June 01, 2015

Kleenjet Mega 1000CVP

Kleenjet Mega 1000CVPThere are many occasions when a carpet cleaner making use only of hot water simply will not do. A vapor stem cleaner is certainly an effective option in these instances, as they are composed of a boiler based system that enables the water inside the unit to actually be sufficiently boiled before being ejected. The result is a unit that only allows dry steam to come out, which is more useful on hard surfaces on the interior of a building where water based solutions could do more harm than good. 

The Kleenjet MEGA 1000CVP in an anti-bacterial commercial grade steam cleaner that has quickly become one of the most popular such products in this line of vapor steam cleaners. This particular unit can allow for the development of steam with temperatures reaching up to as high as 356 degrees F, allowing a variety of cleaning applications to be optimized when utilized. 

The Kleenjet MEGA 1000CVP actually comes equipped with a 4-liter boiler comprised of stainless steel. In the addition, the water chamber provided is more than ample at 3 liters, and Daimer offers a full lifetime warranty on each the boilers installed on this unit. This particular unit also is capable of delivering pressure all the way up to 105 PSD, enabling for better cleaning results overall. 

The MEGA 1000VCP is also outfitted with a system patented by Daimer that allows for advanced thermal ionic sanitization, making even the toughest and potentially dangerous of spill not only easy to clean up, more hygienic in the end as well. An advanced self-regulation continuous refill technology is also a standard version with this model, allowing for longer cleaning time and further maximizing the overall efficacy of the product. 

To better clean the surface, a HEPA filter has been incorporated into this steam cleaner, measured at 3 microns, in order to provide extra protection against allergens. In addition, the wet vacuum cleaner function does enable moisture to actually be extracted during the cleaning process itself. This allows for the elimination of any need for towels that are typically required by more conventional steam cleaner on the market that provide for no extraction capability. 

In addition, the dry vacuum cleaner function allows the user to easily extract dirt, pollen, dust mites, bed bugs, pet hair, and many other types of allergens from various surfaces through the interior of a building. This includes carpets, hard floors, mattresses, and many more types of surfaces. The harmful allergens and bacteria are simply deposited into the water and then can be easily disposed of as soon as the cleaning process is completed. To round it all off, the Kleenjet MEGA 1000VCP has an air purification that is designed to provide a much cleaner and fresher environment inside.

This is a commercial grade steam cleaner that is priced affordably, yet is on par with many of the high priced competitors. Considering the technology that has been incorporated into this model, the value really cannot be mated. Daimer has incorporated ATIS technology into this model to allow for a product that kills up to 99.99% of harmful bacteria that accumulates on all sorts of indoor surface. This includes the ability to kill the potentially deadly E. Coli and S. Aureus bacterium, in addition to harmful species of mold. 

These statements have been confirmed by tests conducted by independent laboratories, so users can result assured by the results. It is also noted that conclusive results have supported the ability of ATIS technology to achieve a kill rate of 99.999% on MRSA, which is a harmful bacteria that is now resistant to drugs. In essence, this is more than a just a vapor steam cleaner as it provides the added benefit of creating a healthier living environment overall.

The aforementioned ATIS technology makes use of an increased boiler performance and efficiency to allow for the effective elimination of pathogens that frequently cause disease. It accomplishes thia via an anti-bacterial device actually being housed in the boiler itself. The unit is able to self-regulate itself be way of a 4-liter refill chamber that comes with a larger boiler than on smaller models, such as the 500VP. There is also an ample detergent chamber built in that allows for the cleaning solution to be dispensed directly with the steam. 

It does this through button controls located directly on the handle, which provides the user with a variety of options to customize the cleaning power that is needed. It should be noted that vapor steam cleaners are an excellent choice for individuals needing to ensure that disease-causing bacteria are eliminated in an area where they are prone to fester, yet they are not an appropriate options for cleaning any type of industrial equipment or machinery. 

The Kleenjet model comes with a 2-stage filtration system designed to maximize deep cleaning effectiveness. This two systems allow for a combination of water filtration and a HEPA subsystem the allow for allergens to effectively be eliminated, while at the same time getting rid of nasty odors and providing for better indoor air quality. With more and more people today suffering from allergies, this not only enhances the cleanliness of an indoor facility, but also can contribute to an overall sense of well-being amongst all employees, leading to increase productivity and efficiency. The water is filtrated in stage one, trapping dirt and dust, while the HEPA filter then removes any microscopic contaminants, some as small as 3 microns. You cannot afford to be without this vapor steam cleaner. 


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