December 09, 2015

Large Area Floor Cleaning Machine For Efficient Cleaning

125836745_xlCleaning large areas in one go requires not only your time but a lot of manpower too. More effort is required when it comes to concrete or marble surfaces in a warehouse, factory or industrial workspace. The floors in this type of work setting are used rigorously with dirt, mud, grease and other chemicals stains which are nearly impossible to clean using regular cleaning machines.

These types of floors need a robust and versatile machine that has the power to penetrate the stains and clean them. Only a hot steam powered machine by Daimer would be able to handle this daunting task.

Daimer has introduced 2 models for these types of surfaces. Both of these machines offer 30 times faster cleaning compared to other products available in the market. The machines are incorporated with the state of the art technology and have the ability to go up to a pressure of 1500PSI.

The large area floor cleaning machine is designed using a motorized spinner technology plus a vacuum that gives a complete suction on the floor and helps extract any dirt.

The many uses of large area floor cleaning machines

Although these machines are designed for commercial and industrial purposes that require a large cleaning area, these machines can be used almost everywhere and have several applications.

Hard Floor cleaning: The patented spinning and extractor technology makes Daimer a perfect choice for hard floors. The floors can include roads, cement and marble or tile cleaning. The machine has almost unlimited usage and can be used to clean sidewalks, driveways and even parking lots which have smudged oil and grease.

As the machine has a fully adjustable pressure control valve, it can be easily used to clean porous or non-porous surfaces such as bathroom tiles, counter tops and so on. The Daimer cleaning machines also has an option to add a 9-inch spinner which can be used to clean hard to reach or small areas. The optional upgrades also include 12" 4 and 18" 6-jet squeegee wand which can be used for indoor hard to reach surfaces such as in toilet or kitchen.

Carpet Cleaning: You must wonder how a machine so powerful that is used to clean hard floors can actually help in cleaning something sensitive like a carpet. At Daimer, we love to produce machines that can serve many purposes. Turning the pressure valve to 500 PSI and adding a carpet cleaning wand is all you need to clean grease or dirt build up on carpets. The pressure can be further reduced to clean sensitive carpets.

As the machine has an extractor technology, it gives an extremely short drying time as it extracts all the residue left. Whether cleaning a commercial carpet or a rug at your home, the machine can serve all purposes with quick drying time.

Upholstery Cleaning: with a quick adjustment to the pressure valve and adding an optional upholstery wand, the large area cleaning machine can be used to clean almost any fabric. Cleaning commercial sofas at an office or a seat at your home has never been so easy. The steam not only allows cleaning a fabric but also straightening any creases or folds.

Pressure Washer: with a pressure of 150PSI the Daimer machine can not only be used to clean hard surfaces but with an additional washer wand it can be used to clean your car, garage or any other area that has accumulated dirt. No need to take your car for an expensive service as the machine can clean your car from outside and inside too by using fabric cleaning wand. With steam, you can also clean your car windows for a fresh a clean look.

Wall Cleaning: Walls commercial offices can become very dirty. Corridors, stairways and even elevators can accumulate a lot of dirt after some time. Painting it over and over again is to a feasible option as it is not only expensive; it takes a lot of time before and after and requires a place to be shut down.

With Daimer Hard surface cleaning machine, washing your walls has become easier than ever. Turn up the pressure to 150PSI and add an optional 9-inch hand spinner. Your walls will not only get clean, it will dry up quickly as the machine has extractor technology. Office hours can resume in just 2 hours after cleaning saving a lot of precious time.

Machines by Daimer are not only versatile; they are user and environment-friendly. Unlike other scrubbers, the machine does not scrub the area and just cleans it through its powerful steam and extractor that leaves no residue. The residue is harmful to the environment as well as the people working in the area. Daimer products are made to last a lifetime and even if the machine requires some parts to be changed it can be done easily, without sending the machine out for repair.

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