May 20, 2015

Get an Awesome Clean with Xtreme Power XPH-9300

Xtreme Power XPH-9300Getting the best clean available is often better said than done. When it comes to dealing with stains, many people spend hours scrubbing their carpets by hand. If you own a large building, than you know how tiresome stain removal can be. Using a heated carpet upholstery extractor can help you remove stains and get a deep clean. This gives you excellent results without a lot of effort.

Why Choose a Heated Carpet Cleaner?

The decision to invest in an industrial grade carpet cleaner isn’t always that easy to make. There are several factors you need to consider in your decision. If you are a business owner, your primary concern should be on your customers. Customers don’t want to visit buildings that are dirty. They won’t feel welcome if your rugs are full of stains or your drapes have dust caked on them.

Not only will an industrial carpet cleaner help you lift stains and keep the area clean, they can also help protect your investment. Gentle washing helps you to scrub the dirt and grime away without worrying about damages. Because your area is now clean, it is also less likely to trap odors. This means that you are extending the lifespan of your upholstery and carpet every time you clean.

Benefits of the Xtreme Power XPH-9300

When choosing a new carpet cleaner, it is important to work with a brand that is known for its excellence. Not every carpet cleaner is created equal, even though they all work in a similar way. You want a device that is going to produce top quality results. You also need a unit that has a lot of useful features, giving you a great value for your investment. The Xtreme Power XPH-9300 is an excellent choice for any home or business owner because of its high quality components and strong ability to clean.

The XPH-9300 has a lot of benefits that can help you get the best clean available:

  • Large, 17-gallon tank stores plenty of water
  • High temperatures up to 210 degrees cut through dirt
  • Two inline heating elements are included
  • Pressure levels of 220 PSI for an industrial-strength clean
  • 12 inch adjustable wand included
  • Optional upholstery and stair wands are available
  • Low flow functionality for reduced drying time

Two gallons of an environmentally-safe carpet cleaning liquid is also included. This concentrated liquid is easy to dilute and can make up to 64 gallons. Made by Daimer, this patented formula works with the device to provide you with an extensive clean. This is free with purchase and helps to save you money as you try the device for the first time.

While deciding between upholstery cleaners can be difficult, it is important to remember that some manufacturers are better than others. The Xtreme Power XPH-9300 is produced by Daimer, a high quality manufacturer that always goes the extra mile to ensure their customers are getting stellar products.

How Cleaning Works

The cleaning process for a heated carpet cleaner is very similar to a wet vacuum cleaner. These units use a special inline tank to gently heat the water. The warm water is then sprayed onto your carpet or upholstery as you go over the area. The mist is sprayed as it is being extracted by the unit. Each industrial grade unit is designed to deep clean an area and yield excellent results.

The Xtreme Power XPH-9300 uses a low flow functionality system that helps to reduce drying time to about two hours. This makes it much easier for businesses to find time to clean.

The Xtreme Power XPH-9300 Difference

What sets the XPH-9300 apart from other heated carpet cleaners on the market is its durability. The unit is industrial grade and made from durable materials. Daimer even provides a warranty on every unit that they sell. Customer service representatives will be happy to explain the warranty in detail or answer any questions that you may have about the unit.

The other benefit of choosing this unit above others is the heat settings that are available. The XPH-9300 is designed to work on multiple surfaces, including delicate drapes or rough carpet. Not all materials can handle the heat of 210 degrees for an extended period of time. By being able to adjust this setting, you are able to ensure that you aren’t damaging your property.

A larger water tank also makes the XPH-9300 more efficient for business use. This water storage tank allows you to move the device to the location you want to clean and start vacuuming. The staff will not have to frequently refill the tank, helping them to save time and cover more areas. The wheeled unit also allows for easy movement.

Where to Buy a Heated Carpet Cleaner

Daimer has a long history of helping businesses and homeowners alike find quality carpet cleaners. Our goal is to help you get a cleaning solution that will meet your needs. We strive to produce quality machines like the XPH-9300 that are reliable and easy to use.

If you are in need of a deep cleaning heated carpet cleaner for your home or commercial building, contact us directly. We will be happy to tell you more about the Xtreme Clean XPH-9300 and other options that are available. Call today to get an industrial grade clean that anyone can appreciate.


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