Dry Industrial Steam Cleaners

Dry Industrial Steam Cleaners
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Dry Industrial Steam Cleaners

Dry Industrial Steam Cleaners

Daimer Industries® provides the most comprehensive line of dry steam cleaning machines in the industry. Upholding quality, reliability, and power, every machine offered by Daimer® is built to last. With a range of configurations and technologies to meet the needs of virtually all residential, commercial, and industrial steam cleaning applications, all customers are bound to find the ideal machine.

What are Industrial Dry Steam Cleaners?

Industrial users in any setting face the most challenging cleaning applications. For such applications, the highest cleaning power is required. For this reason, Daimer® offers a host of cleaning equipment geared towards the intense demands of industrial users. Such machines include pressure washers, carpet cleaners, hard surface cleaners, and dry steam cleaners.

High capacity is one of the features that sets apart industrial steam cleaner machines from standard dry steam cleaner equipment. Industrial machines, like the KleenJet® Ultra 10130CV, come standard with a 14 liter boiler and a 20 liter water chamber for allowing for prolonged cleaning with less time between refills.

Another key feature to look for in the best dry vapor steam cleaner, included in almost all commercial and industrial steam cleaners by Daimer®, is continuous refill technology. This technology enables operators to clean non-stop without having to shut down the machine when the system needs to be refilled. Industrial operators simply add water to the additional water chamber as needed. This water is then transferred into the boiler tank as levels are reduced. Units without this technology require nearly 30 minutes every time the system must be refilled, accounting for time required to cool down the system, refill, and reheat.

Vacuum extraction is yet another important feature in dry steam cleaning machines for industrial settings. While not essential and not featured on all KleenJet® Ultra machines, this added function works to simultaneously extract residues and deposits as they are dissolved by the high temperature steam. This adds to the ease of the cleaning process and speeds up cleanup after the process is complete. Better yet, industrial models by Daimer® feature large extraction chambers at sizes up to 35 liters, greatly reducing the amount of times this chamber needs to be dumped.

Extended steam and vac hoses are also included with Daimer®'s KleenJet industrial dry steam cleaners. At 50' and 39' respectively, these high-grade hoses enable operators to clean larger areas without having to move the base unit.

A Dry Steam Cleaner or Wet Steam Pressure Washer

It is certainly well known that industrial users can face the most stubborn grease and other deposits. In such cases, a dry steam cleaner is not the best machine for the job, as the dry water vapor cannot readily remove such tough deposits. For these applications, opt for high-powered wet steam pressure washers in Daimer®'s Super Max™ line.

Wet steam pressure cleaners offer high cleaning power based on maximum output temperatures of 330°F, high pressure levels up to 3500 psi, and max flow rates of 5 GPM. While these machines use a great deal more water than a dry steam cleaning machine, they offer a much higher degree of cleaning power required for the most challenging industrial applications.

Whether you are looking for an industrial steam cleaner or steam pressure washer, Daimer Industries® offers world-renowned customer service, first-class quality components, and powerful features and technologies to tackled the most demanding applications.

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