May 17, 2016

Are Hard Surface Floor Cleaners Good for Walls?

Hard Surface Floor CleanerSo floors are flat and they get dirty. And walls are flat and they get dirty as well.

Seems like a hard surface floor cleaner would be a great choice for cleaning your walls in addition to all your floors. But at the same time, something that powerful just seems like it might not be the best fit for something as delicate as walls. After all, there are soft things on walls like a layer of paint that can easily be blasted away, and then once you get below that there is the chance that there is drywall.

If you’re looking for an answer to the question, we have it here at Daimer, and the answer is that yes. A hard surface floor cleaner can be good for your walls.

But that doesn’t come out as a blanket statement. You can’t just throw the same type of cleaning onto a wall that you use when working on a concrete or tile floor. There has to be a little more subtlety.

Let’s start with the most basic of issues. A hard surface floor cleaner is a pretty heavy machine meant to stay on the floor. Even if you have some serious bodybuilders working for you, nobody is going to be able to lift the unit up and get it held at a 90-degree angle to get wall cleaning done. So there is no way tile floor cleaning equipment itself will be able to do your walls.

That means that you need to check out some of the accessories that we offer to go along with our cleaners. One of our most popular additions to the standard floor cleaner units is the 12-inch wall squeegee. With this add-on, you have changed a Daimer floor cleaner into a multi-purpose machine that can also deal with your walls.

The squeegee hooks up to the main unit and comes with easy hook-ups for all the necessary hoses. You will have 12 inches of horizontal coverage as you go up and down on the walls in your office, shop or home, meaning that the number of paths you need to make are smaller than with a smaller tool.

The four jets spray water onto the wall in a controlled manner and the vacuum hose attached will suck away that dirty water and send it to the tank on the main unit. The hose attached to the tool and the water hose attached to that all feature plenty of length so that you can easily do a lot of work on one wall without having to constantly move the unit. This can save tons of time, as you can make your way around easily without feeling tethered to the main cleaning unit.

Another option we have is a nine-inch spinning wheel. It cleans the same way a spinner would clean a floor, but on a hand-held wand. This will give a different type of clean to your walls – in a safe manner – as it scrubs off the undesirable grime that you don’t want instead of blasting it off. That can be a huge benefit if you have walls that have built up grime over a long period of time.

A good scrub can get those old walls sparkling once again

The commercial wall cleaning system that we offer is fully adjustable. That is important if you have walls that might have fragile paint or other attributes that you want to be careful of. You don’t want to go in there with a one-setting-fits-all type of wand that goes all-out. Find the right pressure for you and your walls, up to 1,500 pounds per square inch.

Look at the XTreme Power HSC 14000, for example. This hard floor surface cleaner will do the job on any floor surface but you can also have those attributes used on your walls. It is safe on your floors and it will be safe on your walls.

The things you want to avoid is too much pressure, blasting off paint, and since you have control of those settings, that is not an issue at all. And another thing you want to avoid is streaking with the dirty water. Daimer makes sure that won’t happen with its vacuum air coming at a clip of 200 cubic feet per minute.

Everything is designed to make you feel safe about using our products on your walls, much like we do with our floor cleaners. As long as you take the care to be nice to your walls, your Daimer product will respond and work accordingly to those desires.


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