June 11, 2016

What Makes Our Heavy Duty Steam Cleaners For Floors The Best?

Hard Surface Steam CleanersAre you wondering how to keep your marble or laminate floors brilliantly clean so that potential new customers get the right first impression when they visit your showroom or store? Are you intimidated by the amount of time and hard work it would take to completely restore the floor in your showroom by using a low powered or standard floor cleaner? At Daimer Industries, we do everything in our power to competitively priced innovative technology that makes any cleaning job efficient and effective. Allow our rigorously tested heavy duty floor cleaners help maintain your floors in a way that will impress your customers when they enter your business.

The Best Heavy Duty Steam Cleaners for Floors

If you're in need of a steam cleaner that uses heat to remove build up or stains, its worthy to note that our steam cleaners for floors produce steam over 300 degrees fahrenheit with up to 75 psi. Our steam cleaning machines offer a patented scale reduction technology uses a mechanism that constantly vibrates at high frequencies to preveny mineral build-up over time. This means that your steam cleaner will get the job done right the first time, our products can take our even the toughest stains and build up. Not only are our machines efficient, they are also very durable due to the fact that they have a 100% steel housing which means you won't have to replace your unit after a year or two of normal usage like other steam cleaners that are designed with cheap materials. Every single one of our units also include our patented technology and heating elements that are easily replaceable should an accessory or exterior part need replacement. Our steam cleaner detail cleaning accessory attacment is only $2.50; this is a price that you cannot find when shopping with competitors, they usually will charge onwards of $25.00 for a part like ours.

Best Steam Cleaners for Tile Floors and More

Our cleaning machines not only effectively clean tile floors by removing grime build up in the grout from dirt, mud, spilled sugary drink stains and more, they also are useful for bathrooms, kithen ovens, soap scum, exercise equipment, and more.

With that said, it's important to note that our units are not just meant for commercial use but also for household use if you want to get a really deep cleaning our of your sunday or spring cleaning. Many residential home owners have benefited from buying our units and have left reviews / testimonials for us that are proudly displayed on our website. Our units are very helpful for individuals with allergies too because they help to get rid of allergens in the surfaces and fabrics that you clean and create a more hypoallergenic environment. They're also useful for getting rid of mold, which is known to cause skin / eye irritation, breathing troubles, and infections in some severe cases.

Most of our cleaning machines can help you clean your business and your home. Applications include:

  • Home furniture and fabric cleaning - Through the human eye, things may look clean however, most fabrics can begin to dull as it collects moisture, dirt and other pollutants. Our machines will help keep your home furniture and fabrics healthy and clean.
  • Cleaning Windows Glass -Did you know our steam cleaners can seamlessly clean large windows and glass without leaving a fingerprint or streaks behind?
  • Marble and Linoleum Floor Restoration - Our nylon brush accessory can help remove annoying grout lines without damaging your floor space, which means a faster and cleaner workspace or home.
  • Mattress Cleaning - Easily remove bedbugs, which die when exposed to extreme heat. Effectively cleaning your mattress is important, as it removes skin irritants and allergens that may be causing sore throat, skin rashes, and other issues.
  • More Effective Mopping - Get a deeper clean with less manual labor. And since the bulk of the clean is done thanks to the temperature and pressure of the steam, no harsh chemicals need to be used.
  • Cleaning Shower and Bath Tub - Our units make the routine process of cleaning your bathroom a breeze. Our high pressure steam cleaners are able to eliminate mold and residue from soap making your bathroom shiney and clean.
  • Outdoor Furtniture Cleaning -Leather, Vinyl, patio, and poolside furniture are known for generating mildew over time because they're out doors and exposed to light and rain water over time. Our steam and pressure cleaners will help you restore your outdoor furniture and remove the mold or mildew that makes your outdoor furniture dull and unattractive.

What You Shouldn't Use Steam Cleaners For:

Our cleaners have a variety of different applications but they're not for meant for cleaning EVERYTHING. They are not designed to clean carpet or sham rugs and they're not designed to safely clean a vehicle like our auto detailing machines. Dry stream should not be used to remove carbon build-ups carbonized grease build up. They should not be used to restore or clean some types of industrial equipment that use electronics; surfaces such as conveyor belts require more pressure than dry stream cleaners can provide.

Having the right tools for the job is crucial for any cleaning task; ask a Daimer sales rep any question about application uses or technology questions. They'll be happy to point you in the right direction. For  more information on how to find the best hard surface steam cleaner, visit our website


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