January 13, 2016

Selecting a Hard Surface Floor Cleaner That Satisfies Your Requirements and Budget

As the standards for clean become stricter and maintenance budgets fail to rise to accommodate, facility owners and managers struggle with finding an effective hard surface floor cleaner that fits within their budget. Facilities such as schools and hospitals have constant foot traffic, which results in heavily soiled floors rather quickly. Not only do dirty floors take away from the overall appearance of a facility, dirt and grime can lead to a costly slip and fall hazard, while dust and other foreign particles can lead to poor air quality within the building.

To overcome these unique challenges and meet cleaning requirements, education and healthcare facilities should consider cleaning machines that facilitate soil removal without disturbing the environment or increasing labor. This cleaner satisfies the standards set forth by the industry while keeping the cost of cleaning well within budget.

Today, cleaning professionals can utilize a hard surface floor cleaner machine to tackle many of the cleaning tasks required in these facilities. By identifying and understanding the specific cleaning needs of a facility, the manager can choose the ideal flexible, multi-functional floor cleaner that encourages facility sustainability without increasing labor, and without increased chemical or water usage.

Hard Surface Floor Cleaners Meet the Special Cleaning Needs of Education and Healthcare Facilities

Hard Surface Floor CleanersKeeping a high standard of cleanliness in schools and hospitals is important to ensuring the health and wellbeing of their occupants. In addition, these facilities have a certain expectation of shiny cleanliness upon entering the building. Floors, glass and walls should be pristine and sparkling at all times.

Beyond cleanliness, there is also an expectation of silence. Any cleaning that must go on while the various rooms are occupied should not disrupt the students or patients in the least. Therefore, any hard surface floor cleaners used must be as quiet as possible.

As challenging as it is for facilities such as these to maintain their hard floors while ensuring the comfort and contentment of their occupants, it is just as important to maintain any carpeted areas as well. This is easily done with a multi-purpose hard surface cleaner that has a carpet extractor attachment. Maintaining carpeted areas ensures better air quality inside the building, as well as better health for the occupants. When carpets go unmaintained for a long period of time, harmful dust particles settle into the carpet fibers and spread throughout the facility.

How Daimer helps Meet Education and Healthcare Cleaning Standards

Here at Daimer Industries, we offer four of the best hard surface floor cleaners on the market today – two of which are perfect for meeting strict education and healthcare cleaning standards. The four models include the:

  • X-Treme Power HSC 13000
  • X-Treme Power HSC 13000A
  • X-Treme Power HSC 14000
  • X-Treme Power HSC 14000A

All four machines feature Daimer’s X-Treme Impact Technology. This patented technology includes a motorized spinning head with a blade that spins an astounding 1000 revolutions per minute. Rubber guards around the head eliminate over-spray and uncontrolled water. You can clean 1000 square feet of tile and grout per hour with these machines. That’s 30 times faster than with vapor steam cleaning.

As stated before, a multi-functional cleaning machine is important in these types of facilities. Not only does it save money, it cuts the time needed to perform multiple tasks. All four of these machines perform the work of four machines in one with the proper attachments.

  • Hard surface cleaner
  • Carpet extractor
  • Upholstery cleaner
  • Wall cleaner

One of the most convenient features of all four of these floor cleaners is that you can clean up to a 125,000 square foot area without ever having to move the system thanks to the ultra-long hose included with each machine.

We stated earlier that two of these cleaners are specially designed with facilities like schools and hospitals in mind. Each of these facilities requires a measureable amount of silence at all times so the occupants remain content and comfortable while inside. Cleaning applications cannot interfere with that peace and quiet. The X-treme Power 13000A and 14000A machines have an added acoustic case that brings the operating noise level down to about 58 decibels, perfect for not disturbing the comfort and concentration of patients and students in the building. This means you can perform more of your cleaning duties at any time of the day or night without fear of disturbing anyone.

If you’re wondering which model is best for your particular needs, all four machines perform the same cleaning applications at the same specifications. However, the 13000 models feature a 9” spinning head suitable for smaller cleaning applications. The 14000 models include a 19” spinning head for larger area cleaning.

We’ve discussed some of the things you can do with the X-Treme Power floor cleaners, but here are several more so you can see just how valuable a tool these machines really are.

  • Tile and grout
  • Stone
  • Cement floor cleaning
  • Marble
  • Floor degreasing
  • Stripping wax build-up
  • Cleaning rubber floors

Virtually any hard flooring surface can be easily cleaned and maintained using any of the X-Treme Power hard surface floor cleaners. 


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