June 13, 2016

Hard Surface Steam Cleaners for Showrooms

Hard Surface Steam CleanersHard surface steam cleaners for showrooms can do the job of restoring your worn floors. More often than not, many business owners first think of replacing the floors if they are worn. This isn't an ideal option from a cost perspective. There must be a better way. Enter the Daimer Industries steam cleaner for showrooms. You've likely tried to vacuum, sweep, and mop for a short-term win. However, after time it just doesn't do the job it use to. 

Daimer Industries has been a leader in many industries due to the high quality products we produce at extremely competitive prices. These commercial & industrial grade steam cleaners have been battle tested over the years with fantastic customer feedback. These industrial grade hard floor steam cleaners can leave a positive impact on employee morale, potential customers, and more. 

The Difference - Our Commercial Steam Floor Cleaners

The steam cleaners offered by Daimer Industries utilize steam temperatures in excess of 300°F and pressure levels in excess of 75 psi. Additionally, you will find an unique, patented scale reduction technology that will give you a continuous vibration which helps prevent mineral and scale buildup while maintaining maximum pressure and temperature. This is a critical aspect to the longevity of our commercial steam floor cleaners. Where others overlook certain engineering aspects, we do not. This technology ensures that you get the deepest clean that is able to remove even the toughest stains from your floors. Our steam cleaning machines are also made from 100% stainless steel housing, not plastic. This means it will last you for many years to come. All models that we offer also feature our patented, replaceable heating elements. With other units, you would need to replace your product because of one part malfunctioning. Worried about maintenence costs? Replacing a detail brush will only run you about $2.50. Did you know some other products are charging upwards of $20.00 for the same exact product? Over the longrun this greatly reduces cost of ownership

Our steam cleaners are not a one trick pony. Did you know our steam cleaners can be used to clean tile, remove grout, remove dirt, and remove mold? This is just a handful of the reasons to utilize our products. Additionally, blinds, exercise equipment, ovens, and soap scum are no match for our steam cleaner.

You may be thinking you wish you had such a unit for your household. For those who do not wish to save a few bucks and want to invest in the cleanliness of your home. If you or a loved one has bad allergies, our machines can help promote a hypoallergenic environment which reduces attacks if you use the device. They also help remove mold, which can cause skin and eye irritation, breathing troubles, and infection depending on how sensitive one is to it.

Our commercial grade steam cleaners can help you effectively clean your business and your home. Applications include:

  • Surface Cleaning - Clean car seats, upholstery, and more with our steam cleaners. Even if items looks clean, like drapes, they collect all kinds of airborne particles. It is important to routinely clean these items to ensure a clean environment. 
  • Window/Glass Cleaning - Clean mold, mildew, dirt, scum, fingerprints, oil, and more; without the use of harsh chemicals. 
  • Marble Floor Cleaning - Using a machine that will not damage your floors is critical. Our nylon brush does a fantastic job at cleaning while not damaging marble floors. 
  • Mattress Cleaning - Have a bed bug problem? Our steam cleaners can easily remove bedbugs, which die when exposed to extreme heat. It will also help santize your mattress as many skin cells are left in the mattress in addition to sweat. .
  • Better than Mopping - Using steam can be advantegeous and you can now get rid of the harsh chemicals. A deeper clean done with pressure and steam is a great way to clean floors. 

Commercial Floor Steam Cleaners - What to Avoid

Our steam cleaners have a various of uses, but they are not meant to clean everything. They should not be used as carpet cleaners nor washing a car. Conveyor belts should also not be cleaned as they typically need more pressure than these units can provide. 

Utilize our product experts and ask a Daimer product specialist with any application question. Our team will give you the information you need to make an informed decision.


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