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Soap Scum Removal without Chemicals: Is It Possible?

Soap scum is as bad to look at as it is difficult to remove. For those who are wondering what soap scum is actually made of, the answer is minerals in water, soap, and dirt. It can be seen forming an off-white to dark grey, waxy layer on various surfaces that are in frequent contact with water and soap. These surfaces include bathroom fixtures, tubs, sinks, tiles, shower curtains, and even doors.

Why Soap Scum Removal Using Ordinary Methods Is Difficult?

The problem with soap scum is that if it is not cleaned as soon as formed, the buildup continues, becoming difficult to remove as time goes by. For many people, it may not be possible to clean all bathroom fixtures daily, and often they find themselves battling the problem of soap scum buildup that is too overwhelming.

The traditional methods of eliminating soap scum focused on the use of chemicals to soften the waxy layer and then wipe it off. There are many problems with this method. The first is that chemicals are often toxic and leave behind harmful residues. They also generate gases that could be dangerous in closed areas and bathrooms often lack the right ventilation needed to get rid of these gases.

How Commercial Area Soap Scum Removal Can Be Made Easier?

If you are planning to eliminate soap scum in commercial areas and public bathrooms, the problem is compounded by the sheer scale of the task. Whether the bathrooms are large or small, the fact that there are so many of them, could make removal of soap residue a big challenge.

The user is required to scrub the sink or tub vigorously, if the buildup is too strong. This requires a lot of physical labor, and is a time consuming process, especially if the staff members have other duties to tend to. Left alone, the soap scum attracts more dirt, and even forms a fertile zone for algae growth as well as fungi.

Daimer®'s commercial soap scum remover comes in many variants. Besides acting as a hard water stain remover, it is also a great shower soap scum cleaner. The machine utilizes hot steam to soften the soapy residues, which are then removed from surfaces, such as ceramic, glass, tile, and metal. The machine uses dry vapor, which keeps to a minimum the amount of moisture left behind on the surface. What is left behind can be easily wiped off using special microfiber towels sold with the machine.

Another advantage is that this type of machine removes soap scum without requiring the use of chemicals. The heat is sufficient to soften the waxy layer. The effectiveness of the task is enhanced by the range of detailing brushes sold with Daimer®'s KleenJet series, adaptable to all types of surfaces.

A Guide to Soap Scum Removal

The cleanliness of bathrooms generally defines the overall hygiene of a building. It is true for residential buildings as well as for commercial buildings. So, the efforts to keep a building clean and fresh should start with the bathrooms. There are many things to focus on while cleaning bathrooms. This post focuses solely on soap scum removal with portable steam cleaners.

An Overview

Soap consists of assorted chemicals mostly derived from vegetable or animal fats. An increased amount of chemicals is being added to new soap brands in order to enhance cleaning power. These chemicals work with water and air to form new chemical compounds. Soap scum consists of a variety of such new chemical ingredients, which can leave a permanent mark on bathroom surfaces if not removed promptly.

Soap scum removal on a regular basis can keep bathroom floors and walls clean and hygienic. What follows are tips for choosing and using cleaning machines for removing soap scum from bathrooms.

Which Machine?

A number of cleaning machines are available for cleaning bathrooms. If you search the Internet for suitable machines for soap scum removal, you are likely to get an avalanche of websites that offer various machines "specifically" made for this particular task. The list of machines might include almost all types of cleaning machines ranging from steam cleaners to pressure washers.

The fact remains that steam cleaner machines are the best machines for soap scum removal. Portable steam cleaner machines can melt most types of dirt or stains, provided one chooses the right machine.

Now that the type of machine is clear, it is time to look into choosing the right machine.

High Temperature Output

The output temperature is the most important feature of steam cleaner machines for any cleaning task. Soap scum removal is no exception. The job requires the best steam cleaner machines with top output temperatures.

Sophisticated steam cleaners from reputable suppliers such as Daimer® can provide output temperatures as high as 386°F. Such machines in the KleenJet® series, for example the KleenJet® 1000CV, can melt dirt, stains and soap scum. The high temperature output not only improves the cleaning efficiency, but speeds up the cleaning process as well. Steam cleaners with high temperature output are best suited for soap scum removal in buildings with a number of bathrooms, such as hospitals and hotels.

Dry Vapor Output

The best steam cleaner machines have dry vapor output. Dry vapor is a superheated form of water that has less than 5% of liquid water content. The advantages of such machines are twofold. First, these steam cleaner machines have more concentrated outputs that can clean more efficiently and quickly than other machines. In addition, these machines utilize little water during soap scum removal.


Portable steam cleaners are best suited for removing soap scum. A portable steam cleaner, including the KleenJet® 500V, increases the ease and speed of cleaning a large number of rooms in large commercial buildings.

Portable steam cleaners with attached vacuums further increase cleaning efficiency. These machines can extract dirt residues in addition to melting and dissolving soap scum and other dirt.

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