Residential Shower Cleaning Machines

Residential Shower Cleaning Machines
2  Residential Shower Cleaning Machines
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Residential Shower Cleaning Machines That Keep Bathroom and Fittings Dirt-Free

Residential shower cleaner machines can do a thorough cleaning of showers and other bathroom fittings. Using the right type of shower cleaning machine is important to get the best results. Daimer®, the leading supplier of innovative and technologically superior bathroom cleaning equipment, offers the best shower cleaning machines for residential as well as commercial use.

Residential Shower Cleaning Steam Cleaning Systems for Shower Doors, Glasses

The KleenJet® Supreme 3000CV is acknowledged by homeowners as one of the best shower cleaning machines, as it offers the highest pressure and temperature levels in the industry. The residential shower cleaning machine features pressure levels of up to 115 PSI and high steam temperature that can reach up to 364°F. Used as an effective bathroom cleaning tool, the powerful steam cleaner from Daimer® comes with three chambers that add to a total capacity of 11 liters. This includes a four liter water chamber, a five liter boiler, and a two liter detergent chamber.

User-Friendly Machines for Residential and Commercial Applications

The shower cleaning equipment can be used to clean showers and shower stalls effectively. Cleaning professionals prefer using this portable steam cleaner as a residential shower cleaner and also to tackle the challenges of commercial shower cleaning in hotels, resorts, and hospitals. Daimer® steam cleaners are also effective in cleaning tiles, grout, and other surfaces in commercial bathrooms and shower stalls.

Removes Scum, Caked Grime, and More

Steam cleaners, such as the KleenJet® Supreme 3000CV, are used for eliminating soap scum and other deposits and dirt that showers, faucets, shower doors, glasses and tubs readily attract. The portable steam cleaner comes handy in removing caked grime and oil stains from tile, vinyl, and other surfaces. Daimer® shower cleaning machine is a wet vacuum cleaner too. Operators are spared the need to use towels to wipe residual dirt left behind by the use of conventional steam shower cleaning equipment.

The versatile steam cleaner comes with many optional attachments, such as detail brushes, that are designed to make the task of users easy. They are ideal to meet the challenges of a variety of cleaning applications.

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