September 03, 2015

Commercial Kitchen Floor And Wall Cleaning Machines

125836828_xlConsidering the fact that kitchen is the most used room in any home or commercial set up, it is prone to grease and dirt on floor, walls and stoves. To maintain a healthy environment, it is very important to keep your kitchen and kitchen appliances as clean as possible.

Washing and scrubbing your kitchen is an idea but creates a lot of mess and disappointing results. The only way to handle the intense cleaning demands of a kitchen is to clean with a powerful Daimer steam cleaner. The machine can not only handle the dirty floors but can clean walls, ovens, stoves with grease and food deposits.

For a better hygienic kitchen, an ideal steam washer must also sanitize after cleaning and leave no residue. Daimer provides the perfect solution to all your kitchens cleaning problems.

Different application of a commercial kitchen floor and wall cleaning machine

Kitchen walls cleaning: Kitchen walls can attract grease because of the cooking which takes place inside the kitchen. The smoke plus the grease can make the walls greasier and almost impossible to clean with a regular brush. Chemical usage will be an issue as it will also remove the paint. The steam cleaner by Daimer uses hot water pressure plus steam to penetrate deep stains and grease on kitchen walls. With a pressure of 1000 PSI and steam temperature of 330 Fahrenheit, the machine is able to dissolve any sticky stain from the walls and bring back the only shiny look.

Agricultural and Farm Equipment Cleaning: Farm equipment's are usually full of dirt and mud as they are prone to manure and other animal food. Cleaning the machinery can be a hassle and may require a cleaning from a service station. With Steam cleaner that uses the power of pressure, water and steam the equipment's including the truck can easily be cleaned. The machine can handle all sorts of vehicles be it a forklift truck, construction vehicle or any other vehicle. Whether you have spilled motor oil in your back yard or stained vehicle, the pressure washer has the power to clean all platforms quickly.

Coil and condenser cleaning: For those who work with condenser coils know how important it is to clean a coil to ensure long-term cooling. Every condenser is covered with dirt as it sucks the air to create a cooling effect. A dirty condenser will decrease its efficiency, cooling effect and will use more electricity. The dirt will also rust the condenser coil decreasing its overall life. With a Steam powered washer, you can clean an industrial condenser in a matter of minutes without the use of any brush or chemicals. The machine uses minimal water as it uses steam power plus water to create pressure, therefore, leaving less mess compared to a normal wash.

Oil Drums Cleaning: Cleaning grease can be a tough task but what about an oil drum which has been stocked with oil for several months? Even if you take the drum to a service station they would not be able to clean it as they only use cold water pressure machines. The only way to clean such a grease drum is through using a high steam water washer by Daimer. The combination of extreme pressure and hot water dissolves any grease and oil residue to make the drum reusable. This makes cleaning environmental friendly as it does not involve the use of any chemicals to break the oil.

Supermarket Carts Cleaning Disinfection: Carts at the supermarket are the first impression you get to see before entering any market. Shopping carts at supermarkets are used rigorously throughout the day. The trolleys are used by adults as well as kids who usually spill juice or other food over them that can accumulate over the passage of time. Cleaning these trolleys on a daily basis is a daunting task which requires separate labor that cleans and maintains them. Cleaning through the gaps of the trolleys is also very hard when doing in manually. Hot steam water washer by Daimer allows you to clean hundreds of trolleys in a matter of few hours. The steam makes sure the grease is removed even from the hard to reach places like wheels and handles. A clean cart provides a hygienic environment for your employees and your customers.

The high steam pressure washer includes an automatic shut-off technology that shuts the pump after 30 seconds of not using the machine. The machine comes with a 5-year water pump warranty with easily replaceable parts that can be done at the comfort of your home.

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