September 08, 2015

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Machines by Daimer

125836825_xlProperly cleaning floors in your home or industrial areas is a matter of knowing the right tools and supplies for the type and finish. Whether you have wood, stone, or tile, getting down and dirty starts with vacuuming to remove daily grime so mopping and waxing is easier.

If you want to make your office attractive, hard flooring is the best option to go for in your home or office. Hard flooring is gaining popularity as it gets easily installed and requires low maintenance compared to other types of flooring. A good quality hardwood floor cleaning machine is the best way to keep the hard floors like these clean, dirt-free and attractive.

Steam Cleaning Your Hardwood Floor

Wood strips and planks are used to make conventional wood floors, but you can choose from a variety of cork tiles or parquet to give the wooden floor an alternative appearance. Parquet wood cleaner are used to keep the floor dirt and grime free. It is recommended to use steam cleaning machines for solid hard floors to keep your hardwood floors in a perfect shape.

The best exotic hardwood floor cleaners feature exclusive technologies that help operators keep all types of hardwood floors absolutely clean and shining for a long period of time. Steam cleaners from top suppliers can be used as floating hardwood floor cleaners or long strip hardwood floor cleaners.

There are numerous advantages of using top quality steam cleaning machines as hardwood floor cleaners by Daimer:

  • They can be used for cleaning most greasy and hard-to-remove dirt spots with ease.
  • They can clean with a higher degree of efficiency than conventional hard floor cleaners, without causing any damage to the floor.
  • The high steam temperature can easily soften dirt and remove it from the floor surfaces without any manual effort.

Multiple Uses of Hardwood Floor Cleaning Machines

The hardwood floor cleaning machines by Daimer have multiple uses and these machines can be used to clean various types of hard floors:

Bathroom Cleaning: Bathroom is a space often ignored and hard to clean but the laminate floor cleaning machines steam at a high pressure that eliminates bacteria and germs while your bathroom will easily be squeaky clean in just a matter of minutes. You can use hardwood floor cleaning machines to free your bathrooms of germs.

Blinds: This machine can also be used to clean blinds which are surprising because it’s for hard floors. But the machine adjusts the pressure accordingly and you can use it to clean swipe your blinds.

Clean room cleaning: Hotels, restaurants and other such places have a cleaning room which itself is dirty and needs to be cleaned. The hardwood floor cleaning machines can be used to clean these rooms.

Disinfection and Sanitization: Since these hard floors cleaning machines use steam at a high temperature any floor can be disinfected and sanitized. The heat kills all the germs and bacteria leaving the floors clean and hygienic.

Linoleum floors: Linoleum is difficult to clean and high maintenance but laminate hard floor cleaning machines help to clean these hard surfaces easily. Good results are guaranteed.

Gym equipment cleaning: The exercise equipment in gyms is high on germs and bacteria due to excessive use and these hard floor cleaning machines are used to clean and disinfect the equipment for safe use.

Furniture cleaning: All sorts of furniture that has a hard surface can be cleaned with the hard wood floor cleaning machines. Cleaning with a cloth manually does not derive desired results so using a machine is ideal.

Hospital infection control: Hard wood floor cleaning machines are powerful and used at hospitals to clean and disinfect floors, walls, and other surfaces to control infection.

Oven cleaning: This is an enormous task if done manually because ovens have a layer of dirt due to constant fire. Hardwood floor cleaning machines can help clean the oven, remove stains and kill all bacteria within it.

Kitchen cleaning: Cleaning commercial kitchens is a difficult task because it has hard floors and dirt often seeps in deeply in such kitchens. Often these services are provided by kitchen cleaning contractors who must have these machines if they want to provide excellent cleaning services.

Cleaning without a hardwood floor cleaner can be tough, and a steam cleaner can save a lot of time off your cleaning schedule and also reduce the effort or scrubbing power that is otherwise necessary to get an area really clean. Every steam cleaner we provide has been comprehensively tested by us – we never include a product we haven’t put through its paces. Whether you want the best steam cleaner for tiled floors, a steam mop for laminate floors or even a steam cleaner for de-mucking grout, one of our selections of the best steam mops will get the job done.

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