September 15, 2014

Hard Surface Floor Cleaners that Get the Job Done Right

There are plenty of companies out there producing hard surface floor cleaners. We welcome the competition. For years, Daimer Industries has been the worldwide leader in production of commercial and industrial cleaning solutions. Our achievements haven't happened by accident. We have learned that, not surprisingly, our customers value a quality product. And while throughout many manufacturing industries the quality of products has gradually declined, we have maintained the highest manufacturing standards year after year. In fact, we continue to work relentlessly to improve our manufacturing process, not to generate a bonus for our bottom line but exclusively to pass along more benefits to our end users.

The end result, a product that outlasts any other, is one of the reasons hard surface floor cleaners from Daimer Industries are a great investment. Every extra clean you can squeeze out of your machine is money saved for your business and a headache saved for everyone involved. (For example, our water pumps from our XTreme Power series last up to six times longer than other machines on the market, generating as much as a $4,000 savings for your business.) As an American owned and operated company, you'll also enjoy the benefits of quality assurance—in development, design, craftsmanship, and parts—that only a U.S.-based company can provide. It removes one more layer of uncertainty from your purchase.

The Philosophy that Made Us the Best Hard Surface Floor Cleaner Manufacturer

High-quality parts and a highly trained workforce are two components of creating a great final product for our customers. But to create the best hard surface floor cleaners—as well as our dozens of other commercial and industrial cleaners—we needed to think about more than nuts and bolts. We needed to think bigger. Since getting started years ago, we committed to success based on growing our customer base, not inflating our prices. We still operate on thin margins, and we're happy to explain to our customers how we operate as a business.

Smaller profit margins mean success, for us, lies in volume of sales. And to achieve a higher volume, we have to produce the best product on the market. As for the results? You can trust that our product performs because it is used by thousands of companies around the world in more than 200 countries and territories. These companies include some of the world's largest companies that depend on purchasing the best-available product for dozens or even hundreds of locations. If their research led them to Daimer Industries, then there's a good reason they chose our company. Just a partial list of our customers includes leading universities such as Johns Hopkins University, high-end hotel chains such as J. W. Marriott, natural food corporations like Whole Foods, and airlines including US Airways and American Airlines.

Also, we do not expect you to come to us having already decided on the right series and product for your cleaning needs. We expect you to come to us with just one thing: a cleaning issue that needs to be resolved. Our expert assessment and sales staff is here to solve your problems by listening to your unique needs and providing a customized and cost-effective solution. Because our staff does not work on commission, you can be sure that they will not try to sell you a high-end model when our entry level machine will suffice. We are 100 percent committed to finding the right solution for your business, not the most profitable one for ours.

Hard Surface Floor Cleaners: An Overview of Our Products

Four hard surface floor cleaners, all part of our XTreme Power line, provide the solution you need for your business. The cleaning power of these machines vastly outstrips the capacity of scrubbers or buffers to lift the most difficult stains and can even complete the cleaning work up to thirty times faster than vapor steam technology. That type of comprehensive thinking—understanding that cost savings for our consumer includes speed of operation and ease of use for the end-user—is exactly what you should expect from every company, even if you find it only from Daimer Industries.

Many of our products are stocked with exclusive, patented cleaning solutions that guarantee the exceptional performance of our hard surface floor cleaners. One of these patented technologies, Xtreme-Impact, uses a breakthrough nine-inch turbo spinning head with a blade that spins at some 1,000 revolutions per minute. This allows you to clean up to 1,000 square feet per hour on tile surfaces.

Our sensitivity to your needs extends to the flexible use of some of our products. Our XTreme Power 13000 and 14000 series models have multipurpose functions. In addition to cleaning hard surfaces such as concrete, stone, brick, cement, and tile, they can be used on hardwood floors, carpets, even upholstery and walls.

We don't expect you to choose our products because of persuasive marketing or a pushy sales staff. We don't even expect you to choose our products because of the long list of satisfied customers at some of the world's most successful companies. We expect you to choose our products because, from the moment you get in touch with us, you'll understand how committed we are to finding a unique solution for you and your business.


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