110-120V, 60Hz$3,845.00

The XTreme Power® XPH-9300 is a highly popular and powerful commercial carpet steam cleaner with a higher capacity cleaning ability. The heated machine delivers outstanding cleaning results.

  • Pressure: 220 PSI.
  • Temperature: 210ºF
  • Solution Tank: 17 Gallons
  • Two powerful inline heating elements
  • Two 2-stage vacuum motors
  • Two gallons of Eco-Green Carpet Care

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The XPH-9300 is a high capacity heated carpet extractor with a 17 gallon water tank and 15 gallon recovery tank.  Two 2-stage cauum motors and two 1000 watt inline heating elements produce great vacuum power and temperatures up to 210ºF.  HIgher capacity alows the XPH-300 to opate longer before being emptied and refilled.  Emptying the XPH-9300 is simple using an attached drain hose at the rear of the unit.

The XPH-9300 has two power cords that must be plugged into two separate 120v outlets on separate breakers.  A built in circuit tester allows confirmation that the unit is plugged into two circuits.

The loose glide on the included carpet wand maintains contact with the carpet to ensure a good seal and greatly improves vacuum performance.

2 Gallons of Daimer's Eco-Green Carpet Care are included.  Eco-Green is readily biodegradable and non-toxic.  It is very concentrated and should be diluted 32:1 with water for standard cleaning. This means that one gallon of Eco-Green can theoretically yield 33 gallons of usable product.  For heavily soiled carpets try a stronger concentration of ~ 20:1.

The XPH-9300 is commonly used for large and heavily soiled, high traffic areas.

Built in the USA and built to last.  Contact Daimer with any questions, or to discuss your application and identify the best model for you.

Product Specifications

Warranty System1 year (limited)Warranty Housing5 years limited warranty
Pump Pressure220 psi
Tempup to 210ºF
Flow Technologyspecial low flow for faster drying
Solution Tank Size17 gallons
Recovery Tank Size15 gallons
Heating Elements2 powerful inline heating elements
Heating Timeup to 5 minutes
Drying Timeapproximately 2 hours
Water Lift (max)150 inch
Air Flow (max)200 cfm
Vacuum Motor2 powerful 2 stage motors
Wand Included12 inch patented, adjustable carpet cleaner wand
Upholstery Wandavail.
Optional Wandsupholstery, stair
Solution Hose25 feet
Vacuum Hose25 feet
Alternative Pumps250, 300
Power Cords2
Required Circuit(s) Amps20
Dimensions21"w. x 38"d. x 30"h.
Weight110 lbs
Auto FillNo
Auto DumpNo

Parts List

carpet cleaner, carpet cleaners

Standard Parts / Quantity

NEW 12" Patented, Rugged, Adjustable Carpet Wand for 60% Greater Extraction 1
25' Vacuum Hose (not shown) 1
25' Solution Hose (not shown) 1
Set of 2 FREE GALLONS of Eco-Green® Carpet Care & Upholstery Cleaner
to make up to 64 gallons of ready-to-use liquid

*We suggest users pre-spray the carpeting with a carpet cleaning solution prior to cleaning with the machine. For additional cleaning power, users can add additional solution if they desire to the water chamber along with water for operation of the machine.





I own a carpet cleaning business in Las Vegas with a lot of casino accounts. When I
needed to replace one of my old carpet cleaners, I found your company on the Internet.
Your phone staff was very knowledgeable and suggested the XPH-9300 because I have a
sizeable business with demanding customers. Also, because casinos are open all-night, I
needed a machine with a fast drying time. You claim a 2 hour drying time. My staff says
carpets are often dry in less time than that.
Nice job, nice machine.

Roger T.
Las Vegas, NV

Get Your Carpets Cleaned and Ready for Use with Modern Carpet Extractors

The best carpet extractor machines can get any type of carpet cleaning done quickly as compared to a conventional carpet cleaning machine. The variety of carpet cleaners available in the market can make the task of choosing the right machine quite challenging. Steam carpet cleaners have a better edge over other carpet cleaning machines. They use higher pressure output and the power of heat to clean the most stubborn stains quickly.

Advanced carpet extractors such as the XTreme Power® XPH-9300 is the favorite carpet cleaner among professionals because it has several features that provide enhanced carpet cleaning for both residential and commercial carpets. The XPH-9300 generates pressure of up to 220 PSI, which is definitely higher than most carpet cleaner systems in its class.

The superior carpet extractor swiftly dislodges and ejects stains, dirt and microorganisms from the deepest layers with its exceptional water column lift. The twin inline heating elements allow the machine to deliver a significant temperature output of 210°F within just 5 minutes. The advanced carpet cleaning machine also features adjustable temperature control technology that allows the operator to adjust the temperature through a simple mechanism. You can use the same machine to clean carpets made from different fibers.

Carpet extractors from Daimer® can get your carpet ready for use in as little as two hours because of the unique low flow technology. Consistent high performance standards and extreme durability makes the machine a clear winner.

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