March 08, 2016

Get the Best Hard Surface Steam Cleaner for Showroom Floors

Hard Surface Steam CleanersDon't let the wear and tear of a successful business day bring you down about the state of your showroom floors. And don't let the time and work vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping take for short-term results keep you from feeling there is no way to win. At Daimer Industries, we strive to provide innovation and effective technologies at competitive prices. Let our tested and proven commercial floor steam cleaners help keep your showroom floor in tiptop condition, and so certain to appeal to customers.

Use Only the Best Commercial Steam Floor Cleaners

Our steam cleaners offer steam temperatures up to 310°F and pressure levels up to 75 psi, as well as a unique, patented scale reduction technology that offers a continuously vibrating mechanism to help to prevent mineral and scale buildup while maintaining maximum pressure and temperature. This ensures that you get the deepest clean that is able to remove even the toughest stains. Our machines are also made from 100% stainless steel housing, which means it will last you for years to come. All of our models also feature our patented, replaceable heating elements, so you won't have to purchase an brand new machine because of one part. Our steam cleaner detail brushes also only cost $2.50 each; this leads to significant savings, especially when compared to the $20.00 per brush charged by other vendors.

Commercial Steam Cleaners for Tile Floors and More

Our steam cleaners can be used on a variety of surfaces. Not only does it effectively clean tile, removing grout, mold, and dirt, but it also tackles blinds, bathrooms, exercise equipment, ovens, soap scum, and more.

With this noted, it is important to add that steam cleaners can be for more than just commercial use. Many homeowners can benefit from owning one of the best hard surface steam cleaner models to date. They help promote a hypoallergenic environment, improving indoor air quality and removing the need to store heavy cleaning agents. They also help remove mold, which can cause skin and eye irritation, breathing troubles, and infection depending on how sensitive one is to it.

Our cleaners can help you effectively clean your business and your home. Applications include:

  • Hard Surface Furniture Cleaning - Though it may look clean, upholstery can begin to dull as it collects dirt and other pollutants. Our steam cleaners will keep your furniture looking shiny and new, and so inviting to guests and clients. It is also a great way to clean your car seats.
  • Glass Cleaning - Easily remove dirt, food splatters, fingerprints, oil, and more, without leaving soap scum or streaks.
  • Marble and Linoleum Floor Cleaning - Our nylon brush option will easily remove stubborn grout lines without damaging your floors, resulting in faster, more effective cleaning for your home or office.
  • Mattress Cleaning - Easily remove bedbugs, which die when exposed to extreme heat. Effectively cleaning your mattress is important, as it removes skin irritants and allergens that may be causing sore throat, skin rashes, and other issues.
  • More Effective Mopping - Get a deeper clean with less manual labor. And since the bulk of the clean is done thanks to the temperature and pressure of the steam, no harsh chemicals need to be used.
  • Shower Cleaning - Our steam cleaners make the daily cleaning often required of gyms and public restroom areas a breeze. Our high pressure cleaners are also able to remove stubborn mold and residue soap, helping to improve air quality and the general health of those using the restrooms.
  • Hard Surface Upholstery Cleaning - Vinyl, leather, patio, and poolside furniture are all masters of appearing clean while actually clinging to a vast amount of pollutants. Our cleaners will help you banish the grime, dirt, and bacteria determined to make their home in your furniture.
  • Non-Painted Wall Cleaning - Non-painted walls can look great, but keeping them clean requires specific tools. Our cleaners will keep your walls looking brand new and allergen free.
  • Window Cleaning - Steam cleaning lets you make your windows sparkle without the risk of scratches.

What Not to Use Commercial Floor Steam Cleaners On

Our cleaners have a myriad of uses, but they aren't for everything. They are not carpet cleaners or steam pressure washers, nor can they safely steam wash a car. Dry stream should not be used to remove carbonized grease or carbon build-up. It should not be used to clean industrial equipment; commercial and industrial surfaces such as conveyor belts require more pressure than dry stream cleaners can provide.

Make sure you have the right tools for the job; ask a Daimer product specialist with any application or technology questions, and we'll be happy to point you in the right direction. For  more information on how to find the best hard surface steam cleaner, visit our website


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