions can be added using a siphon hose for more comprehensive cleaning action. Powerful hot water pressure washer machines when combined with such a steam pressure rating can handle the most challenging of cleaning actions with ease.

Pressure washing equipment are in huge demand among cleaning professionals, as they help them manage almost every type of commercial and industrial task quickly and effortlessly. The best pressure washer equipment guarantee peak performance each time and deliver on their promise of durability.

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