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Keep Fleet of Car and Truck Rental Companies Clean with High-Tech Cleaning Systems

Car and truck rental services often face the challenge of having to keep their vehicles clean and presentable for their clients. Owners and managers of car rental services find it tough to take their cars out of their busy routine for cleaning. They need advanced cleaning machines for car rentals for ensuring that their cars remain clean and ready for use for their next client.

Regular and proper cleaning of rental cars is important to enjoy the confidence and trust of clients. This can be achieved by using cleaning equipment for car leasing company that has the specifications and features necessary for high-quality overall cleaning of cars and trucks. The best cleaning machines for truck rentals and car rental services can be used for cleaning and preserving the look of your vehicle, including the exterior, interior, engine, and under-chassis.

Pressure Washers for Exterior Detailing

Car rental services will be served better, if they use technologically superior car detailing systems that help them keep their cars and trucks sparkling clean. Industry-specific cleaning machines that are designed to deal with the diverse cleaning challenges of various industries are ideal for use as cleaning machines for car rental dealers. It makes sense to opt for machines with less than 1500 PSI pressure, as they can clean vehicle exteriors without causing any damage to the paint.

Steam pressure washers with higher pressure levels and better maneuverability can help car rental services to meet the challenges of keeping vehicles ready for use at all times. Powerful and innovative high-tech pressure washers are the best cleaning machines for truck rental companies, as they can keep trucks impeccably clean by removing dirt and grime from engine parts, and exterior and interior of trucks.

Cleaning Systems for Car Interiors

Daimer® offers their KleenJet® series of advanced steam vacuum cleaners for interior detailing of rental vehicles. These machines come equipped with advanced technologies for faster and superior cleaning results. The XTreme Power® carpet cleaners are ideal for upholstery and carpet cleaning. These carpet cleaners reduce drying times significantly, owing to Daimer®’s unique low flow technology that allows for less water usage. The Super Max™ exterior cleaning systems can keep cars clean without causing any surface damage.

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