September 10, 2015

Linoleum Floor Cleaning Machines By Daimer

125836825_xlThe available colors and designs in vinyl and linoleum floors make them the most popular material used for residential and commercial uses. Although linoleum is a strong and durable material, after continuous and rigorous use it can get dirty and eventually become porous.

Using scrubs and other chemicals on linoleum will make your floor look dull and remove that glossy shine you always wanted. However, with the use of a steam cleaner, you can bring back their life and ensure they last a lifetime.

Steam cleaners are not only fast, but they are effective too. While cleaning a commercial floor such as kitchens, guestrooms, and public bathrooms, steam cleaner by Daimer cleans all the grime and dirt from the floor making them sparkle and spotless.

The portable steam cleaner by Daimer is a versatile machine that can go up to a pressure of 105PSI and a temperature of 356 Fahrenheit. The combination of pressure and temperature makes sure to remove any stain on linoleum or vinyl flooring. The machine has a powerful steamer with vacuum to extract all dirt leaving no residue behind. This also allows a quick drying time so that an office work can resume quickly.

Applications of a Daimer Linoleum Floor Cleaning Machines

Non-porous floor: Using a non-porous surface is hard to maintain as it involves care and frequent cleaning without using any chemicals. Most of the countertops use non-porous tiles and over a period of time food and other spilled chemicals can be absorbed by this surface. Using steam pressure is an ideal way to clean these surfaces as it does not require the use of cleaning chemicals. The combination of high pressure and steam make even the hard to remove and absorbed stains go away.

Grout cleaning: Cleaning grouts is a hassle and most people avoid doing it as it is hard to reach and clean. An unclean grout leaves a very bad impression for your guests and can also be a breeding ground for germs if not cleaned regularly. Using chemicals and small brushes to clean a grout can not only consume your precious time but damage the tiles too. An easy and effective way to do is to use steam power which can penetrate even the small grouts and clean them within no time.

Bathroom cleaning: Bathrooms are the most frequent places used in your home or your workspace. Cleaning bathroom is one of the most difficult and annoying tasks as it presents dirt and germs. If you use toothpaste or other cleaning chemicals they can cause build up which can penetrate the sensitive countertops and sinks. Daimer steam cleaning machines uses a combination of heat, pressure and vacuum to clean even the most penetrated dirt and chemicals while at the same time disinfects the toilet by hot steam. The steam cleaner can even be used to bring back the old shine on showers and taps just by using Daimer triangular brush and cleaning off with a microfiber towel.

Blind cleaning: Although window blinds are not used as much as floor and counter tops, they can accumulate dust particles which can be a hassle to clean as it requires going through each blind blade. Using a cloth can damage the blinds as they sensitive and can be easily bent if put pressure on. Using a steam cleaner by Damier makes the job much easier than before. The steam cleaner does not use any soap or other chemicals saving you on your pocket and your precious time.

Clean room Cleaning: Clean rooms are used as a hygienic room to manufacture products in a controlled environment. Most common examples are laboratories or chemical testing rooms. Using a mop and a vacuum cleaner is not an ideal choice for these rooms as they leave a residue. By using Daimer steam cleaning machine, you can clean almost all contaminants and dust particles which can harm the manufacturing of a certain product. The steam cleaner does not leave any residue as it uses a vacuum technology that can be used as both dry and wet vacuuming.

Hospital and anti-bacterial control: Hospitals are a very sensitive place and it is important to keep all surfaces clean and germ-free. The steam cleaner by Daimer uses a patented Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization technology that removes all germs and bacteria without the use of any chemicals. The technology has proven to kill harmful bacteria including, Listeria, MRSA, E.Coli, S. aureus, Salmonella and Aspergillus niger. The technology has a success rate of 99.9% which makes is the most powerful and effective germ killer and cleaner machine in the market.

Daimer steam cleaner are not just regular steam cleaner. They are powerful enough to clean the deepest stains while removing any germs and bacteria in your home or office. The machine has hundreds of uses and is extremely user and environmental friendly. All Daimer products are made to last with easy replacement parts available in majority of stores.

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