December 21, 2015

Walls & Floors Degreasing By Daimer

125836822_xlIf not done with the right machine, degreasing can be a formidable task. Regular cleaning methods take up to hours and will use a lot of your energy as well. The wet steam pressure washers are the perfect solution for degreasing, using less water it can clean better and faster.

How Wet Steam Pressure Cleaning Systems Can Help

High-quality cleaning outcomes can be attained by the use of wet steam pressure washers from many top suppliers. The superior cleaning systems which can bring the maximum steam pressure to eliminate tenacious dirt spots caused by oil and grease. The finest wet pressure steam cleaners use less water but can clean up faster and bring better results because of the high steam temperature and pressure level that can reach up to 1000 PSI.

Many Uses of the Steam Pressure Washer

Many commercial and industrial businesses require regular degreasing and below are given some examples of how it is used.

  • Bathroom Cleaning–Steam Cleaners can clean bathroom sink, tile, tub and fittings. Be it a fungus, mold, scum accumulation or bacteria growth. The steam cleaner will make the bathroom look as good as new again.
  • Blinds Cleaning – Dust, dirt and stains are very quickly accumulated by window blinds. No matter how many layers of dirt the steam cleaner will make the blinds look as good as new.
  • Furniture Cleaning - Hard Surface – Steam cleaner is the best way to restore your furniture’s look, upholstery cleaning can often be ignored and it causes allergens, dirt and dust to make their place. This also gives a dull look to your furniture.
  • Window Cleaning –A window needs to be cleaned often as it can catch a lot of dirt and grime. The Stream cleaner can easily take care of your windows and also the window sills which is often ignored and hard to clean.
  • Hotel Room Cleaning – For customer loyalty it is essential for hotels to have cleanrooms. With Our steam cleaner a hotel room can be cleaned within minutes, it saves on time and man power as well since both are important factors for the Hotel Business.

  • Kitchen Cleaning – Be it a commercial kitchen or your home kitchen, cleaning is important but with food stains and grease it makes a tough job for anyone. This is why the steam cleaner is the best option for business and homes kitchens. Not saving just energy but time as well.

  • Marble Floor Cleaning – Grout, dirt and grime make your marble and tile floors look dull and they are tough to clean. The steam cleaner is the ideal solution in the case as it will leave your floor looking new.

  • Mattress Cleaning- Mattress cleaning is also a difficult job which requires a lot of time and energy. Dust, debris and dead-skin can cause allergy and skin rashes which is why regular cleaning is required. The steam cleaner makes it very easy to clean mattresses.

  • Oven Cleaning – Another tough job which require degreasing. Whether it is a home oven or a commercial, it is important to regularly clean the oven otherwise it can be damaged. The steam cleaner can make cleaning the oven an easy job which will take less time and with that it also reaches places which are difficult to clean.

  • Soap Scum – As bad as it looks, it is also hard to remove. Made from minerals in the water, mixed with dirt and soap. Mostly found in bathroom fixtures, tubs, sinks, tiles, shower curtains, and even doors. The steam cleaner can take care of soap scum with ease.

Many other cleaning uses are available with the steam cleaner that are listed below. Commercial and Industrial uses aside, it also has a good use at home. A floor and wall degreasing machine with additional features can also be used for commercial and industrial maintenance and cleaning of hotel guestrooms, aside from being a brilliant tool for commercial kitchen cleaning.

  • Cleanroom Cleaning
  • Exercise Fitness Equipment Cleaning
  • Floor Cleaning and Maintenance - Linoleum
  • Mold Removal - Bathroom Showers
  • Mopping (Steam)
  • Restroom Cleaning - Commercial
  • Shower Cleaning - Commercial
  • Shower Cleaning - Residential
  • Tile (Non-Porous) and Grout Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning (Hard Surface)
  • Wall Cleaning - Most Non-Painted Hard Surfaces
  • Window Cleaning

The steam pressure cleaners have been the top choice of many cleaning companies and have proven to give the best results for commercial and industrial use. Many cleaners and consumers use steam cleaners for home as well. It gives the perfect cleaning experience without too much effort. Our engineering marvel steam cleaners has many uses and many parts available that make it easy for cleaning glass and grout as well. The effective and efficient cleaning tools produced by Daimer are the best in the industry. This is why we are not just the best in the United States but internationally as well.

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