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Boat and Other Marine Cleaning: Three Types of Equipment You Require

Whether you have a luxuriously fitted watercraft with cozy cabin and other amenities, or a simple boat that takes you on many exciting adventures, or even a large commercial boat, you require the best equipment for carrying out maintenance. Marine cleaning equipment is designed to remove the grime associated with long exposure to water, such as salts, minerals, algae, and in some cases, even barnacles clinging to the bottom of boats.

Eliminating Tough Grime

Salt causes a lot of damage to marine equipment, leading to corrosion and loss of function. The tough salt buildup can be hard to remove, unless you use the best marine washing equipment. This type of boat cleaning equipment features pressure levels as high as 3000 PSI. Other than the pressure level, flow rate and temperature also play an important part.

Pressure washers used as ship washing equipment or boat washing equipment are able to remove many types of grime, from salt to oil, soot, and industrial chemicals. It can be safely used on painted surfaces, metal, rubber, and so on. It is used for cleaning decks, bilges, and similar areas. It also has use in cleaning tanks.

Cleaning Hard Surfaces in Boat Interiors

Marine washing equipment also includes steam cleaners. Such marine washing machines utilize the power of dry steam. The hot steam softens grime and makes the removal of dirt, grease, and food residue an easy task.

Daimer®'s steam cleaning machines are equipped with a large range of detailing tools. From steel wool pads to brushes with three types of bristles and a range of squeegees, there are a host of accessories available with each machine. These accessories enable cleaning of different surfaces, from stainless steel to glass and so on.

Some of these dry steam marine washing machines have anti-bacterial technology that eliminates up to 99.999% bacteria, ranging from E.coli to Staphylococcus.

Cleaning Carpets and Fabric Upholstery

For maintaining large carpets and fabric upholstery, it is recommended that you use a carpet extractor with the right cleaning wand. This type of carpet cleaning machine or ship cleaning equipment removes most stains, grime, grease, and mold from carpets. Additionally, they are low flow machines, designed to use minimal water. They also enable faster carpet drying. If you are looking for ecofriendly ways to wash carpets on boats, then this method is recommended. You can use a biodegradable carpet cleaning chemical, without toxicity, for the process.

Daimer® machines can serve many purposes, and that is why using them makes it easy to clean boats. If you decide to purchase a carpet cleaner, then you can place order for the optional 4” upholstery cleaning wand to serve both purposes. If you are looking for the perfect winterization tools, then these machines are the right choice.

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