1501 - 1700 PSI Models

1501 - 1700 PSI Models
7 1501 - 1700 PSI Models
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1501 - 1700 PSI Models

1600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer Machines by Daimer®

Known for the utmost quality machines, Daimer® has produced numerous varieties of the industry's most powerful pressure washers. To expand its offerings, Daimer® has introduced its latest line of all-electric pressure cleaners, powered and heated by electricity. The use of electricity to both power and heat the equipment provides an array of benefits. These machines emit no fumes and are practically noise free, making them perfect for indoor applications.

For buyer convenience, Daimer® has separated these powerful systems by pressure level. The range of 1600 electric pressure washer machines offers moderate pressure levels, a wide range of flow rates, and varying temperature options to meet an assortment of commercial and industrial applications head on. These 1600 electric pressure washer systems can be used to clean factory facilities, warehouse flooring, industrial machinery and equipment, commercial kitchens, parking lots, basements, cafeterias, commercial bathroom tile, and similar spaces in commercial and industrial areas.

Environment Friendly Features of 1600 PSI Electric Pressure washers

The 1600 electric pressure washer series has many eco-friendly and convenient features. Machines such as the Vapor-Flo® 8375 with flow rates as low as 0.6 GPM use minimal water. Besides preventing the waste of excess water, this machine also allows for use in facilities where drainage or the availability of water may be limited.

Electric motors do not generate noise and fumes, therefore the machine's 1.0 HP motor is not just pro-environment but also helps maintain a healthy indoor atmosphere by not contributing toxic and combustible fumes. While the 8375 can heat water to as high as 175°F, it also allows you to use non-heated water for light commercial cleaning, reducing electricity consumption. However, it is best to use high hot water temperatures for handling demanding commercial and industrial applications. The most powerful models in the Vapor-Flo® line boast temperature levels up to 205°F.

The trigger wand with quick disconnect allows the operator to shut off water flow without turning off the water supply at the source. This also reduces consumption of water.

By replacing regular detergents with Daimer®'s Eco-Green® chemicals, you can make the cleaning process with Vapor-Flo® electric pressure washers even more eco-friendly. These environmentally safe green chemicals are non-toxic and do not damage the ecosystem. Storage and transportation is easy because all Daimer®'s cleaners are non-combustible and safe for all users, surfaces, plants, and animals. You can use these products with Vapor-Flo® 1600 psi electric pressure washer equipment like any other detergent.

Greater Efficiency and Quality

Machine build quality also enhances efficiency, as well as productivity. Daimer®'s Vapor-Flo® electric pressure washer series is comprised of the highest quality materials that are designed to last under strenuous operating conditions. The direct-drive pump is less prone to wear and is easy to maintain because it has a compact design with fewer parts. Stainless steel heating elements are more durable than aluminum parts used by competitors, making heating more efficient.

Vapor-Flo® models come in two types of housing: stainless steel and powder coated steel. Though both are very durable and long-lasting, customers may prefer one over the other. Stainless steel housing is resilient against rust and tarnishing stains. The powder-coated steel housing reduces chipping and chemical corrosion.

Most importantly, these machines are designed for continuous operation, reducing the number of breaks required. Not only does this make the cleaning process easier for the user, it increases productivity.

Ease of use, guaranteed parts quality, power, and reasonable prices are just some of the reasons to invest in the Daimer®'s new line of Vapor-Flo® electric pressure washer systems.

Daimer 1600 PSI Electric Pressure Cleaners
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