December 07, 2015

Garage Floor Cleaning Machines by Daimer

125836880_xlMaintaining your home is important and the garage is a key part of your house. Since the beginning of the 20th century, garages have been utilized in American cities across the country. Garages–and the doors that keep us safely enclosed–are not exempt from the ravages of time and daily use, though. Garage floors tend to get dirty faster, due to excessive use. Mud, grime, grease, oil spills, paint spots and dirt can make your garage look old rusty and dirty. The porous nature of the concrete floors lets dirt penetrate the top layers, making cleaning of the garage floor even more challenging.

The Best Garage Floor Cleaning Machines

Regular and proper cleaning can help restore and maintain garage floors. Garage floors are impossible to clean without professional equipment that will help dislodge oil and rust stains, grease spots, oil and paint spills, sealers, and all other types of dirt or debris. The best way to do it is to invest in a garage floor cleaning machine.

Powerful Pressure Washer by Daimer is the ideal Garage Floor Cleaning Machine

Do not just purchase any garage washer because if you don’t know what to look for in an ideal one then you might regret. You have to make sure that the garage floor cleaning machine you are about to purchase has the right features and specifications to deliver the desired cleaning results. Experts recommend that you use a garage concrete floor cleaning machine with high pressure levels to remove dirt, debris, and grime by the force of water. However, removing oil or grease stains cannot be done with cold water pressure washer. A garage floor pressure washer with high temperature level is required to clean garage floors. Garage floor cleaning equipment by Daimer has these superior features and is one of the top suppliers in the industry. You must look for the following when you purchase a garage floor pressure washer:

  • High pressure level and flow rate
  • Varying temperature options
  • Consistent operating time
  • Cover large area of floor quickly
  • Outstanding features and accessories to improve user convenience

Industrial and Residential Applications for Garage Floor Cleaning Machines by Daimer

Along with Daimer's steam models with pressure levels above the 7000 system, the 7000 offers fast chewing gum removal for use on outside surfaces (dissolves up to 1200 pieces/hour). Other applications include: food and beverage manufacturing equipment cleaning; general industrial equipment cleaning; degreasing restaurant kitchen floors and walls; kitchen duct cleaning (from the roof); commercial coil and condenser cleanup; removing from other surfaces grease, oil, mold, mildew, soap scum (heath clubs, etc), fats, hardened sugar, and much more.

  • Agricultural and Farm Equipment Cleaning - Ideal for cleaning a variety of farm equipment; seeders, wheel tractors, sprayers, reapers, barns, compactors, trucks, plows, hay equipment, milk drawing equipment and grain drying. Farmers who are into the produce of dairy goods, cattle ranching, sheep rearing for wool, poultry farming, meat and leather need extensive care for animal hygiene which is why the Garage Floor Cleaning Machines are perfect to use for cleaning stains, dirt and more from animal living quarters. 
  • Airports Steam Cleaners – Due to wax build up in grout of older buildings or dirt and grime in bathrooms; airports need the right machines to deal with eliminating and cleaning them.
  • Brick Cleaning– Cleaning bricks is a difficult task which can easily be solved with pressure washers. Bricks floors with dirt; grime and spray paint are some of the things that require thorough cleaning.
  • Bus Washing – The outside and inside of buses can have much cleaning required. From the dirt and grime to chewing gum removal is not something that any tool can easily remove. Be it outside or inside the bus Garage Floor Cleaning Machines can do the job. Similar jobs have been performed with Truck Washing but the cleaning maybe more through since trucks have a different use.
  • Coils, Condensers Related Cleaning– Pressure washers can be adjusted to clean the toughest stains and spots in Coils and Condensers.
  • Construction Equipment Cleaning – Equipment can be damaged if not cared for properly and accidents can happen as well which is why proper cleaning of equipment and tools is necessary. Cleaning with the Garage Floor Cleaning Machines will make sure not only the grime and dirt is removed but also that the grease will be eliminated.

Daimer – First Choice in Powerful Pressure Washers

Daimer® is the most trusted and popular name in the industry and known for its path-breaking cleaning systems that use innovative technologies and high-quality components. After sales service and support are our unique selling proposition because we make sure our customers buy the right product that they can use for the years to come.

DAIMER’s top rated commercial pressure washers are the first choice of commercial facility owners. Daimer sells a line up of powerful, efficient pressure washers designed specifically for commercial cleaning applications. One of the most robust applications of these machines happens to be cleaning outdoor locations, specifically roads, sidewalks, and parking lots.

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See a video of the Super Max™ 7000 dissolving 6 month old, baked-on grease build-up:

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