September 01, 2015

Bamboo Floor Cleaning Equipment By Daimer

125836825_xlBamboo floors, veneer and panels upkeep need the use of particular bamboo panels cleaning tools and bamboo veneers cleaning equipment for the best outcome. The first choice for any cleaning professional is the steam cleaning equipment for Bamboo floors because such machines provide the best cleaning results. The steam cleaners keep the floor new and fresh, not only that it also makes cleaning more efficient and faster.

Benefits of Using a Steam Cleaner For Bamboo Floors

The temperature generated by the steam cleaner has a huge effect on the performance of cleaning bamboo flooring. Generating temperatures of up to 369°F the specially engineered advanced bamboo floor steam cleaning equipment ensures high-temperature levels for an efficient and effective performance.

Also mentioned below are some other benefits of using the steam cleaner

  • They don’t just clean and remove deposits, but they sanitize the surface at the same time as well.
  • They can dry the surface very quickly.
  • High temperature makes sure that many types of marks and stains are removed without using any physical energy.
  • The residual buildup is dissolved and removed with the advanced features of the Bamboo wood cleaners.

The Many Uses of a Steam Cleaner

  • Bathroom Cleaning - It is important to clean bathroom sink, tiles, fitting sand tub regularly to prevent scum accumulationand bacterial growth. A bathroom is most vulnerable to fungus and mold, and the steam cleaner is the perfect machine to keep your bathroom new.

  • Glass Cleaning- Regular maintenance and cleaning is needed to encounter grime and dirt, as the glass surfaces attract quickly. The special attachments included with the steam cleaner allow you to clean the windows and glass without worrying about scratching it.

  • Oven Cleaning – The steam cleaner not only cleans the oven with the given attachments but also sanitizes it as well. It is necessary to clean the oven on a regular basis, which goes for both commercial and home use.

  • Soap Scum – As bad as it looks, it is also hard to remove. Made from minerals in the water, mixed with dirt and soap. Mostly found in bathroom fixtures, tubs, sinks, tiles, shower curtains, and even doors. The steam cleaner can take care of soap scum with ease.

  • Upholstery Cleaning (Hard Surface): Leather and vinyl upholstery needs an upholstery hard surface steam cleaning machine which can clean even the toughest hard surfaces. Furniture and Chairs in poolside and patios, in commercial, public areas, and homes are even dirtier than you think. Cleaning them can easily be done with the steam cleaner and the different attachments that come with it.

The steam cleaner can be also used to remove grout which is a common problem with tiles in kitchens and bathrooms. The Daimer steam cleaner has been recognized to become the best solution, specially engineered technology which can clean and remove even the toughest stains. It is important to have the right tools for many commercial and industrial cleaning. It is also engineered for home use as well, saving time and cost on labor which has made it a favorite for many cleaners.

Our professional engineers make sure we design the right machine to meet all cleaning needs for organizations and cleaning companies. The steam cleaner can be used to clean the following as well:

  • Blinds – Cleaning-In-Place
  • Cleanroom Cleaning
  • Disinfection and Sanitizing
  • Exercise Fitness Equipment Cleaning
  • Floor Cleaning and Maintenance - Linoleum
  • Furniture (Hard Surface) Cleaning
  • Hotel Room Cleaning
  • Kitchen Cleaning - Food service Operators
  • Marble Floor Cleaning - Residential
  • Mattress Cleaning
  • Mold Removal - Bathroom Showers
  • Mopping (Steam)
  • Restroom Cleaning - Commercial
  • Shower Cleaning - Commercial
  • Shower Cleaning - Residential
  • Tile (Non-Porous) and Grout Cleaning
  • Wall Cleaning - Most Non-Painted Hard Surfaces
  • Window Cleaning

There are many other benefits that you can get from steam cleaner, a few more are mentioned below. The endless cleaning benefits received from the steam cleaner have made it the most popular product not just in the United States but internationally as well. One of the most important benefits of the steam cleaner knows that you cannot just clean but also sanitizing which is not seen in most cleaning tools you will find in the industry. These are some of the many things that have made us the industry leaders in cleaning products.

Attachments Included With the Steam Cleaner

Adding extra value to our steam cleaners to make sure we provide an unforgettable cleaning experience.

  • 1 - Ten Foot Detachable Steam Hose with Heavy-Duty Towel Clip 1
  • 2 - BONUS! Extra Heavy-Duty Extension Rods - $75.00 Value
  • 1- Large Triangular Brush with Towel Clips
  • 1- Large Rectangular Floor Brush with Towel Clips for Steam Mopping
  • 1- Steam Squeegee for Mirrors and Windows
  • 1- Single Hole Steam Lance for Brush Attachment
  • 2-Nylon Detail Brush
  • 2- Brass Detail Brush
  • 2- Stainless Steel Detail Brush
  • 1- Round Detail Brush
  • 1- Steam Scraper
  • 1- Steam Plunger for Bathroom Sink Drains
  • 1- Small Triangular Brush for Corners
  • 1- Steel Wool Pad to Place Over Some Brushes to Target Grease Buildup
  • 1- Water Refill Bottle
  • 1- Plush Microfiber Towel

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