April 27, 2016

The Hard Surface Floor Cleaner for Laminate Surfaces

Cleaning a hard laminate floor isn't always an easy task. If you run a business, you are always at risk of finding globs of gum, grimy footprints or caked on dirt. These unsightly messes won't come clean with a regular mop and bucket. Instead, you need a special hard surface floor cleaner if you want each room to look its best. If you are about to invest in a new cleaning machine or just want to learn how the right machine can save you from hours of mopping and scraping, keep reading.

The Benefits of a Hard Surface Floor Cleaner Machine

Hard Surface CleanersCleaning machines make cleaning laminate floors a lot easier. While laminate can be sensitive, cleaning machines tend to include multiple attachments that work well with this flooring type. Others are simply designed to cover a wider range of floor types. KleenJet hard floor cleaners, for example, are designed to quickly disinfect and clean even the most sensitive of surfaces using ATIS Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization technology. With the right technology, they are able to remove even the toughest stains in seconds.

Hard surface floor cleaners also work to conserve water. Special extraction systems are used to continuously suck the water off of the surface, eliminating excess puddles. This doesn't just make it easier to remove the dirty water, it also makes it so the machine uses less water overall. This boosts efficiency and helps save you money in the long run.

Why Choose a Machine Over a Mop

Keep in mind that laminate flooring is very moisture-sensitive. Simply mopping the area clean can cause the boards to warp and lose shape. Because puddles are a laminate floor's worst enemy, it is important to choose a cleaning machine that dries as it cleans. Hard surface steam cleaners that produce dry steam or use very low moisture are your best bet; otherwise, you will need to grab a microfiber towel to clean up the water left behind.

Hard surface floor cleaners don't just get your floor clean in a matter of minutes, they are designed to do it very effectively. Rather than have you scrub back and forth, the machines use distinct spinners that rotate and remove dirt. They use a lower amount of moisture from their water containment system, which dries quickly. This helps you clean your floors and protect them against moisture pileups at the same time.

If given the choice, you should always choose a hard surface cleaning machine over a mop. Not only will you get a faster clean, but you won't risk damaging your laminate floors.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Detergent for Laminate

Because laminate flooring is very sensitive, you should check to see what kind of chemicals and detergents your hard surface floor cleaner machine is compatible with before you buy. You always want to avoid harsh chemicals like bleach, as they can leave behind residue and change the colors of the laminate over time. Instead, look for machines that come with EPA-compliant detergents that work on a variety of surfaces.

Some of the best models will include samples of detergent to use alongside them. Try using a little bit on a small corner of the floor and noting the difference that it makes.

What is the Best Hard Surface Cleaner for the Job?

No matter what your industry is, you need to invest in a hard surface cleaner that can get the job done right the first time. Because you are investing your money into a powerful device, you should also work towards finding a quality machine that can perform a wide variety of tasks.

One of the most versatile hard surface cleaners available is the XTreme Power HSC 14000A. This commercial cleaner offers the simultaneous extraction features you need to clean laminate flooring, but also uses a powerful spinner. This motorized spinner allows you to clean several different surfaces with ease, including marble, vinyl, pavement, concrete and more. This makes it a favorite among restaurants, hotels, and hospitals.

For those seeking smaller models, the XTreme Power HSC 13000 can also help you clean a variety of hard surfaces. This innovative cleaner uses Daimer's Auto-Turbocharged Rotational Blade Technology to scrub and buff even the toughest stains. The system is also designed to effectively clean carpets, walls and upholstery. Because it is easy to move and use, it is a favorite among commercial businesses and homeowners alike.

Getting your laminate floor clean can be easy when you invest in the right machinery. Use innovative technology to your advantage and get something that can clean a variety of surfaces within minutes. To learn more about tile floor cleaning equipment or see some of the latest laminate floor cleaning machines on the market, browse the Daimer website today.


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