July 03, 2015

GUM-EXTERMINATOR® vs Stuck on Gun: Who Will Be The Contender?

125835415_xlIf you’re a contracted carpet cleaning company you have probably seen your share of mysterious and stubborn stains. Sometimes the stains require a little extra elbow grease or a special solution applied, but when it comes to harden, black gum you need a machine that turns that near impossible job into just a simple carpet cleaning maneuver. That’s where the KleenJet® Ultra GUM-EXTERMINATOR® 5000CVG comes in – it is the most advanced vapor steam gum removal equipment around.

This commercial, industrial grade machine is the most powerful 110 volt steam cleaner in the industry, and for us it’s an upgrade from its previous version. The KleenJet Ultra GUM-EXTERMINATOR 5000CVG has steam temperatures that reach up to 369°F and pressure of up to 125 PSI. Those two features alone offer multipurpose cleaning application with increased cleaning results – that’s superior power-enriched vapor steam cleaning in action.

What’s behind all of that power?

It comes equipped with a 5-liter, stainless steel boiler and our Non-Stop Steam™, which is a feature that ensures high pressure vapor continually flows and refills itself until the job is complete. Here are a few reasons why this product is right for the job:

  • It includes a HEPA Filter that meets government standards and has 3 microns for additional protection against allergens.
  • It’s also a wet vacuum cleaner capable of extracting moisture while cleaning and that eliminates the need for towels. Most conventional steam cleaners are without extraction capabilities and must use towels to get the work done correctly. The extraction capabilities are powerful and it has a 2200 mm column water lift.
  • There’s an air purification process that leaves the indoor air environment substantially more clean and fresh.
  • The dry vacuum cleaner extracts everything it comes across. In addition to eliminating dirt, it will extract dust mites, pollen, bed bugs and pet hair; it also works on a multitude of surfaces including carpeting, hard floors, tile, mattresses and even more surfaces. Once the debris is extracted the waste is deposited into the special water capture for ease of disposal.

The GUM-EXTERMINATOR® dominates stuck on gum

We are extremely excited and proud of the KleenJet GUM-EXTERMINATOR® Ultra 5000CVG because it’s our industrial chewing gum removal steam vacuum cleaning machine. Pair the six heavy gauge stainless steel brushes with the double squeegee gum removal tool and our gum removal cleaning solution and that stuck on wad of mess will be just a bad memory.

With the huge extraction capabilities, the detergent and the self-regulating nonstop refill chambers you will be able to work for an extended period. And with the direct water feed feature you can attach the 5000CVG straight to a hose line.

Water Ejection and Chemical Ejection come standard with this model for maximum efficiency while cleaning. This powerful cleaning machine is versatile and perfect for applications that require its features. Add the effective gum removal technique and the KleenJet Ultra 5000CVG is unmatched by any of the competing machines, which lack extraction, on the market.

The Complete GUM-EXTERMINATOR® Cleaning Package

There are quite a few accessories that come with the KleenJet Ultra 5000CVG:

  • One (1) Gum Removal Steam Vacuum Squeegee Tool with Brush Attachment
  • Six (6) Large 1 3/4" Stainless Steel Brushes to screw onto the tool
  • One (1) set of two-gallon Concentrated Gum-Exterminator® Liquid that will make up to 22 gallons

The standard parts that are included with the cleaning machine are one (1) each of the following:

  • 10’ detachable steam hose with heavy duty connections
  • Huge triangular brush with towel clips
  • Large rectangular brush with towel clips
  • Steam squeegee for mirrors and windows
  • Single hole steam lance for brush attachment
  • Steel wool pad for placing over some brushes to target grease buildup
  • Steam/Vacuum Floor Tool
  • Steam/Vacuum Grout Cleaning Tool
  • Steam/Vacuum Squeegee & Squeegee Floor Tool Insert
  • Steam/Vacuum Carpet Floor Tool Insert
  • Steam/Vacuum Squeegee for Window and Glass Cleaning
  • Cloth for Steam/Vacuum Squeegee
  • Single Hole Steam/Vacuum Lance
  • Upholstery nozzle
  • 12’ detachable steam/vacuum hose
  • Instructions manual

There are two (2) each of the extra Heavy-Duty Extension Rods, stainless Steel Detail Brushes, Steam Scrapers, Round Detail Brushes, Steam Plunger to Sanitize Bathroom Sink Drains, Small Triangular Brush for Corners and other detailing, Steam/Vacuum Squeegee & Brush Strip Floor Tool Insert and an extra Heavy-Duty Steam/Vacuum Extension Rod and, finally, you get four (4) each of Nylon Detail Brushes and Brass Detail Brushes along with ten (10) deluxe microfiber towels.

That’s one good haul of goods that will make cleaning carpet and removing nasty, black, stuck on gum easier than you ever expected. As our gift to you, you will receive 50 free nylon detail brushes in 1000CV, 3000CV and 5000CV with the purchase of the 5000CVG, and if you order online you’ll receive 10 extra plush microfiber towels valued at more than $30.

Purchasing the KleenJet Ultra GUM-EXTERMINATOR 5000CVG, which comes with a lifetime warranty, will quickly prove to be the right decision and the best purchase for the money. Once your clients see how well you can clean different surfaces and how it removes stuck on gum, they will share your cleaning expertise with their colleagues. You’ll be happy with the results as well as you smile all the way to the bank and patting yourself on the back about buying this super cleaning machine.

It’s not a wise decision to hesitate a second longer, go ahead and contact us so you can purchase your very own GUM-EXTERMINATOR today. It’ll take your business and services offered to the next level.


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