1000 - 1500 PSI Models

1000 - 1500 PSI Models
6 1000 - 1500 PSI Models
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1000 - 1500 PSI Models

Vapor-Flo® 1400 PSI Electric Pressure Washers

With a history of supplying the most powerful, highest quality pressure washers to meet and exceed customer needs and expectations, Daimer® offers its latest line of electric powered, electric heated Vapor-Flo® pressure washers.

The 1400 psi electric pressure washer series, pressure levels falling in the 1000 - 1500 psi range, is suitable for wide variety of light to moderate cleaning applications and for surfaces that can be easily damaged by higher pressures. For example, car washing and auto detailing are ideal applications for pressure cleaners with pressure levels at or below 1500 psi. These machines can also be used for cleaning commercial areas, both indoors and outdoors.

The major advantage of the Vapor-Flo® machines is that they are fully electric. The motor as well as the heating device are electrically powered. This reduces maintenance requirements and offers a noiseless, emission-free alternative to gasoline, propane, and diesel powered pressure washers. The only requirement for operation is a source of electricity, enhancing convenience as well.

Various Applications for 1400 PSI Electric Pressure Washer Systems

The Vapor-Flo® line of all electric pressure cleaning equipment is designed to provide operators with both power, stemming from high hot water temperatures, and versatility, stemming from a wide array of configurations. This versatility enables operators in virtually all countries worldwide to find the right all electric machine for their specific applications. Varying specifications include hot water temperatures ranging from 140°F to 205°F, with higher temperatures providing greater cleaning power. Pressure levels vary from 1400 - 2175 psi and flow rates from 0.4 - 2.0 GPM.

Let's look at models ideal for specific applications. The Vapor-Flo® 8075 model requires a 230 V, 60 Hz power source. The 1.0 HP engine offers enough power for most moderate car detailing operations. The heating element, made of heat-tolerant stainless steel, uses 3.2 Kw of electricity to heat water to as high as 140° in as little as 30 seconds. This 1400 psi electric pressure washer uses a direct-drive pump that is capable of siphoning chemicals directly into the spray for enhanced, faster cleaning capabilities.

Like Daimer®'s exclusive, low-moisture car detailing equipment, the 8075 model has a low flow rate of 0.4 GPM. This reduces water consumption and makes for easier cleanup. Low/moderate water flow and pressure levels also reduce the risk of damage to vehicle surfaces. Vapor-Flo® 7175 has features similar to the 8075, except that the 7175 requires a 230V, 50 Hz power source, ideal for countries outside North and South America.

Both these models have powder-coated steel housings, which are resistant to chemical corrosion and chipping, further extending the durability of these robust machines. Stainless steel housed systems are also available in the Vapor-Flo® line; these models are resistant to rust and other stains.

Cleaning of factory and warehouse floors, commercial equipment, surfaces in food processing facilities, commercial kitchens, industrial machinery, building exteriors, and other surfaces are some of the many applications quickly accomplished by the wide range of Vapor-Flo® models.

Enhance Power with Green Chemicals

Though highly powerful on their own, Vapor-Flo® pressure washer users experience a significant increase in power by pairing their machine with Eco-Green® green chemicals. Designed for use with pressure washer chemical injection systems, Eco-Green® chemicals provide a safe, non-toxic, readily biodegradable solution to increasing the power of pressure cleaning machines.

For car cleaning, an application discussed in detail above, Daimer® offers a host of green cleaning products. Daimer®'s Eco-Green® Heavy-Duty Car Wash and Eco-Green® Truck Wash are unique, biodegradable, plant-based products for use as vehicle wash detergents. Used in combination with any electric pressure washer, Eco-Green® chemicals provide eco-friendly and effective cleaning for car and truck exteriors, wheels, windshields, and tires. These natural detergents contain specially formulated Micro-Blasting® granules that break down chemical bonds in complex molecules of grease, proteins, and hydrocarbons. The dirt, once loosened from the surface, is washed away with the water.

Since, the Vapor-Flo® 1400 psi electric pressure washer systems can be used for a host of different commercial and industrial applications, it is important to look at other green cleaning formulas available.

Eco-Green® Ultra-Power® Super Duty Degreaser can be used with any of the 1400 psi electric pressure washer machines for removing heavy grease accumulation. Eco-Green® Concrete Cleaner can remove rust and other stains from concrete and is ideal for use with pressure washers for post-construction cleanup, as well as general building and facility maintenance.

Eco-Green® Tile & Grout Cleaner can be used with pressure washers to remove dirt, grease, food and dye stains, soap scum, and hard water stains from tiles and grout in commercial kitchens and restrooms. The 1400 psi electric pressure washer machines, with low to moderate pressure levels, are ideal for factory floor cleaning when used with Eco-Green® Multi-Purpose Hard Surface Cleaner.

Daimer®'s Vapor-Flo® pressure wash systems offer great value along with versatility, quality, and power not found in competitors' machines. To match a Vapor-Flo® system to your needs, contact a product specialist at Daimer® today.

Daimer 1400 psi electric pressure washers
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