December 30, 2014

Are you a business looking to clean hard surfaces?

Hard Surfaces CleanersDaimer Industries offers a wide range of hot water steam pressure washer for your use within your business. Trying to keep everything clean and tidy when you are in a commercial business is a hefty task to say the least. Being able to have one piece of equipment to clear the space of messes can be a huge aid when it comes to staying on task and getting each task at hand done. Using a steam pressure washer to clear the floor of stains, grease and oil is a perfect alternative to the good old elbow grease method. You will save time and money instantly and continue to have the equipment readily available to you for each new job that comes along. Daimer Industries conveniently ships to over 200 countries worldwide as well, making your search for a variety of steam pressure washers easy as stopping by our website. You can find more information of pressure washers at this link;

Pressure washer for different surfaces

A mess is not limited to one type of surface when you are working with different businesses. A business can range from needing to use it on a concrete floor, linoleum flooring, even walls and counter tops.  This is an important thing to note when shopping for a hot water steam pressure washer to help you clean up the various surfaces within your facilities. There are a variety of different uses with the pressure washers and it is necessary to note what each one is used for. There are steam pressure washers that work best on cars, concrete flooring, walls and more. You want to be careful not to harm your surfaces by using the wrong one or even the wrong setting. Get educated on the product to ensure the best outcome. Our unique pressure washer can vary from light duty to heavy duty. To help with this we have designed each machine to be easily adjusted. You can change the pressure used as well as the temperature being used to protect your surfaces while cleaning.  We are always here to help as well to get you on the right track with your new pressure washer.

What are the benefits of hot water pressure washers

If you comb through the Daimer Industries website you will see a wide variety of pressure washers. There are hot and cold pressure washers as well as steam pressure washers and each one has their varying roles. A large benefit to using a hot water steam pressure washer is its ability to help remove hard to clean stains with more than just pressure. The heat from the water will allow you to dig deeper into an area to clear it of the substances you could not normally clean out with cold water pressure. Having that extra aid of heat, up to 210 degrees F (Fahrenheit), for large, hard to clean areas will make your workload lighter and faster. This will allow you to stay on task and in order. Our pressure washers can be used for a variety of different stains and build up. It will remove grease, oil, food, paint from floors, as well as many other deep penetrating nuisances that have dried on your surfaces. With an incredible 3000 psi, you will break through each stain with more ease then if you were to use another pressure washer. Fortunately our pressure washers allow you to adjust the PSI so you are able to change it according to each surface. To learn more about Daimer Industries steam pressure washers you can check it out at this link;

Navigating our website with ease

There is no doubt about it you can look anywhere to find hot water steam pressure washers. There are hundreds of companies that offer average hot water steam pressure washers, but you can only find the best steam pressure washers at Daimer Industries. We are proud to offer you a huge variety of products and because of that we have made our website user friendly. If you go to our applications link; you will see that we have laid it out by need and industry. This is great because it makes finding exactly what your business needs simple. It is a one stop shop when you work with us. You can simply scroll through and find which industry is yours and click on it. From there you will see a laid out group of machines and pressure washers that will fit you. Searching through our suggested machines may even offer you a solution to a problem you thought could not be handled. Another benefit to using this area of our website is your ability to narrow your search down to surface type. This option will then show you each and every product we carry this will work on that surface. You will be able to compare options, which allows you to see each PSI range a pressure washer has along with how many gallons it can hold.

You can contact us anytime

Daimer Industries offers you a wide range of ways to contact us. This option is not limited to basic customer service. We also offer technical support for your equipment if you are learning how to use it or have basic questions. Call us anytime to ask questions about your hot water steam pressure washer. You can also easily send us an email with your questions and concerns at this link; . We love to hear from you and are happy to have any feedback on out pressure washer products. Don’t forget to stop by the website and let us know what you think. 


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