Linoleum Floor Cleaning Machines

Commercial Grade
KleenJet Mega 1000CVP Steam Cleaner
Commercial Grade
KleenJet Mega 1000CVP Steam Cleaner
  • 1600 Watt 
  • 4L Boiler
  • 5L Reservoir
  • Vacuum
  • 356ºF
  • 105psi
(product #125829546)
Price: $3,995.00
Commercial Grade

The KleenJet® Mega 1000CVP is a certified (yes we have lab results to prove it) anti-bacterial commercial steam cleaner excellent for countless applications.  With an onboard vacuum for simultaneous steam and extraction it can tackle even the most difficult applications.  Click the tabs below to learn more. 

  • Full Accessory Kit Included
  • Pressure: up to 105 psi
  • Temperature: up to 356ºF
  • Boiler: 4 Liters Stainless Steel
  • Lifetime Boiler Warranty
  • Continuous Refill 
  • Vacuum
  • 10 Free Nylon Detail Brushes

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XTreme Power HSC 13000
(product #125836745)
XTreme Power HSC 13000 Hard Surface Cleaning Machine
XTreme Power HSC 13000
(product #125836745)
Price: $7,755.00
XTreme Power HSC 13000
(product #125836745)

XTreme Power HSC 13000 Hard Surface Cleaner is a versatile and powerful floor cleaner machine.

  • Pump Pressure: 0-1500 psi Completely Adjustable
  • Water Temperature: 140ºF
  • Solution Tank Size:13 Gallons
  • Spinner Diameter: 9 inches
  • Air Flow: 200 cfm

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Superior Linoleum Floor Cleaning Machines for Enhanced Cleaning Results


Linoleum is one of the most popular floor materials and its popularity has been on the upward trend, which its growing market share clearly reveals. It not only looks good but is also an extremely durable floor material. However, linoleum floors require regular and effective cleaning and maintenance. Technologically superior linoleum floor cleaning machines can help in maintaining the looks of the floor and ensure its longevity.

Steam Cleaners are Perfect Floor Cleaners for Commercial Use

There are many types of floor cleaning machines available for keeping linoleum floors look fresh and new but the best ones come with features that make cleaning of these types of floors effortless, fast, and efficient. Steam cleaners are highly recommended for cleaning of linoleum floors in commercial facilities, such as hotel guestrooms, commercial kitchens, public restrooms, and more.

The best linoleum floor cleaning machines, such as advanced floor steam cleaners, can quickly remove dirt and grime from floor surfaces without any manual effort. They offer high temperature levels to ensure comprehensive cleaning to leave the floor spotlessly clean.

Linoleum floor cleaning equipment from top suppliers in the industry can dissolve dirt and grime within seconds and does not require users to indulge in manual scrubbing that can take hours and yet not deliver the desired results. Another major advantage of using steam cleaners for linoleum floor cleaning is that it can remove bacteria, insects, and pests present on the surface with its anti-bacterial action.

Advantages of using steam cleaners for cleaning linoleum floors

  • Advanced linoleum floor cleaners can remove larger dirt particles as well as microscopic organisms, such as dust mites, fungal spores, and pollens from the surface with the same degree of efficiency.
  • Powerful steam cleaners help ensure an anti-allergic environment.
  • They help save time and improve productivity with their powerful features.

Steam cleaner from the best supplier in the industry is capable of performing the additional function of germ elimination. It can be used as excellent floor cleaning equipment, as it offers the ability to trap microscopic particles and also prevents their release back into the air during the vacuuming process. As they can be used for both dry and wet vacuuming, operators are spared the need to use an additional dry vacuum cleaner after the steam cleaning process.

Daimer® steam cleaners are the ideal linoleum floor cleaning machines, as they come packed with a host of features that make floor cleaning easy and effective. Daimer® non-heated portable hard surface cleaners are also perfect linoleum floor cleaners. With their optional wands and attachments, they can also be used for cleaning of carpets, walls, and upholstery too.

Linoleum Floor Cleaning Machines
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